Monday, 18 August 2014

No.11166, Monday 18 Aug 2014, Arden

Arden handles long lights wonderfully. The marine engineer introduces us to marine stuff, port and stuff and people round the world. Loved Electromagnets and Parthenon

1 Cheat company, send money back (3-5) TWO TIMER (TWO is company, REMIT<)
          Funnily, 3 (down) is a crowd ...
5 With concealed weapon, one goes to show geniality (6) WARMTH (WITH around ARM - 1)
10 His rolls said to be tastier, perhaps (7) ARTISTE (TASTIER*)
11 Drunk ate fancy meal (4,3) HIGH TEA (HIGH ATE*)
12 I wander around with some native people (5) MAORI (I ROAM)*  indirect anagram? (I+ROAM)< See comments
13 Lessons in lubrication from boy to girl (9) TRIBOLOGY (BOY TO GIRL)*
           I can almost hear Tut, Tut !
                                  Cartoon by Bhargav
14 Marine's from nowhere (3,2,3,4) OUT OF THE BLUE (CD) the blue, blue sea
18 NASA embraced a weird ritual (5,7)  DANSE MACABRE (NASA EMBRACED)* the sole A seems to be bit intrusive, as it not a part of the fodder, if weird is the anind.
21 Separate layer on an old Greek temple... (9) PARTHENON (PART HEN ON)
          In Bangalore, we have parthenium, not parthenon ...
23 the old Greek retired in total peace (5) PLATO (T<)
24 Group includes Japan, not on peace, it is announced (7) SNIPPET (SET includes NIPPON - ON)
25 Not right to feel sad over connection with a cop (7) MOUNTIE (MOURN -R TIE)
26 Southern army deployed around new Mediterranean port (6) SMYRNA (S ARMY* around N)
27 According to it, years of harshness (8) ASPERITY (AS PER IT Y)
          Surprisingly though y for year is commonly used, I don't find it in Chambers. I have not seen it used in the plural to stand for y

1 Awful, amateurish is he out of shock? (6) TRAUMA (AMATEURISH - IS HE)
2 Old city's said to follow up business tariff (6) OCTROI (TROI(~troy) following CO<)
3 Establish an association (9) INSTITUTE (2)
4 Pick Germans to model, they can be attractive (14) ELECTROMAGNETS (ELECT (GERMANS TO)*)
6 Provocation for a girl to rise, reportedly (5) AGGRO (A G GRO (~grow))
7 Tram moving just like a married woman... (8) MATRONLY (TRAM* ONLY)
8 ...Sturdy, serious and determined (8) HEAVYSET (HEAVY SET)
          I see one such guy when I look in the mirror ...  Heavyset, of course, not the words of the clue
9 Resist Chinaman becoming Tom, Dick or Harry for example (9,5) CHRISTIAN NAMES (RESIST CHINAMAN)*
15 Transportneat and pure by mid-afternoon (9) ENRAPTURE (NEAT PURE N)*
16 A fall is so difficult with obesity (8) ADIPOSIS (A DIP (IS SO)*)
17 Greatness in finding an option in unfriendly surroundings (8) ENORMITY (OR in ENMITY)
19 Lean and greet from the corners of one's eyes (6) CANTHI (CANT HI)
          Had to cheat for this one
20 Buffalo Bill's all over methat's funny (6) COMEDY (CODY over ME)
22 Waiting endlessly for an invitation to ride along (3,2) HOP IN (HOPINg)



  1. We all missed the theme in Yesterday's special

  2. 12 I wander around with some native people (5) MAORI (I ROAM)* indirect anagram?

    I ROAM <-

    1. It is not, if considered as a reversal clue. isnt it ?

    2. It is a charade with reversal.
      I + then MAOR, rev of ROAM.
      Wait a minute.
      I am not sure if it works as a cha with rev.

    3. I did not take it as a reversal. I with (roam)* and around as anind.

    4. But there is no indication that 'I' follows (Roam)*

    5. Paddy

      12 I wander around = I ROAM around is reversal ind. So, MAOR I

    6. I wander around with some native people

      I wander around
      I + wander around
      I + ROAM around
      I + MAOR

      Thus, we don't get MAORI when it is cha with rev

    7. Then, stet: It is back to Indirect Anag ...

    8. I + MAOR (rev. of 'roam' ) would give IMAOR

    9. Exactly waht I meant in my 9.23

    10. Why have you added a plus sign if I is not part of the fodder?

    11. Now I see your point.
      Come to think of it, the clue as written works.
      Apologies to the setter/readers for the pointless discussion.

    12. Gridman's clue long ago was
      14 I wander back to a NZ tribal (5)
      Today's posts followed on a false premise, I think.

    13. I + ROAM < 'Around' is the reversal indicator

    14. Thanks, Ranger, for stepping in with the correct anno.

    15. It's funny how the clue, though sound, has made quite a few believe there's something wrong.

    16. A long thread ROAMing 'Around' for quite a while!!

  3. CANTHI was in a 2009 puzzle by Neyartha - whose puzzle the Col. was blogging for the first time.

  4. CV,
    If I remember right, you had once explained this with separate names for the 2 corners of the eyes.

  5. 4D - Def says 'they' as that's the way the surface will work, so will Electromagnet work or should it be Electromagnets?

  6. It is just a typo. It is 'Electromagnets' as the anagram fodder indicates.

    1. Oh OK, I don't have the grid with me. Sorry

  7. Found the going tough today.

    13 Lessons in lubrication from boy to girl (9) TRIBOLOGY (BOY TO GIRL)*

    Can 'from' be considered as an Anagrind? IMO it's a link word.

  8. I think it is meant to be taken as X from Y.

  9. The same word can play different roles in different contexts.
    'from' here may be considered as anag signal. I think it is valid.
    Elsewhere it could be a link.

    1. OK I get it. You could say arising from :from.

    2. While it's kind of okay, could have been better with a qualifier that indicates anagramming to go along with "from." For instance, "somehow from," "maybe from" etc.

    3. 'from' is a valid anagrind . The preposition 'from' indicates a 'change of state'. For ex: from X to Y. I have come across the same being used in some UK crosswords

  10. Some very interesting clues. Saw a lot of discussion on 12A. Reversal of (I+ROAM) seems to work fine. But I put in MOESI, taking it as an anagram of (I+SOME), finding that to be a valid option. Got stuck on 2D, got nowhere, had to rework.

    Re Kishore's comment on 27a: 'y' for year(s) is a standard abbreviation. Think I have also used it. Anyway refer the link from Oxford Online:
    Line breaks: y


    ‘orbital period (Pluto): 248.5y’

    1. 12a: I too initially thought it to be an indirect anag.

  11. Tough going today, but could complete the puzzle finally, with some help from the NET. Grey cells put to maximum use today! Thank you Arden for the brain teasing puzzle!! :-)))