Thursday, 12 May 2022

No 13554, Thursday 12 May 2022, Arden

Solution to 5D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Beer drinking — want barriers placed before a plant (5,6) ADAMS NEEDLE {ALE} over {NEED}<=>{DAMS}
7   Pouch in case some of them return (3) SAC [T<=]
9   Heard about a quarrel? (5) ARROW (~a row) Definition not clear (Addendum - (a bout = a row)  - See comments)
10 Sad, gloomy, yet it gives you the origin of a word (9) ETYMOLOGY*
11 Instrument to disown every other grant before (9) ACCORDION {dIsOwN}<=>{ACCORD}
12 Sign says “flip inside the cups” (5) LIBRA {fLIp}{BRA}
13 Lock jaw’s regular tweet before a sunrise (7) TETANUS {TwEeT}{A}{SUN<=}
15 Pitcher of the Queen welcoming us (4) EWER {E{WE}R}
18 Accelerates, going west, it’s warm (4) SNUG<=
20 Stirring oration in Canada (7) ONTARIO*
23 Bug in PA system, top missing (5) ANNOY tANNOY
24 Feeling queasy — starts neatly arranging upright in the chair (9) NAUSEATED {Ne...y}{Ar...g}{Up...t}{SEATED}
26 Tom Nelson becoming drowsy... (9) SOMNOLENT*
27 ... in between Yanks find a plant (5) ERICA amERICAns
28 Crazy to overturn a container (3) TUN<=
29 Inside story — a hassle to transform a state capital (11) TALLAHASSEE {TAL{A+HASSLE}*E}

1   Bill of fare — what the French automobile consumed overall (1,2,5) A LA CARTE {A{LA}{CAR}TE}
2   Keeping half the troops in an urban setting is a shocking thing to do (8) ATROCITY {A}{TROops}{CITY}
3   Ditch seconds before 15 (5) SEWER {S}{EWER}
4   Watch closer, guards finally give double protection (7) EYELIDS {EYE}{LID}{g...dS}
5   She tops her class, agreed to invest money (7) D?Y?N?E (Addendum - DOYENNE {DO{YEN}NE} - See comments) 
6   Pacifying left and right — going through book from bottom to top (9) EMOLLIENT {EMO{L}{LIEN}T<=}
7   Cry over name, by being arrogant (6) SNOBBY {S{N}OB}{BY}
8   Able to get back the girl in the Caribbean (6) CAYMAN {CA{AMY<=}N}
14 Girl in the city got to keep a farm animal (9) NANNYGOAT {N{ANN}Y}{GO{A}T}
16 For youngsters, it’s said, they should be part of their diet (8) PROTEINS (~pro teens}Semi&lit
17 Street violence is never ending, read about Goa, sadly (4,4) ROAD RAGE {n..eR}{READ+GOA}*
19 Setter had come in briefly, was well-mannered (7) GENTEEL {G{ENTEr}EL}
20 A unit formed to support work at the plant (7) OPUNTIA {A+UNIT}*<=>{OP}
21 Chance taking fool goes on a hunt (6) BASSET {B{ASS}ET} 
22 From midnight to midday, cover minute part of the sun dial (6) GNOMON {niGht}{NO{M}ON}
25 Two measures taken before a purge (5) ENEMA {EN}{EM}{A}

Reference List
Queen = ER, The in French = LA, Seconds = S, Left = L, Right = LIEN, Name = N, Minute = M, Measures = EN, EM


  1. 5D {DO{YEN}NE}
    Yen (Money) inside (invest) Done (agreed)

  2. 9a took it as &lit. Setter asking a question.

    1. Arrow is not connected to that question

    2. He asked me "did you hear (heard) about a quarrel".
      I answer "quarrel as in arrow!"

    3. Still there is no Definition in the clue for ARROW

    4. arrow
      1 shoot with an arrow
      shaft, bolt, dart, flight
      old quarrel, quar’le; (Shakespeare) butt-shaft
      Related adjective: sagittal

      The above is as per Chambers Thesaurus

    5. I think we had come across this earlier.

    6. I remember, doc used it to clue crossbow.

  3. Very nice grid.. my COD: 22D

  4. Happy to be able to complete- of course,with some help.
    Left & right- L & lien
    Midnight- G,midday- noon
    Chances to go wrong.

  5. Replies
    1. Why do you feel it is wrong?

    2. Good question.Did not feel synonymous.Anyway,that puts me in place.

  6. Nice grid, overall. My favourite are 6d and 22d.

  7. 5d - (DO(YEN)NE)
    agreed - Done
    money - Yen
    Doyenne - A woman who is the senior member of a group

  8. Nice images of the ANSWERS

  9. 17d a doubt! Is about in the sense of with/and valid?

    1. I think it is used hrere as anind/ 2 aninds for road & Goa.

    2. R+(read)*+(Goa)*! Doesn't work.

  10. Nice grid. My fav 22dn & 16dn
    17dn - i thought about & sadly as 2 anagrinds.