Sunday, 24 August 2014

No 2805, Sunday 24 Aug 2014

1   Sergeant major, breaking phone, becomes gloomy (6) DISMAL {DI{SM}AL}
4   Teach group to make a model railway (5,3) TRAIN SET {TRAIN} {SET}
9   Complain in western type of joint (6) WHINGE {W}{HINGE}
10 Eastern girl, a really heartless spy (8) EMISSARY {E}{MISS}{A}{ReallY}
11 Type of cricket clue with dash (3-3-3) TIP-AND-RUN {TIP}-{AND}-{RUN}
13 Scoffed at in course of poetic evening (5) EATEN {'E{AT}EN}
14 Argument over supremo with excellent liquid assets (7,7) WORKING CAPITAL {WOR<=}{KING} {CAPITAL}
18 Gaming machine in dated bar - endless money involved (3-5,6) ONE-ARMED BANDIT {IN+DATED+BAR+MONEy}*
20 Perfect suggestion by learner driver (5) IDEAL {IDEA}{Learner}
22 Tested public opinion, as aviator did? (4,1,4) FLEW A KITE [C&DD]
24 It's fishy, comic's temper tantrum (5,3) HISSY FIT*
25 Clothes worn initially in pews (6) SWEATS {S{Worn}EATS}
26 High-ranking officials decorate section of orchestra (3,5) TOP BRASS [DD]
27 'Times' term, an outstanding example (6) BYWORD {BY}{WORD}

1   Duke won't now broadcast in city centre (8) DOWNTOWN {D}{WONT+NOW}*
2   Runner, representative to cut corners (5) SKIMP {SKI}{MP}
3   Conductor losing son in a South American country (9) ARGENTINA {sARGENT}{IN}{A}
5   Firework, too large to be brought into court! (5,6) ROMAN CANDLE {ROMAN C{AND}{L}E}
6   I prosecute after second matter (5) ISSUE {I}{S}{SUE}
7   Clever character produces a piece of plastic that stores data (5,4) SMART CARD {SMART} {CARD}
8   Testing hearing (6) TRYING [DD]
12 Mostly recreation, in travelling funfairs, for urchins (11) RAGAMUFFINS {RA{GAMe}UFFINS*}
15 As good as gold? Not quite, us! (7-2) RUNNERS-UP [CD]
16 Suffering from how poor performers perform? (2,1,3,3) IN A BAD WAY [C&DD]
17 Emphasised editor is under pressure (8) STRESSED {STRESS}{ED}
19 Up-to-the-minute intelligence prior to strike (4,2) WITH IT {WIT}{H IT}
21 One supplying eggs for plate? (5) LAYER [DD]
23 Mental picture of him, a goalkeeper (5) IMAGO [T]


  1. 16 Suffering from how poor performers perform? (2,1,3,3) IN A BAD WAY [C&DD]
    Straight definition (suffering) is first
    Cryptic definition (how poor performers perform) comes next.
    So, this would be D&CD