Sunday, 10 August 2014

No 2803,Sunday 10 Aug 2014

1   One may get bitter if one is used (4,4) BEER PUMP [CD]
5   Mischievous member - is husband following one? (6) IMPISH {1}{MP}{IS}{H}
9   Outstanding performer, girl in plant ignoring us (5,3) CLASS ACT {C{LASS} ACTus}
10 Son appearing in club concert (6) UNISON {UNI{S}ON}
12 Country producing whisky, Africa's first (5) MALTA {MALT}{A}
13 Complex lecture by the Spanish sailor (9) ELABORATE {EL}{AB}{ORATE}
14 Country folk look round hydrogen plant (9,3) PHEASANT'S EYE {P{H}EASANTS} {EYE}
18 Shared views in popular stadium (6,6) COMMON GROUND {COMMON} {GROUND}
21 Airman up for trial? (4,5) TEST PILOT [CD]
23 Friend describing university to a girl (5) PAULA {PA{U}L}{A}
24 Young cow provided that in here somehow (6) HEIFER {HE{IF}ER*}
25 To better score is excellent (3-5) TOP-NOTCH {TOP}-{NOTCH}
26 Piece of classical music from Brahms on at arena (6) SONATA [T]
27 Charm one's way in? (8) ENTRANCE [DD]

1   Grow into suit (6) BECOME [DD]
2   Make possible arrest, breaking Helen's heart (6) ENABLE {hE{NAB}LEn}
3   Nut, as I chop it, changes shape (9) PISTACHIO*
4   Famous sculptor I challenge, unwisely, in Missouri (12) MICHELANGELO {M{I+CHALLENGE*}O}
6   Fruit - piece to be consumed (5) MANGO {MAN}{GO}
7   Decidedly trendy black suit (2,6) IN SPADES {IN} {SPADES}
8   Impeded female deer, wild deer (8) HINDERED {HIND}{DEER*}
11 Fashionable sophisticate, but not a woman, surprisingly (3,5,4) MAN ABOUT TOWN* Good one
15 Loaf of bread, key kitchen item? (3-6) TIN-OPENER {TIN}-{OPENER}
16 Female's stretching across bed with cold drinks (8) SCOTCHES {S{COT}{C}HE'S}
17 Negligence round embassy (8) OMISSION {O}{MISSION}
19 Station American in English college (6) EUSTON {E{US}TON}
20 Ms du Maurier had pen repaired? (6) DAPHNE*
22 Gather fuel around lake (5) PLEAT {P{L}EAT}


  1. Up early today! Nice Sunday fare, and 11d was my favourite too. Could not quite parse 6d, am still trying to figure it out.

    1. Maybe he is wondering how 'go' fits in.

    2. OK. It was one of those cases where you try to fit the anno after getting the solution!

  2. Special special at 10:30 by Bhavan

  3. Mrs PP and all other ladies visiting this blog -
    Why do these men find Clue 11d a favourite? Cannot there be a woman who is fashionable and sophisticate?
    Or can't there be women about town?

    1. Was just appreciating the clever anagram, nothing else intended. And anyway, the clue is 'surprised that it's not a woman', so CV you are surely putting words into my (our) mouth(s)??!!

    2. Hey, the clue is cleverer than one might think at first!

    3. In today's world of fast changing customs and habits, acceptance of gender equality, some vestiges of patriarchal society's mindset still remain fixed in the ruts of men's thinking process! Men's reluctance to accept reality!

  4. Quite nice crossword and on the easy side.

    13 Complex lecture by the Spanish sailor (9) ELABORATE {EL}{AB}{ORATE}

    Have not seen this sort of usage of 'by' frequently. Will it also mean ORATE + EL AB, where'by' could mean 'beside' or 'next to'? Probably in a Down clue it would mean EL AB following ORATE in the manner of 2/3 (2 by 3)

  5. In across clues, the general rule is if B is on or by A, A is written first and then B. (This rule may not always be followed by THC setters).

    So in this across clue, we write EL AB and then ORATE.

  6. I can understand the use of 'on' where A on B is BA but can not 'by' mean 'beside' and written as AB?

    1. Where 'by' is concerned, I think it can be AB or BA. Both are next to each other and would be valid. Have certainly seen this in more than one crossword and not just THC.

      'On' in a down clue seems straightforward, it means A comes on top of B. In an across clue, the usage I've generally come across is AB, where the clue reads B on A. But not sure BA is invalid either.

    2. Yes. This has dealt with in Shuchi's blog in detail.