Tuesday, 26 August 2014

No.11173, Tuesday 26 Aug 2014, Lightning

Nice one from L. Is there a media theme?

1 Extremely worried about final course (8) DESSERTS (STRESSED)<
5 International member, last to threaten (6) IMPEND (I MP END)
9 Very independent doctor aimed to adopt a middle ground (3,5) VIA MEDIA (V I AIMED* taking in A)
10 Customs services to seize silver (6) USAGES (AG in USES)
12 Top credit established (5) CREST (CR EST.)
13 Is Romania to be restructured as a part of Turkey? (4,5) ASIA MINOR (IS ROMANIA)* One of the few trans-continental countries, the others being the Russian Federation and Egypt
14 Code zero (6) CIPHER (2)
16 Quoted one note, in retrospect, with extraordinary clarity (7) EIDETIC (CITED 1 E)<
19 Censored record breaking run (7) BLEEPED (EP in BLEED)
21 Sailor stuck in base? It's possible (6) VIABLE (AB in VILE)
23 One new company beside a railway hospital (9) INFIRMARY (1 N FIRM A RY)
25 Proceed to bring action against harbours, say (5) SEGUE (SUE around EG)
26 A circle around endless labyrinth by northern river (6) AMAZON (A (MAZe) O N)
27 For the most part, pass up worker lacking education (8) IGNORANT (IGNORe ANT)
28 Encounters European on the way back showing respect (6) ESTEEM (E MEETS<)
29 Abandons popular tennis stroke (4,4) DROP SHOT (DROPS HOT)

1 Plan by democrat initially exposed illegal activity (6) DEVICE (D E VICE)
2 Room and stage where 3 could be located? (5-4) SPACE TIME (SPACE TIME)
3 Regular turnout primarily for tournament (5) EVENT (EVEN T)
4 Void in art representation describing greeting (4,3) THIN AIR ((IN ART)* around HI)
6 News outlets surprisingly missed a mega affair to begin with (4,5) MASS MEDIA ((MISSED A M)* A)
7 Urge for example, lost without energy (3,2) EGG ON (EG GONe)
8 Confuse detective inspector with second pamphlet (8) DISTRACT (DI S TRACT)
11 Excavation in Miami neighbourhood (4) MINE (T)
15 Exaggeration in curve, not fully evident at first (9) HYPERBOLE (HYPERBOLa E)
17 Cable broadcast — great help (9) TELEGRAPH (GREAT HELP)*
18 A bishop caught stealing couple of diamonds had to resign (8) ABDICATE (DI in A B C, ATE) my theory breaks down at this point, AT from?
20 Attractive daughter getting attention (4) DEAR (D EAR)
21 Journeyman in NASA's mission? (7) VOYAGER (CD,DD)
22 Group of six tweet regularly after intercourse (6) SEXTET (TwEeT after SEX)
24 Quick to consume English meal prepared elaborately (5) FEAST (FAST consumes E)
25 Investigate head of staff with no work (5) SNOOP (S NO OP)
Cartoon by Rishi



  1. Very nice puzzle Lightning.

    18 A bishop caught stealing couple of diamonds had to resign (8) ABDICATE (A B DI C ATE) my theory breaks down at this point, AT from?

    couple of diamonds = d,i
    had = ate

    1. I highlighted the anno and forgot to remove the detritus!

  2. If you were to do what is suggested in 22d, what will be the text?
    May be ribald but it should not be too crude. And no four-letter words or filthy slang.
    The tweet must be short within the permissible word limit. May or may not be in SMS language.

    1. I have just finished beating around the bush

      (the above response is only as an entry towards playing with words, in reality I would prefer not to crow or tweet about it)

    2. No comment? This is what politicians say when caught at an inconvenient moment. But then we do know what they mean!

    3. So true, more the merrier

    4. CV@9:08,

      And despite being caught on tape they say 'I've been misquoted'!

    5. That's for quotations on tape. What about sexcapades caught on tape? Do they say "i just slipped into wrong company"?

  3. Replies
    1. I thought of 'Just done' inspired by your comment "No 4 letter words!

  4. We had a lively talk on the sexual practices of adivasis
    in A & N Is.

  5. "In my college days I didn't have
    Inter course. Only PUC."

    1. You mean ... your CUP Runneth Over

    2. Lots of students today worry about the ENTRANCE exam before going in for the intermediate course ...

    3. Bhavan @ 8:48 Good word play!

  6. Kishore
    Slight tweaking of the anno: A B (DI) C ATE as DI is inserted in A B C ('stealing' being the inserticator).

  7. How many of you'll have registered for IXL 2014? The inaugural function is being held at Mumbai on 14 Sep

    1. I have. Yet to receive password. The first puzz comes on with the inaugural at 11am that day.

  8. I parsed 18D like this-
    Bishop- B
    Caught stealing a- C(A)T
    Couple of diamonds- D & Ice

    Liked the 'Cipher'.

    1. I had also initially coupe of diamonds as d and ice, but got stuck with anno for 'at'. till the friendly neighbourhood spiderman helped me with the anno given in the blog

    2. I understand my mistake now. But 'I' for diamond ok?

    3. I for diamond may not be ok, but ice is

    4. Exactly. Thank you for clarifying.

    5. Couple of diamonds = 1st two letters of DIamond = DI

    6. That is the anno Spiderman gave and what I,ve indicated, Paddy

    7. I am late in getting it. Spiderman? I also noticed that was in Bhavan's first comment though he did not specify it.

    8. 'Friendly neighbourhood spiderman'?

  9. 25A- Is 'Bring action against' for sue?

    1. Action in the legal sense. If you sue someone you bring action against them

    2. What I meant was 'against' to be coloured in the anno.

  10. A delightful offering from Lightning and a colourful blogging by Kishore. Thanking both of them. :)

  11. Great puzzle, particularly after seeing the annos for Abdicate and a couple of others

  12. Aha! Good discussion on 22D. How many times do you guys need to be reprimanded with words, 'Boys never grow up?'

  13. Lovely puzzle.All clues well-set. 9a-doctor is anind.wow.8,18,21-all equally nice.A wholesome entertainer by thunderous lightning.