Saturday 11 May 2024

No 14172, Saturday 11 May 2024, Incognito

8   Carry animal (4) BEAR [DD]
9   Lenin wants extraordinary game (4,6) LAWN TENNIS*
10 Porridge cooler (6) PRISON [DD]
11 Carelessly wrote: Supreme Court has intelligence agency's illuminating device (8) SCRAWLED {SC}{RAW}{LED}
12 Helped idiot first, then journalist (8) ASSISTED {ASS}{1ST}{ED}
14 List of mistakes traitor committed in long period of time (6) ERRATA {ER{RAT}A}
16 Tight fitting arms? Rejected! (4) SNUG<=
17 Legendary female's warning device (5) SIREN [DD]
18 Short army officer's ship (4) BRIG [DD]
19 Wrong stance for climbing (6) ASCENT*
21 She clued wrongly for 'timetable' (8) SCHEDULE*
23 Perhaps, blind person from Italian city (8) VENETIAN [DD]
26 Bird sitting on Chinese spanner (6) WRENCH {WREN}{CH}
27 Take more money that merited for fleece (10) OVERCHARGE [CD]
28 Thanks! Thanks again! Goodbye! (2-2) TA-TA {TA}{TA}

1   Republican takes umbrage and submits petition (10) REPRESENTS {REP}{RESENTS}
2   Urgent! It is decreasing! (8) PRESSING [DD]
3   Scheme with alien for Earth, for example (6) PLANET {PLAN}{ET}
4   Has title to sow walking around middle of ranch (4) OWNS {OW{raNch}S*}
5   Operator consumes tail of last fish (8) STURGEON {S{lasT}URGEON}
6   After loss of temperature, mix water with a couple of poles to get solution (6) ANSWER {WAtER+NS}* 
7   Note: Church creatures (4) MICE {MI}{CE}
13 Day, for example, in Abbottabad or Islamabad (5) DORIS [T]
15 In Chennai locality, Tamil leader mentioned instead of name in three copies (10) TRIPLICATE TRIPLICA(-n+t)TE How many here know the Tamil name of Triplicane?
17 How an intoxicated person may take seat and refuse to move? (3,5) SIT TIGHT [DD]
18 Wildly stabbed around heart of model to get unrecoverable dues (3,5) BAD DEBTS {STABBED}* over {moDel}
20 Old dear builds portico (6) EXEDRA {EX}{DEAR*}
22 That lady swallowed a bird? It's a stupid mistake! (6) HOWLER {H{OWL}ER}
24 English victory is hollow... results in jealousy (4) ENVY {EN}{Vi...rY}
25 Standard type of gate fixed to rear end of tram (4) NORM {NOR}{traM}

Reference List
Supreme Court = SC, Journalist = ED, Chinese = CH, Thanks = TA, Alien = ET, Poles = N,S, Note = MI, Church = CH, Name = N, Old = EX, English = EN, Gate = NOR


  1. Typically Incognito. Several good clues. Enjoyed'
    1. Venetian - took a while and an Aha moment.
    2. Loved Triplicane- ingenious clue!

    1. Yeah. We didnt have to
      "Fall on the way to receive intensive care....."
      like Arden made us.

  2. 15D- I think quite a few of us here are from Tamilnadu- all of whom know Triplicane. Even amongst others many would have touched Chennai and known it, at least because of the famous Parthasarathy temple. I may be biased but I hope few others will bear with me.

    1. I was asking about how many know the Tamil name of Triplicane?

    2. Thiruvallikeni is the original name in Tamil

    3. I am surprised. Many people know Triplicane better than Thiruvallikeni.
      In fact, in the purest firm it is Thiru allikeni. Alli is the Tamul name for Lily. It used to have a temple tank full of Alli flowers. Recently on the Madras/ Chennai trend they went back to Thiru allikeni from Triplicane (coined by the British)

    4. I know well. But folks usually calling Triplicane for ease pronouncation . As sais by Col. Thiruvallikkeni is the real name

  3. I resided in T' Nagar for an year. Triplicane Pardha temple i used to visit and read vishnu 1000 naamamulu written in Telugu and Tamil.
    Moreover, I used to read telugu detective novels, where triplicane, teynampet etc used to be mentioned

  4. I am clueless about the anno of y' days clue ( REMANDED). i sought some gyan.

  5. I tasted the Aavakkai before it was deleted!!

  6. 12ac....outstanding WP.......Incognito rocking............

  7. Typ Incognito. A rainy breeze for this weather.
    Thanx Kishore

  8. What does (DD) mean? I am a newbie

    1. It means Double Definition. Look at the explanations given under the heading ANNOTATIONS on the left hand side of this webpage