Saturday, 7 May 2022

No 13550, Saturday 07 May 2022, Avtaar



1   Excrement in front of one abandoned cell (7) DUNGEON {DUNG}{ONE*}
5   Tormentors? (7) SHERPAS [CD]
9   Launch of Presidential charters makes everyone happy (7) PLEASES {Pr...l}{LEASES}
10 Old English politician close to Churchill introduces a story with a moral (7) EXEMPLA {EX}{E}{MP}{c...lL}{A}
11 Liquid films from silo treated with wet sulphur (3,6) OIL SLICKS {SILO*}{LICK}{S}
12 Avtaar and Carol discussed coating on pastry (5) ICING {I}{CING(~sing)}
13 King of Kings autocratically ruled, dominating royal Irish chiefs (5) ARDRI Acrostic
15 Catholic church’s message about armed criminal (5,4) NOTRE DAME {NOT{ARMED*}E}
17 Getting first in sports — not new for musicians (9) FLAUTISTS {1ST} in {FLAUnTS}
19 Wild brush (5) SHRUB* &lit
22 Plunder on road (5) REAVE {RE}{AVE}
23 What is inside diagonal pit laid around Andean plateau (9) ALTIPLANO [T<=]
25 Monkey throwing doctor a cigar (7) MANILLA {MANdrILL}{A}
26 The Head admitting John’s “Review of a Logical System of Sets” (7) BOOLEAN {B{LOO<=}EAN}
27 Somebody’s incompetent (7) NOTABLE {NOT ABLE}
28 Transported speed on foot (7) SPONDEE*


1   Drop lecturer with old post-graduate educational certificate (7) DIPLOMA {DIP}{L}{O}{MA}
2   Provoked and driven by desire (7) NEEDLED {LED}<=>{NEED}
3   Lease out equipment for artists (5) EASEL*
4   Absence of biscuits, reportedly, in front sections of aircraft (4,5) NOSE CONES (~no scones)
5   Children watch ducks on vacation (5) SEEDS {SEE}{DuckS}
6   European agreed to carry vessel for cosmetics (9) EYELINERS {E}{YE{LINER}S}
7   Evenly cut peas, pork and sprinklings of infused Kashmiri aromatic spice (7) PAPRIKA {PeAs+PoRk}{In...d}{Ka...i}{Ar...c}
8   Priest captivated by dancing angelsglitter (7) SPANGLE {S{P}ANGLE*}
14 Expecting almost 100% ethnic, trained staff (2,3,4) IN THE CLUB {ETHNIc}*{CLUB}
16 Glass containers from bath in two batches getting rejected (4,5) TEST TUBES {TUB} in {TES<=}{TES<=}
17 Female engineer visiting Arab country is head of a workshop (7) FOREMAN {F}{O{RE}MAN}
18 Opposing players in a team boarding a carriage (7) AGAINST {A}{GAI{NS}T}
20 Tip about a split (4,3) REAR END {RE}{A}{REND}
21 Enjoy filling in cheese-cake (7) BROWNIE {BR{OWN}IE}
23 The pagan has rejected God’s love (5) AGAPE {T<=]
24 Current in river becomes still (5) PHOTO {P{HOT}O}

Reference List

Old = EX, English = E, On = RE, The head = BEAN, John = LOO 
Lecturer = L, Biscuits = SCONES, European = E, Priest = P, Engineer = RE(Royal Engineers), Players in a team = N(north),S(South) in Bridge, Carriage = GAIT, About = RE

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  1. Sherpas=Tor/Mentors?
    Unless it is split,it does not make sense. Can it be called a CD?

    1. Tor mentors, hill guides is still a cryptic def. Not a OED def!

  2. 11A- Wet is lick? Though it can be justified,it looks like an extended synonym.

  3. 23D- Agape as God's love was new to me.

  4. 10a Exampla is plural!
    17d isn't Royal engineers more of an organisation abbreviated as RE and not as individual engineers! And who is primarily a military man? isn't it engineers plural! in that abbreviation!

    1. +1 for 10A. As indicated in Col.'s link.

    2. Yes. 10A should have been plural. Sorry for the error

    3. Thanks for the feedback, Sree Sree. Actually, Head of workshop in Arab country inviting fellow engineers (7) would work very well and better, too

    4. That implies both F&RE in OMAN. Head of workshop following engineers in Arab country.

  5. Replies
    1. It is 'Almost 100% to delete C from Ethnic.

    2. Just 'almost' would have done. Almost is used by many a setter

    3. Precisely. 100% is not needed but works very well with that. Can't say it is unfair to the solver , though

  6. 4 D - Are scones biscuits? More like cakes, I think.

    1. It's NAM usgae.

      Biscuit is a small, soft round cake like a scone.

    2. NAM being North American?

    3. Scone. Definition in Chamber is "a small flattish cake of dough with or without currant and baked "

  7. Quite tricky CW given by Avtaar. Yes, few of them I had doubts and Paddy has already raised them. My COD is 15A. I got brownie but now I understand enjoy is also own.
    With regards,

  8. An observation from Reference List
    On = RE
    Engineer = RE
    About = RE

    1. RE is Royal Engineers and hence Engineers. I think it works in the singular too

    2. Engineers when hinting Rae is not used in the plural sense of engineer. Rather as a noun indicating name or surname.
      Would window be clues to hint OS!

  9. 26A. Most dictionaries do not have Boolean as a noun. The correction definition is "of a Logical System of Sets"

  10. 23A. The whole clue could be an extended definition. Semi & lit

  11. 26A. Is BEAN the usual reference for The Head? thanks

    1. It is slang for the head ,(a person's head). All major dictionaries have it