Saturday, 14 May 2022

No 13556, Saturday 14 May 2022, Arden

Solution to 9A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Devil-may-care fighting unit with perhaps, a sole follower (7) RAFFISH {RAF}{FISH}
5   Lug into fight and offer support (4,3) BEAR OUT {B{EAR}OUT}
9   Money, one that goes into the loo (5) M?A?S (Addendum - MEANS {ME{A}NS} - See comments))
10 With husband in prison, strives to get endowments (9) CHANTRIES {C{H}AN}{TRIES}
11 Tailor asking her about reduction in size (9)  SHRINKAGE*
12 Heathen quiet once more, losing interest (5) PAGAN {P}{AGAiN}
13 Insect behaving naturally when trapped (4) GNAT [T]
15 West ends gone, badly disconnected (8) OCCIDENT dIsCONneCTED*
18 Booze, eating meat led to his heart complaint (4,4) BERI BERI {BE{RIB}ER}{hIs}
19 Told to see the place (4) SITE (~sight)
22 She springs into existence right in the middle of Australia (5) ALICE [C&DD]
24 Thief going around with mask, rough and ready (9)  MAKESHIFT {THIEF+MASK}*
26 Stops accepting money transfer? Definitely not! (2,2,5) BY NO MEANS {B{MONEY*}ANS}
27 He pays money essentially to go through the portal (5) DONOR {DO{moNey}OR}
28 Born with a voice, raised to get a title (7) BARONET {B}{A}{TENOR<=}
29 Lazy question about choice before Kings (4-3) WORK-SHY {W{OR}{K'S}HY}

1   Give up a carriage (6) REMISE [DD]
2   Starts growing roses again in the country — such sweet smell! (9) FRAGRANCE {FRA{Gr...g}{Ro..s}{Ag..n}NCE}
3   Playwright bar hopping in Brisbane (5) IBSEN brISBaNE*
4   Cut one extra, make a headgear (9) HACKAMORE {HACK}{A}{MORE}
5   Support for a couple (5) BRACE [DD]
6   Does it pan out like the Poles? (9) ANTIPODES*
7   Due to win in up coming game (5) OWING {O{WIN}G<=}
8   When a situation arises, has some herbal tea (6) TISANE [T<=]
14 Term used with 3 to describe 16 perhaps (9) TRIBESMEN {TERM+IBSEN}*
16 In Kurukshetra, both sides saying they were brave (9) CHICKASAW {CHIC}{Ku...rA}{SAW}
17 Second time dives into river during sunrise, they keep you healthy (9) NUTRIENTS {NU{TR{tIme}ENT}S<=}
20 Some blood groups contribute to growth in Africa (6) BAOBAB Letter Bank
21 Anecdote about the bottom floor (6) STOREY {STOR{thE}Y}
23 Those who do bad things exposed, they’re close to centre (5)  INNER sINNERs
24 Last man in playing team mattered (5) MEANT {MEA{maN}T*}
25 Somethings ordered especially for the upcoming feast (5) SEDER [T<=]

Reference List
Husband = H, Quiet = P, Born = B, Kings = K'S, In = CHIC, Saying = SAW, Blood groups = A,O,B 


  1. Slightly on the tougher side today with a few new words- Chantries,Chickasaw,at least to me.
    Letter bank clue was also tough.

  2. In Chickasaw wordplay was also difficult.

    1. +1, I felt the same, Kurukshetra took my train of thoughts elsewhere

  3. Letter bank clue AB is also a blood group- a rare one.

  4. Col.on the move again. We get the blog at 8.30 sharp wherever he is!

  5. 9A: money = means
    One goes is men's which denotes
    Lavatory/loo ( men's room)
    With regards,

    1. One = A
      Loo = MEN'S
      One goes into loo = MEANS = MONEY

  6. One more tough one from Arden. Couldn't complete bottom half of CW.
    Visited the blog to understand and fill the solution for the leftovers.
    With regards,

  7. Could someone please explain the verification beriberi clue? A newcomer here

    1. Kindly Ignore the verification 😅

    2. Booze:beer. Meat:rib eating is insertion ind. Beriberi is a health condition

    3. Booze- Beer
      Eating- encapsulation ind.
      Meat- rib
      led to- connector
      His heart- i(heart of the word 'his')
      Beri Beri- complaint(definition)