Monday 6 May 2024

No 14167, Monday 06 May 2024, Arden

Solution to 28A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Moaning? Simple to stop having orgasm (11) COMPLAINING {COM{PLAIN}ING}
7   Short man is bound to fail (3) DUD DUDe
9   Animal lust transformed Aunt Sally (5) NYALA {AuNt+sAlLY}* [CA]
10 Equipment with agent, crossing central park is a hassle (9) RIGMAROLE {RIG}{M{pARk}OLE}
11 Renew contact out at sea, with first boat in pursuit (5,4) TOUCH BASE {OUT*}{CH{Boat}ASE}
12 Father and son finally succumbed to her music (5) SIREN {SIRE}{soN} Semi&lit
13 Melanesians wrongly snap up and imprison American (7) PAPUANS {SNAP+UP}* over {A}
15 Fruit salad, let one enjoy for starters (4) SLOE Acrostic
18 Instrument in the car, try operating every second one (4) HARP {tHe+cAr+tRy+oPe...g}
20 Aspire to live outside earth perhaps (7) BREATHE {B{EARTH*}E}
23 Throughway, inside view (5) VISTA {VI{ST}A}
24 Love fancy iPhone? Laurie Banks loves his wine (9) OENOPHILE {O+IPHONE}{La..iE}
26 From space launchers, one removed teeth (9) SPROCKETS {SPace}{ROCKETS}
27 Narrow to get a person inside (5) TAPER [T]
28 Fathead missing goal (3) A?M (Addendum - AIM sAIM - See comments)
29 Laboured below, agrees it's hard work (5,6) ELBOW GREASE*

1   Bananas not peach as a symbol of remembrance (8) CENOTAPH*
2   Wrong map, without a clue? Perhaps, it's my mistake (3,5) MEA CULPA {MAP}* over {A+CLUE}*
3   Doctor heals, shows restraint (5) LEASH*
4   There is a noticeable effect when you make them (7) INROADS [CD]
5   Admission as singers perform (7) INGRESS*
6   UK's ex-PM is gone, taking the boy by the way (9) GLADSTONE {GONE}* over {LAD}{ST}
7   Brood about something unknown, whatsit? (6) DOOBRY {BROOD}*{Y}
8   Governess is outstanding - bringing up the girl (6) DUENNA {DUE}{ANN<=}
14 Cold stuff coming down or hot stuff coming up - bearing pain all over (9) AVALANCHE {LAVA<=}{A{N}CHE}
16 Confusing the regular dimorphic with a country (8) ETHIOPIA {THE*}{dImOrPhIc}{A}
17 Practice working here on top and bottom (8) REHEARSE {HERE*}{ARSE}
19 Saw a dog in lead in a symbolic way (7) PROVERB {P{ROVER}B}
20 Tool ring on 19 (7) BANDSAW {BAND}{SAW}
21 Reportedly, ace allowed to confer old religious texts (6) AVESTA {(~a's){AA} over {VEST}
22 In Kailash Ram had a retreat (6) ASHRAM [T]
25 Diminish note in each coverage (5) PETER {PE{TE}R}

Reference List
American = A, Through = VIA, Way = ST, Unknown = Y, Bearing = N, Note = TE


  1. Lovely CW. Enjoyed doing it. All types of clues and their variations were covered. COD? Too long to list!!

  2. Replies
    1. N for North. As in magnetic bearing North and South

    2. B.N.Achsrya @ it's 14D
      I think 'bearing' is on double duty or else 'all over' is an Anagram indicator

    3. Bearing (Direction) is N and all over is anind.

    4. When in doubt check Colji reference list.πŸ‘πŸ»

    5. Bearing is defined as a relative position to North. North for bearing?

    6. I thought the 4 directions can be called bearings. On checking this is what I found-
      Directions and bearings are both terms used to communicate the location of one place relative to another. Directions use the four points of the compass, while bearings use a system of 360 degrees and a protractor.

  3. North is bearing 0 deg., East is bearing 90 deg.....

    1. When the definition says (degree) deviation from north, we cannot say zero!

    2. from the North pole whatever direction one moves, he goes south!
      North is just a ref.point, bearing 0.

  4. Thanks for all the clarifications

  5. 28a AIM; goal sIAM= fat; fat, head missing.

  6. Replies
    1. Saim is obsolete word for abdominal fat of pig!

  7. Lovely cw. Looked difficult but clues were clear.
    One doubt - in 19dn - how do u get PB?
    Can someone clarify?
    For once - I remembered this meaning of saw. So solved.

    Thanx Arden!

  8. Oh!!! Thank u. I missed it inspite of 'symbolic way'.


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