Friday, 8 August 2014

No.11158, Friday 08 Aug 2014, Gridman

In this entertainer, Gridman took me back to Botany class and the spelling of 1d, where after we were taught to remember the spelling as bougainville-a-e, and now it turns out there are several alternative spellings.

1 British accepts well-made-out denial about ship with two masts (8) BILANDER (BR accepts DENIAL*)
5 Puzzlenew one inserted in extended game (6) ENIGMA (N1 in GAME*)
10 Most terrible glue — it's being replaced (7) UGLIEST (GLUE IT'S)*
11 Touring around, Tamil leader is in part of the Parliament Buildings (7) ROTUNDA (AROUND T)*
12 Sailor switches side and stays (6) ABIDES (AB SIDE*)
13 This funny fellow's overwhelming oneone from Corinth, perhaps (8) ISTHMIAN (THIS* MAN overcoming 1)
15 Annoys horses (4) NAGS (2)
16 Striker to indicate a tense moment on the court (5,5) MATCHPOINT (MATCH POINT)
18 Tool gets nutriments broken down (10) INSTRUMENT (NUTRIMENTS*)
20 Disapproval about learner's nonsense (4) BLAH (BAH about L)
23 Heather describes expletive that causes hatred (8) LOATHING (LING about OATH)
24 Shawl Morgan noticed is tucked back (6) TONNAG (T<)
          New word for me
26 In-between, no engineer to turn and twist (7) ENTWINE (IN (BETWEEN-BE)*)
27 Widespread panic about one's fishpond (7) PISCINA (PANIC 1'S)
          Reminded me about Life of Pi and Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel, the protagonist character, who is named after a swimming pool, and not the Church one
28 Shows indifference as son embraces redhead inside (6) SHRUGS (S HUGS, R inside)
29 Pass on: “Worker on strike” (4,4) HAND DOWN (HAND DOWN)

1 Almost fight to get no-good villages to embrace top-class flowering plants (15) BOUGAINVILLAEAS (BOUt  GAIN VILLAGES-G embracing A)
2 See a couple of students with gin-cocktail taking it easy (7) LOLLING (LO LL GIN*)
3 Required to be massaged, say (6) NEEDED (~KNEADED)
4 Each on way back has lunch (4) EATS (EA ST.<)
6 Election choice girl finds impossible (3,1,4) NOT A HOPE (NOTA HOPE)
          9 being cleared regularly? 6
7 Begging, I linger till I get some oil (7) GINGILI (T)
8 Being opposed to wheat, say, is out of character (7,3,5) AGAINST THE GRAIN (AGAINST THE GRAIN)

9 Han's carts transported refuse holders (5-4) TRASH-CANS (HAN'S CARTS)*

 Cartoon by Rishi

14 Inclined towards violence, with no good thoughts (3-6) BAD-MINDED (2)
17 Part of building feature from clever circle (4,4) ARCH RING (ARCH RING)
19 Spread is Supreme Court's rare treat (7) SCATTER (SC TREAT*)
21 With Leonard, I got rash — “freckles”, actually (7) LENTIGO (LEN (I GOT)*)
22 Put up with head office being milked (6) HOUSED (HO USED)
25 Teetotallers' group admits very soft father in south India (4) APPA (AA admits PP)
          Sorry, Mrs PP, the anno sounds as if you have just boarded the wagon



  1. Happy Anniversary to Crossword Unclued and Shuchi. There's a prize crossword in Hindi up on her blog for the occasion

  2. I hope purists will pardon the use of 'DONT' in the placard in the cartoon instead of "DON'T". After all, the protestor wrote it. Not Me !

  3. WRT Me !'s toon, who can defame Me ! ? Fact is a proper defense against suits for libel and defamation ...

  4. 27A : Widespread panic about one's fishpond (7) PISCINA (PANIC 1'S)

    What is the definition pl?

    1. Fishpond. I shall mark it.

    2. But from the answer PISCINA I don't get any connection with fish(pond), unless I change it to PISCINE. :)

    3. Pl see under 'History' at the link given

    4. Oops! Sorry, my mistake! I stand corrected.

  5. Happy anniversary to your blog, Shuchi. Keep up the good work.

  6. :( only 55% - South East and North East corners pulled me down. : (

  7. Happy anniversary to 'Crossword Unclued'

  8. 1D spelling had me puzzled, too. Had to use OED to help me out! Didn't get 13A and 27A, either. :-((

  9. Just the slightest hint of a possible theme, with architectural terms such as ROTUNDA, PISCINA and ARCH RING; not to forget the Corinth(ian) in the clue.

  10. Got bogged down with the tangle of As and Es in whatyoumaycallit flower ! Too lazy to key in the As and Es again ! This is the freedom given by the English language to a Setter to play with his As and Es to fill in a 15 letter space --- Yeah !! Incidentally this is a very prolific plant with colours of your choice and goes wildly and grows all over ! Watch out for LENTIGO with their thorns !

    Heard of biremes and triremes but not bilander -- another catamaran clipper?

    A pic of TONNAG and splash of B____s (1 down ) would have lent colour here !!

    SHRUG SHRUG-- I'.m not being bad minded ! isn't it a bit too mild for violence?

  11. Very happy today. At the very first try I was able to crack 15 lettered word.The first portion bou was easy to come by.Thereafter spiral stair like clues followed landing me in Ruritania. I never looked back since thankks to apt clues by GM. Thank you.

  12. Had a good laugh over Kishore's comment! Happy to be remembered thus!!!

  13. Thanks for your good wishes on Crossword Unclued's anniversary.