Tuesday 14 May 2024

No 14174, Tuesday 14 May 24, Lightning

Solution to 28A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Strange design I clear up (8) PECULIAR*
5   Created firm at home with editor (6) COINED {CO}{IN}{ED}
9   Cabinet in old pub used to separate method of payment (8) CUPBOARD {O+PUB}* in {CARD}
10 Flight delay resulting in tiredness and lethargy (6) JETLAG {JET}{LAG}
12 Deer I enthusiastically hid is frightening (5) EERIE [T]
13 Giant pins represented in pictures made with a brush (9) PAINTINGS*
14 Arm of a short man extremely chubby (6) AGENCY {A}{GENt}{Ch..bY}
16 At first keep away dissolute person flanking old entertainment singing (7) KARAOKE {Keep}{Away}{RA{O}KE}
19 Value added tax at first imposed on container in this city (7) VATICAN {VAT}{Im...d}{CAN}
21 Outdated person left aside silk thread by one lake (6) FOSSIL {FlOSS}{1}{L}
23 Cracked rig - arrest one keeping records (9) REGISTRAR*
25 Couple missing the last of South Africa's currency (5) PAISA {PAIr}{SA}
26 Free a French animal (6) UNSEAL {UN}{SEAL}
27 Farmer protecting primarily huge bird (8) PHEASANT {P{H}EASANT}
28 Money initially paid to redesign atlas, perhaps (6) E?O?Y? (Addendum - EPONYM {MONEY+Paid}* - See comments)
29 Magnificence of a thousand on French street going west (8) GRANDEUR {GRAND}{RUE<=}

1   Select alien patrol guard (6) PICKET {PICK}{ET}
2   Firm gutted piracy - correct it will protect against plagiarism (9) COPYRIGHT {CO}{Pi..cY}{RIGHT}
3   Careless in card game, spending eagerly at first (5) LOOSE {LOO}{Sp...g}{Ea...y}
4   Decline a prize (7) ATROPHY {A}{TROPHY}
6   Flips open vases (9) OVERTURNS {OVERT}{URNS}
7   Many long to display clothing material (5) NYLON [T]
8   Complicated deed - gist was absorbed (8) DIGESTED*
11 Colour of writing liquid under page (4) PINK {INK}<=>{P}
15 It's a must as scenery needs to be transformed (9) NECESSARY*
17 Start to speak formally after consuming one alcoholic beverage (9) ORIGINATE {OR{1}{GIN}ATE}
18 Cancel 6 ball law (8) OVERRULE {OVER}{RULE}
20 Ordinary leaders of Norway often restrict markets (4) NORM Acrostic
21 Parent housing king at a greater distance (7) FARTHER {FA{R}THER}
22 Prohibit odd theory on light-hearted humour (6) BANTER {BAN}{ThEoRy}
24 Sudden blast of wind by ocean leads to enjoyment (5) GUSTO {GUST}{Oc..n}
25 Apparent suffering left inside (5) PLAIN {P{L}AIN}

Reference List
Firm = CO, at home = IN, Editor = ED, Old = O, Left = L, Lake = L, A in French = UN, Huge = H, French street = RUE, Alien = ET, Page = P, King = R


  1. 28A EPONYM - atlas; {MONEY+P}*

    1. "Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance."

  2. Replies
    1. Lightning has indicated your name in 16a............KARAOKE

    2. When KKR was looking for a nice pseudonym this was just getting popular, rightKKR?

  3. Wish LIGHTNING in a flash would bring rain along. Atleast AFTERDARK.

    Smooth & straight forward.
    My fav -

  4. Most enjoyable crossword! Thankyou - went like greased lightning !

  5. Lightening the burden on the brain.