Sunday, 8 May 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3201, Sunday 08 May 2022

1   It's sweet, actors and soldiers getting behind students' flipping paper (6,5) CASTOR SUGAR {CAST}{OR}{SU{RAG<=}
9   Worry, tense, wanting money (7) TROUBLE {T}{ROUBLE}
10 Hour in cutter assembled in Dutch city (7) UTRECHT {UTREC{H}T*}
11 River, huge, in northwest Europe, primarily? (5) RHINE Acrostic &lit
12 Returned enclosure and most of container to get food for sale (4,4) CASH CROP {PORCH}{SACk}<=
14 Character in A Winter's Tale perhaps too farcical (10) APOSTROPHE*
15 Listen to me: wasps sting, taking a segment (4) PSST [T]
17 Above using some coupons (4) UPON [T]
19 Where US troops are in uniform ... in Georgia ... Montana, possibly? (10) GUANTANAMO {G{U}A}{MONTANA*}
21 Warning: wine before beer starts off rumbly tummy (3,5) RED ALERT {RED}{ALE}{Ru...y}{Tu..y}
23 In the morning, quiet overcomes Everyman, who shuns wider society? (5) AMISH {AM}{I}{SH}
25 Contract killing involving artist that's twisted: it's essential to hearing (7) EARDRUM {MURD{RA}Er}<=
26 European proposal's a sensation (7) EMOTION {E}{MOTION}
27 Taking to pieces lax messy ad-libs (11) DISASSEMBLY*

1   Sausage, unfinished slice and port, imbibing last of fizz (7) CHORIZO {CHOp}{RI{fizZ}O}
2   Queen's given these topics (8) SUBJECTS [DD]
3   Promised a poem read aloud (4) OWED (~ode)
4   Very good: America supported by largely bogus instrument (10) SOUSAPHONE {SO}{USA}{PHONEy}
5   Measure of belly's wrong, right? (5) GIRTH*
6   Criminal convictions concerning trousers (7) RECORDS {RE}{CORDS}
7   Small cake, water and starters of raw rissoles offered by the French, rising to get feisty (5,1,7) START A QUARREL {S}{TART}{AQUA}{Raw}{Ri...s}{LE<=}
8   Got in hot pants, resolved to be ruthless (4,2,7) STOP AT NOTHING*
13 Director represented Maud and Oscar in fictionalised events (10) DOCUDRAMAS {D}{MAUD+OSCAR}*
16 Cool guy with a grooming item that's cool and underground? (8) CATACOMB {CAT}{A}{COMB}
18 Chose from menu that's laid out neatly (7) ORDERED [DD]
20 German supplanting Britain in talent for nimbleness (7) AGILITY A(-b+g)GILITY
22 Reportedly praises sporting venue (5) LORDS (~lauds)
24 Simple lake (4) MERE [DD]

Reference List
Soldiers = OR(Other ranks), Students = SU(Student Union), Tense = T, Hour = H, Uniform = U, Artist = RA, European = E, Small = S, The in French = LE, Director = D, German = G, Britain = B

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