Saturday 4 May 2024

No 14166, Saturday 04 May 2024, Arden

6   Colour of hard core criminal (5) OCHRE {H+CORE}*
7   American shot, no public trial? (2,6) IN CAMERA
10 Fancy coat, not even worth (7) CAPRICE {CoAt}{PRICE}
11 Girl has an issue with trade (7) MASONRY {MA{SON}RY}
12 Left out before his awful and uncouth behaviour (7) LOUTISH {L}{OUT}{HIS*}
13 Edge out garment? (7) MARGENT*
14 Takes off without success, allowed for an actress (4,7) KATE WINSLET {KATE{WIN}S*}{LET}
19 Talk about one tree (7) CONIFER {CON{1}FER}
21 Wish to wear torn dress? (7) RAIMENT {R{AIM}ENT}
23 France regularly gets involved in the orient, it is keen (7) EARNEST {EA{fRaNcE}ST}
25 Ship extremely large in volume (7) GALLEON {GALL{l..gE}ON}
26 He loves an animal caught in rain (8) PARAMOUR {P{A}{RAM}OUR}
27 Shouting to put one in the front end (5) NOISE {NO{1}SE}

1   Rodent's big part protecting Indian prime minister (8) CHIPMUNK {CH{I}{PM}UNK}
2   Sign of empty garage and car (6) GEMINI {Ga..gE}{MINI}
3   President's cavalcade finally is here, now moving (10) EISENHOWER {c...dE}{IS}{HERE+NOW}*
4   Specific aim to empty everything, it's a fraud (4) SCAM {Sp...iC}{AiM}
5   Unorthodox, sad, in grief, losing interest (6) FRINGE {iN+GRIEF}*
6   Not even once in vogue, but it's magic! (6) OCCULT {OnCe}{CULT}
8   Cold wind and fog, really odd (7) MISTRAL {MIST}{ReAlLy}
9   Took trouble over "Yankee in Japan" (5) KYOTO {K{Y}OTO*}
13 Plant with grand aroma, perhaps (10) MANDRAGORA*
15 Reject round cheese cloth (7) TAFFETA {FAT<=}{FETA}
16 Instrument in that place comes 30 seconds later (8) THEREMIN {THERE}{MIN} MIN/30 seconds? (Addendum - {THERE}{MINute} - See comments)
17 Piled up stones cover both sides, see outside (5) SCREE {S{CoveR}EE}
18 Stand, start again, close borders (6) STANCE {StarT}{AgaiN}{ClosE}
20 Cannot allow resistance in the country (6) NORWAY {NO{R}WAY}
22 Fishes, not close to shore - wasting time (6) IDLING {IDe}{LING}
24 God sitting high in the mountain peak (4) THOR {T{H}OR}

Reference List
Hard = H, Issue = SON, Left = L, Inteerest = I, Yankee = Y, Resistance = R, High = H


  1. 20 down Norway
    Cannot allow = no way
    Resistance= r

  2. 26 -across - Paramour
    An animal= ram
    Rain = pour

  3. Typo in 12 A- his to be in pink and not awful.

  4. 18D- Got it but could not parse- not yet into Arden mode. May get better tomorrow and be on watch!

  5. 3D- 'is' also to be in pink.

  6. 13A- Margin/ margent are synonyms? Not clear in the Free dic ref

  7. In 22A, fishes =ling what does ide indicates, does it mean close to?

  8. close to means- the last letter of the following word. In this case -not close to- means not e, which is the last letter of- shore

    1. Thanks. Got it.
      Fishes are ide and ling
      IDE loses e (as per fodder)

  9. @ sree-sree . Ia tiny clarificatin!!! why the word ' issue' = son. as given in ref.list. why can't be daughter????? in what way the word denotes son?????


    1. It can be any gender. Just have to look at the fit to solution ( like we do with anyother synonyms).
      Just that hard to find words that contain daughter as opposed to son. And issue:D (fot daughter just like s for son) is not kosher.

    2. so according to WP sol. we can alter it.......Thanks sree-sree. coz., I have a ref. list made in excel. it has more than 1000 entries.....where I couldn't find I was curious to know the reasn......Thanks once again.

  10. Easier than usual from Arden. Liked MISTRAL, RAIMENT, EISENHOWER to name a few. MARGENT was the last one in - a guess which turned out right!

  11. I also found it easier than normal.
    I didn't know IDE is a fish. So IDLING was a guess.
    Thanx Arden!

  12. On landing in KYOTO, Vladimir found that KATE WINSLET was shooting there. Out went his CAPRICE with Anna.

    The PARAMOUR that he was, he decided to say Bye to his LOUTISH ways & pursue Kate in EARNEST, either publicly or IN CAMERA.

    To this effect he changed his STANCE, dressed in his new RAIMENTS and bought an OCHRE rose. From the FRINGES, he navigated the MARGENT spaces and gliding like a GALLEON, landed right in front of her.

    What happened next?

    Well Kate had already heard about his IDLING ways and SCAMS galore. Swishing her TAFFETTA gown, she eyed him like a CHIPMUNK & marched off with EISENHOWER, the diplomat from NORWAY, to the strands of THEREMIN playing in the background.