Tuesday, 10 May 2022

No 13552, Tuesday 10 May 2022, Dreamer

Solution to 28A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Say, hole in the back part of gun barrel (6) BREECH (~breach)
9   Set apart wet substance drawn directly from faucet, for example (3,5) TAP WATER
10 Killer of two donkeys and one panda, essentially (8) ASSASSIN {ASS}{ASS}{1}{paNda}
11 English guide carries marijuana cigarette (6) REEFER {RE{E}FER}
12 Don killed Eastern saints near Massachusetts to get official record (3,5) PRO FORMA {PROFessOR}{MA}
13 Struggle to understand secondary school laboratory experiments, for starters (6) TUSSLE Acrostic
14 Upset Alexander angered to some extent (7) DERANGE [T]
17 Person serving coffee is a brat, possibly (7) BARISTA*
20 After initiation of operation, Italian young woman rotated apparatus used in drilling (3,3) OIL RIG {O}{{I}{GIRL<=}
22 State detains a worthless person — it’s no time to work, maybe (8) SATURDAY {S{A}{TURD}AY}
25 Ducks having a new cluster of genes (6) OPERON {O{PER}O}{N}
26 Talk tediously about early signs of regeneration in money plant (8) PRIMROSE {P{Re...n}{In}{Mo..y}ROSE}
27 American soldier introduces high tariff for decorations on the wall (8) GRAFFITI {G{TARRIFF*}I}
28 Rock salt ultimately given to aquatic animal (6) T?T?E? (Addendum - TOTTER {salT}{OTTER} - See comments)

1   Can somehow reverse page? (8) PRESERVE {REVERSE+P}*
2   Interest and fine irritated able husband earlier (6) BEHALF {F}<=>{ABLE+H}*
3   Some maniac has eradicated pursuer (6) CHASER [T]
4   David Cameron, say, reformed European nation (7) ETONIAN* {E+NATION}*
5   Excited to repeat light dramatic work (8) OPERETTA*
6   Ask/write about a sporting equipment (5,3) WATER SKI*
 Breakfast food and periodical for audience (6) CEREAL (~serial)
15 Plane model found under river in Africa, mysteriously (8) AIRCRAFT {T}<=>{R+AFRICA}*
16 Great presentation by old clown (8) GIGANTIC {GIG}{ANTIC} 
18 Schools wanting international umpire after retirement to bring a change (8) TRANSFER {TRAiNS}{REF<=}
19 A doubter avoids source of contamination in the beginning to be medically clean (7) ASEPTIC {A}{ScEPTIC}
21 Bring in Dreamer’s wine (6) IMPORT {I'M}{PORT}
23 A number of dehydrated students originally pulled out (6) THIRTY THIRsTY
24 Find a little reassurance and relief after leaving church (6) RARITY {Re...e}{chARITY}

Reference List
Eastern = E, Saint = S, Italian = I, New = N, Page = P, Fine = F, Husband = H, European = E, Model = T, River = R, International = I, Umpire = REF, Church = CH


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  2. Great grid with wonderful surfaces:) nicely done Dreamer!

  3. Smooth grid. Liked TRANSFER, PRO FORMA, TUSSLE, AIRCRAFT to name a few. Thanks Dreamer.

  4. 12A DON to Professor ? I read it as Dean

  5. . Chiefly British
    a. A head, tutor, or fellow at a college of Oxford or Cambridge.
    b. A college or university professor.

  6. Very nice grid. Easy too.
    Thanx Ajeesh

  7. For someone who doesn't drink 21D is wishful thinking😊

    1. No. Dreamer's wine is a soecial one which can be taken by all TT's😃