Monday 13 May 2024

No 14173, Monday 13 May 2024, Incognito

Solution to 24A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

8   Spectacles displayed in doctor's portal (4) DOOR {D{OO}R}
9   Go and repair (5) LEAVE [DD?]
10 Put an end to breaking pots (4) STOP*
11 Eg., Tulu is transliterated into another language (6) TELUGU*
12 For example, make up company's time lost before start of competition (8) COSMETIC {CO'S}{TIME*}{Co...n}
13 Son in confusion? Take to court for inconsequential matter (3-5) NON-ISSUE {SON+IN}*{SUE}
15 Bad actor permitted to join play (6) HAMLET {HAM}{LET}
17 Falls again, rejected by god (7) NIAGARA {AGAIN<=}{RA}
19 Shorten a ship's control centre (7) ABRIDGE {A}{BRIDGE}
22 European car carried by ship for some Arabians (6) SAUDIS {S{AUDI}S}
24 A midshipman with small capacity to eat (8) A?P?T?T? (Addendum - APPETITE {A}{shiPman}{PETITE} - See comments)
26 After whiskey, chat about Director General's love for canine kept for security purposes (8) WATCHDOG {W}{CHAT*}{D{O}G}
28 Providing weapons from a Chinese dynasty after end of war (6) ARMING {A}{MING}<=>{waR}
30 Workers start to demolish and repair (4) MEND {MEN}{De...h}
31 Din from piano is excruciating (5) NOISE [T]
32 Grave boy follows Thomas (4) TOMB {B}<=>{TOM}

1   Slovenia has nothing for tennis players (4) LOVE [T]
2   Using oar can be stimulating (8) AROUSING*
3   Books containing photographs from American criminal and vagrants (6) ALBUMS {AL}{BUMS}
4   Tinder might need these to add fire to your relationships (7) MATCHES [C&DD]
5   Colonial lady's address in India obtained from card discarded by excited chambermaid when receiving first salary (8) MEMSAHIB {cHaMBErMAId+Sa...y}*
6   High respect from Spanish side, I hear (6) ESTEEM {ES}{(~team)TEEM}
7   Leave before beginning of battle with Italy and desert (4) GOBI {GO}{Ba...e}{I}
14 Pen pal leaves piano player composing for Indian language (5) ORIYA {pIAnO+plaYeR}
16 Number inscribed in weights (5) EIGHT [T]
18 Denizen's tenancy payment covers margin (8) RESIDENT {RE{SIDE}NT}
20 Inform, "It is personal" (8) INTIMATE [DD]
21 Haggle and prohibit profit (7) BARGAIN {BAR}{GAIN}
23 Decipher: Fish in a river (6) DECODE {DE{COD}E}
25 For example, Jupiter's plot to go ahead of alien (6) PLANET {PLAN}{ET}
27 American guys' prayer ending (4) AMEN {A}{MEN}
29 Desensitized part of sternum bone (4) NUMB [T]

Reference List
Whiskey = W, Boy = B, American criminal = AL(Capone), Spanish = ES, Alien = ET


  1. 24A APPETITE - capacity to eat; (A) mid shiPman, small (PETITE)

  2. 9a repair:

    verb: repair; 3rd person present: repairs; past tense: repaired; past participle: repaired; gerund or present participle: repairing
    go to (a place), especially in company.

  3. Breezy but enjoyable with lots of good surfaces- a few bringing a smile.

  4. I have been thinking about it. What differentiates a good CW from an ordinary one is all about surfaces. Make them meaningful and interesting and the setter gets all the accolades. It is not at all about easy/ difficult CW's. Cryptically correct CW's need not necessarily be enjoyable.

    1. Are we doing CWs to enjoy the experience or for giving certificates that they are cryptically correct?

    2. True. We have also seen some of the setters like wordplougher, trying to make surface look interesting ending up with convoluted clue which becomes tedious to decipher for solver. As mentioned earlier by me, incognito CW are the best for any beginner to start solving CW due to it’s nice and proper surface of clue which leads automatically to solution.

  5. Whenever I see Ra as God, I think of Ramesh. Where is he? Still busy with work/ study?

  6. 24 across appetite, a middle of shipman is p, petite is small. Appetite

  7. EIGHT p.m.
    Vladimir is seen in front of the mirror with an INTIMATE perfume spray.
    Later he prepares to LEAVE after opening the DOOR.
    He STOPS after seeing his next door RESIDENT, a young MEMSAHIB.
    Let us not try to DECODE as to what happened next.
    It was a NON-ISSUE.

  8. Only 9 comments on a Monday. That too for Incognito.
    Tuesday theory burst.

  9. @Paddy!
    What makes one enjoy a crossword - when clues lead u smoothly to the solutions. Like Incognito or Dr.X.

    Level of difficulty is immaterial.

    Thanx Kishore for a great puzzle.