Monday, 2 May 2022

No 13545, Monday 02 May 2022, KrisKross

Solution to 4D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Repair motor to propel boat the next day (8) TOMORROW {MOTOR*}{ROW}
5   Prosperous from repairing old engines (6) GOLDEN [T]
9   Seize short weapon at entrance (8) ARROGATE {ARROw}{GATE}
10 A season to return to bar, finally (2,4) AT LAST {A}{SALT<=}{T}
12 Pray God briefly — He initially guides difficult subject in school (9) GEOGRAPHY {PRAY+GOd+HE+Gu...s}
13 Shelter from sun inside home (5) ROOST {ROO{S}T}
14 Melts away stains, say (4) DIE(~dyes)
16 Dinner in the skies? (7) THUNDER [CD]
19 Passion to collect gold all the time (7) FOREVER {F{OR}EVER}
21 Father scoring runs for daughter’s team (4) SIDE SI(-r+d)DE
24 It could make me cry over marriage, missing you (5) ONION {O}{uNION}
25 Test team suffering defeat in another game (9) CHECKMATE {CHECK}{TEAM*}
27 Retro song describing America’s southern state (6) RUSSIA {AIR}<= over {US}{S}
28 Carol drinks beverage with a drop of milk, very hot (8) STEAMING {S{TEA}{Milk}NG}
29 Offer from nurse (6) EXTEND {EX}{TEND}
30 Shoes are loosened in beach (8) SEASHORE*

1   Woman bitten by flying gnats throbs with pain (6) TWANGS {T{W}ANGS*}
2   Fabulous judge of beauty? (6) MIRROR [CD]
3   Ok in Spain to move around in luxury car (5) ROGER {E}{GO}<= in {RR}
4   Leading technologist involved in work for a powerful organisation (7) O?T?P?S (Addendum - OCTOPUS {O{CTO}PUS} - See comments)
6   Completely undisciplined, a rude German is defeated in debate (9) OUTARGUED {A+RUDE+G}* [RA] ( Addendum - {OUT}{A+RUDE+G}* - See comments)
7   Ice pack is 25% this (8) DIAMONDS [DD]
8   Never worn by a tot perhaps for swimming (8) NATATORY {NA{A+TOT}*RY}
11 Indian farmer to perish without money finally (4) RYOT {R{m..eY}OT}
15 Hotel hides new oven it is something patentable (9) INVENTION {IN{OVEN+IT}*N}
17 After office, regularly love to dance? Sure sure (2,6) OF COURSE {OfFiCe}{0}{SURE*}
18 Arranged treats including popular children’s toy (5,3) TRAIN SET {TREATS}* over {IN}
20 Couple starting off for competition (4) RACE bRACE
21 Ghost with secret power to transform (7) SPECTRE {SECRET+P}*
22 On the contrary, central London is actually a better place (6) CASINO  [T<=]
23 Just having a 1000 dollars? That’s insufficient (6) MEAGRE {ME{A}{G}RE}
26 King has to become a poet (5) KEATS {K}{EATS}

Reference List
Bar = T, Sun = S, Runs = R, Daughter = D, Southern = S, Woman = W, Leading technologist = CTO, Spain = E, Luxury car = RR, German = G, Popular = IN, Power = P, 1000 dollars = G, King = K


  1. 7D Defintion is ICE. 25% of a card pack is the diamond suite. ICE--> DIAMONDS. Not quite a DD

    1. Thanks for the elucidation. Hadn't got the 25% part at all.

    2. Why do you say it's not a DD?

    3. Yes,the way he has described it makes it a DD.

    4. 25% of the (card) pack is an allusion/pointer to the answer. It is not a direct definition.

    5. It was intended to be a DD with one of the definitions being slightly tricky
      Ice = DIAMONDS. Pack (of cards) is 25% DIAMONDS (the suit)

  2. Enjoyable puzzle! Favourites were Thunder, Onion, Checkmate among other clues. Thank You KrisKross.

  3. Replies
    1. Clues like this make me think to create another profile and start reposting in the novice/non-regular category. (hope no one takes this as a hint!)

    2. I have already taken the hint!

  4. Lovely puzzle..loved tomorrow and casino...I liked the theme too :) KrisKross never disappoints!

  5. +1 to enjoyable puzzle.

    5a is from sufficient to indicate hidden/T type.
    22d would have liked a ! At the end.

    1. +1 for the remark on 22d; as such casino isn't a bad place?

    2. Thank you everyone.
      For 5A, "from" is a valid and sufficient hidden word indicator (as listed in Chambers)
      For 22D, in hindsight I agree that a "!" may be required since the definition is a bit tricky.

  6. 6d completely undsiciplined as out and out wild!

  7. In the CASINO with resources MEAGRE
    Vladimir soon sees a SPECTRE;
    Be a different day,
    He might RACE to become a big leaguer@

  8. 4D Leading technologist CTO in OPUS - OCTOPUS - Organization.
    A humble submission from the Novice....

  9. Lovely CW to savour. Checkmate blew me away. What a clue!
    Nice theme. Any purpose in incomplete theme words?
    (eg) Casino (Royale), Diamonds (are) forever, Octopus (SY),(from)Russia(with love)
    Had problems in NE since I missed the T at 5A.

    1. Natatory was new to me as well.
      25% diamonds was a good one too.

    2. Thanks Paddy.
      NATATORY was a tough word to clue too :) Hopefully the crossing letters would have helped.

    3. Paddy the theme was to clue some words picked up from Bond movie titles - not the whole title!

  10. Din- ner in the skies!! I could not parse it until I saw the blog.

    1. Yes. A brilliant clue. One of those occasional gems that I have come across

  11. Got stuck in 29A:
    First thought it is tender(DD)
    I got "invention" then I thought it to be attend, but after seeing this blog got it as extend. Many good clues I couldn't crack it. Overall an intelligent CW given by Kriskross.
    With regards,

  12. 22-D was a tricky clue and with the last letter of possible solution ending in 'O' vis-a-vis a neighbourhood or a locality in London, I reckoned it to be SOHO and spent over two hours to ascertain what it could be until I accessed this blog site.
    All said and done, hats off to you, dear Mr. Ramki Krishnan (Kriskross) for today's interesting grid.

    1. Did you get the significance of 'bet'ter place? Central London could normally be ND and I struggled with it for a while. Being a reverse T,central need not be the exact center. That is the beauty of this clue.

    2. Thanks Suresh. CASINO has been clued in a standard way (anagram of COINS around A etc.) many times, including some lovely &lit clues. Was trying for a different way and finally decided on reverse hidden word.

  13. Sorry Col, missed sending this earlier.
    6D is not RA
    Completely = OUT + (A RUDE G)* is the anno I had in mind. Indisciplined is the anagrind.

  14. After an hour i finished the puzzle.
    Great grid. My COD
    such an aha moment to get these 3.
    Thank u Ramki. 😊

  15. MIRROR too was a great clue.