Wednesday 8 May 2024

No 14169, Wednesday 08 May 2024, Arden

Solution to 9A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Dubious income, middleman gets compliments (7) ENCOMIA {INCOME}*}{mAn}
5   Material, money and God (7) BUCKRAM {BUCK}{RAM}
9   Money gets woman or two (5) T?R?N (Addendum - TURIN - Error in clue, see comments)
10 Saga, regularly being turned into a hotbed of trouble (9) EPICENTRE {EPIC}{bEiNg+TuRnEd}
11 Stop team sport and win the game (9) CHECKMATE {CHECK}{TEAM*} 
12 Mushroom with lemon on top - I hear a noise from my empty stomach (5) GROWL {GROW}{Le..n}
13 Mount to withdraw a bet (4) ETNA<=
15 American shot, no one allowed in the courtroom (2,6) IN CAMERA*
18 Fear about hospital wing makes one conk out (8) DROPDEAD {DR{OPD}EAD}
19 No regular wash for a boatman (4) NOAH {NO}{wAsH}
22 No whiskey in season, keep it underground (5) INTER wINTER
24 Ultimate in music, song about festival is a mess (9) CAFETERIA {m..iC}{A{FETE}RIA}
26 Rejected players, a team supports them (4,5) CAST ASIDE {CAST}{A}{SIDE}
27 No going into depression - wine maker's pick (5) PINOT {PI{NO}T}
28 Opposite sides protect rubber ring, top end is plastic (7) STYRENE {S}{TYRE}{N}{End}
29 Issue over eBay supplied food stuff (7) SOYBEAN {SO{EBAY*}N}

1   Cajole to be part of the training (6) ENTICE Anno pending (Addendum - apprENTICEship See comments)
2   Enclosure around ex-president Bush, in Australia, perhaps (9) CARPENTER {CAR{PEN}TER}
3   Kolinsky takes head of state to the capital (5) MINSK {MIN{St..e}K}
4   Chemical - one made it explode (9) ACETAMIDE {ACE}{MADE+IT}*
5   Salt water injected right into the plant stem (5) BRINE {B{R}INE}
6   Extremely controversial, Germany replaced minister (9) CLERGYMAN {Co...aL}{GERMANY*}
7   Relationship with a model in port (5) RATIO {R{A}{T}IO}
8   Travelling miles to eat universal breakfast in Geneva (6) MUESLI {M{U}ESLI*}
14 Like a bit before Arden, that's sweet! (9) ASPARTAME {AS} and {A}<=>{PART} with {ME}
16 Fish fries - perhaps bring in Indian law makers (9) CODIFIERS  {COD}{FRIES}* over {I}
17 Shift and cover under bum (9) REARRANGE {RANGE}<=>{REAR}
20 Mostly talk about an Olympic event (6) DISCUS DISCUSs
21 Able to cover the rear wearing this? (6) CAFTAN {C{AFT}AN} Semi&lit
23 The United States typically gets cranky (5) TESTY [T]
24 Took refuge in church, gets censure (5) CHIDE {C{HID}E}
25 High points by day's end (5) TIPSY {TIPS}{daY}

Reference List
Whiskey = W, Opposite sides = S,N, Right = R, Model = T, Universal = U, Indian = I, Church = CE


  1. 1d apprenticeship:training

  2. 2D- Ex President is around enclosure and not the other way as mentioned.

  3. 3D- Col., Kolinisky link goes to weasel! Correction please.

    1. Except for this,
      "Its skull is in several respects intermediate in form between that of the stoat and the mink" ( I quote from the link)
      this weasel does not seem to be connected to Mink. How are we to get Mink and insert S?

  4. Replies
    1. Is it supposed to be Twain- with tin being the money and W from woman? But it does not go with the crossing of 2D (Carprnter)

    2. Even if it is TWAIN which fits the def, can't account for the A - wordplay gives only TIN around W.

    3. Hi. Message from Arden Sir --

      The clue is incorrect. It was meant to be
      Money allows old city to become a modern city (5)
      Answer being T(UR)IN

    4. Woman vanished to old city 😀

  5. 2D- The clue itself does not seem to be okay as per Col.'s link. Bush carpentry is a type of make-do repair work (No carpenter there) From reading the clue, I thought it is a type of bush in Australia.

  6. I initially filled up 9a as 'Twain' and 2d as Crabeater, [CR (ABE) ATER], crater for enclosure and Abe for Ex president, Abraham Lincoln. Crabeater is a Seal found in Antartica, also seen in Australia. But was stumped too when I could not explain for Bush.

  7. I am at K Gudi Wilderness Resort and have an early morning Jeep Safari into the forest. Accordingly I will only be posting the clues like I do on Friday.
    I will update the blog later at 4 PM

    1. Enjoy. Will wait for photos

    2. Have a gr8 trip Col.
      Incognito puzzlw for novices is a festival.
      Under 8min.
      Setter may please relook at 19a.

  8. Col!! Have a great safari.
    I messed up with TWAIN, did not get CARPENTER. Further did not get DROPDEAD either.
    Is it one word or should the end be 4,4.
    Can someone clarify?
    All in all - a messy NW corner.

    1. Hyphenated words are setter's call!

    2. I think it should be 4,4 not 4-4. Drop-dead is adj or adv. Drop dead only will match the definition conk out (v)