Thursday 2 May 2024

No 14164, Thursday 02 May 2024,Karaoke

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Thrash key cop brutally. It's a way of treating cases (5,7) SHOCK THERAPY*
9   Maybe solution from volume cooked up, volume destroyed (5) OLEUM vOLUME*
10 Money stolen by missing person, who denies food and drinks (9) ABSTINENT {ABS{TIN}ENT}
11 Iron men? On the contrary (7) FEMALES {FE}{MALES} 
12 Well-known Indian man stops for drug on the way (7) E?I?E?T (Addendum - EMINENT (-i-m+e)EMINENT - See comments) 
13 Crush of Arkansas and Wichita (8) SANDWICH [T]
14 Wearing wool gives recurring protection for Inuits (5) IGLOO [T<=]
18 Revolutionary practice at a place for athletic abilities gets an expression of awe (2,3) MY GOD {DO}{GYM}<=
20 Star-shaped satellite crashed after loss of essential engines (8) STELLATE SATELLiTE*
24 Briefly think about appeal in public performance (7) RECITAL {REC{IT}ALl}
26 Mineral from extremely rare seaweed, close to Mercur (7) REALGAR {RarE}{ALGA}{m...uR}}
27 Drunken cine-goer obstructed by first-class gatekeeper (9) CONCIERGE {CINE+GOER}* over {Cl..s}
28 Greeting word used to express irritation and trouble (5) HITCH {HI}{TCH}
29 Which event a marathoner will participate finally? (2,3,4,3) IN THE LONG RUN [C&DD]

1   Say why some need working capital? (4,5) SEED MONEY {(~y)WHY+SOME+NEED}*
2   How small is small to derive properties of power (4,3) OHMS LAW {HOW+SMALl}*
3   Spooner says 'Idiot, hang bag' (8) KNAPSACK (~sap knack to knapsack)
4   Bed and breakfast in Lesotho mostly in a mess (6) HOSTEL LESOTHo*
5   Breaking into an association of criminals getting funding (7) RAIDING {R{AID}ING}
6   Quiet sound when it is fired (5) PIECE (~peace)
7   Curling shark? (7) DOGFISH [GK] (Addendum - {CUR}{LING} - See comments)
8   Government regulation drops basic duty (5) STATE STATEd (Addendum - STATutE - See comments)
15 Oscar hunted to remove the contents of an animal (5-4) ORANG-UTAN {O}{RAN}{GUT}{AN} 
16 Doctor! Nurse got bony fish (8) STURGEON*
17 Wants to protect the world in digital shield primarily (7) DEARTHS {Di...l}{EARTH}{Sh...d}
19 Some almost-richest person who ignores unpleasant facts (7) OSTRICH [T]
21 Take advance in rent from that woman with kid (7) LEATHER {LE{A}T}{HER}
22 I hear small creature's smut (4) CROCK (~croc) Enu should be 5
23 Extremely fateful test relating to baby's breath, say (6) FLORAL {Fa...uL}{ORAL}
25 Field gun killed national minister (5) CANON CANnON

Reference List
Volume = V, Indian = I, Man = M, Drug = E, Appeal = IT, Oscar = O, Advance = A, National = N


  1. Sorry for the slip in 22 Down ENU. It is (5)

  2. Don't agree with the def.- properties of power- for Ohm's law. It is the def.of resistance/ current flow.

    1. Its actually, potential difference (power!), voltage and current.

    2. Though i agree def is not satisfactory to me also. May be i am.missing something.

    3. Power,voltage,current and resistance are totally different entities. Ohm's law describes Resustance as a ratio of voltage and current. Ohm itself is a unit if resistance. From memory if what I studied 60 years ago!!

    4. Ohm's law states that current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance. So, it is the property of current in my view.

    5. Reaiatance is a derivative peoperty of ohms law.
      Ohms fundamental experiment is to measure current in a circuit in relation to voltage/potential difference.
      Resistance is a very later day concept.

    6. Ohms law gives relation between V,I and R. And Power(P)= V*I is given by Watts law.
      While ohms law describes current flow in a circuit , Watts law describes the power dissipated in a circuit.

    7. +1 sathia.
      Watts law is power.
      Ohms is potential difference.

    8. Prasad, Ohms is resistance and not potential difference

  3. 14A- Does 'recurring' indicate reversal? It only shows repetition.

    1. Recurring is reverting per Chambers thesaurus

    2. Sense 2:
      "from Latin recurrent- ‘running back’, from the verb recurrere (see recur)."

      The english modified (in the sense repeated) seems to be version of re-(o)ccur. Atleast thats how i remember in my brain.

  4. Thank you col.sir for posting my artwork on 1st May. unable to post comment via my handset.

  5. 12A. EVIDENT. ({IMMINENT} – {I}{M} + {E})

  6. 12A. EMINENT. ({IMMINENT} – {I}{M} + {E})

  7. 26a isnt seaweed collective plural?

  8. Nice grid.
    I also thought Ohm's Law is more to do with Resistance or at a stretch Current. Power & Current r different. No? Or should one take the colloquial usage.

    FEMALES is a lovely clue.

    Thanx KKR!

  9. 11A is not Kosher. Men doing double duty!

    1. Though it is a stretch, can we use men twice since it is plural anyway?

      Iron men(1)
      men(2)? On the contrary