Friday, 15 August 2014

No.11164, Friday 15 August 2014, Gridman


A nice 'out of turn' puzzle from Gridman and that too with 3 letter lights. Something's cooking for sure, but I am unable to figure it out. As CV says, left as an exercise to the reader. I am sure some of you will find it -- by the time I get back here.

1   Hate in France is following backward boy (6) DETEST (TED< EST)
4   Direction more objective without one journeyman (8) WAYFARER (WAY FAiRER)
10 Shop in India's capital for rifle (7) MARTINI (MART IN I)
11 Bitter champion dismantling crib (7) ACERBIC (ACE CRIB*)
12 Spend time in very warm London district (4) SOHO (SO HOT - T)
13 Coolie lags in ferreting out mineral (10) OLIGOCLASE (COOLIE LAGS)*
16 Key for beginner (6) OPENER (2)
17 Bird slow to follow (7) EMULATE (EMU LATE)
20 It is set to be followed by straggling creep in drill (7) PRECEPT (CREEP* in PT)
21 Imp comes from Karur — a scallywag (6) RASCAL (T)
24 One who is afire with a burning desire (10) PYROMANIAC (CD)
25 Affectionate with a jolly (4) WARM (W A RM)
27 Konar wandering in city limits of capital (7) CONAKRY (KONAR* in CitY)
29 Live-in dress? (7) INHABIT (IN HABIT)
                      Dress design by Bhargav
30 Fashion industry newspaper rated badly (3,5) RAG TRADE (RAG RATED*) I initially thought it might be a Rev. Anag. of rated, with rag as Aind
31 Brides tossed bits and pieces (6) DEBRIS (BRIDES)*

1   But this pantomime may not be senseless (4,4) DUMB SHOW (CD)
2   Olympics figurehead of Columbia picture? (11) TORCHBEARER (CD, and DD if figurehead is on DD)
3   Slight goo has no end (4) SLIM (SLIMy)  Goo is no doubt slimy, but slimy=gooey; not goo, goo would be slimy stuff, imo. For further clarity, please GOOgle (SLIMe) See comments

5   It is not played at home (4,4) AWAY GAME (CD)
6   Nice pain from tongue and brain? (6,4) FRENCH LOAF (FRENCH (tongue=language) LOAF (=head/brain) My COD, with the brilliance of the definition NICE PAIN, "Pain" in Nice, the French city, would be bread or a French loaf. Nice to see that the capital of the city name is 'nice'ly camouflaged by having it right at the beginning of the sentence.
7   Angel makes revolutionary depart in difficulty (3) RUB (CHERUB-CHE)
8   Dishonest scheme? Make noise! (6) RACKET (2)
9   Pitch for growth area (5) FIELD (2)
14 There, cabman is fidgeting in waiting hall (11) ANTECHAMBER (THERE CABMAN)*
15 Not a warring person (10) PEACEMAKER (CD)
18 Begin to see you in want, wide-awake (4-4) OPEN EYED (OPEN EYED) a bit confused with the anno here.... If you(=y) is in want=(need), that gives us NE(Y)ED, but I am left groping for the OPE, as I find the N is already considered  (OPE +Y in NEED) See comments
19 Climate affected small climber (8) CLEMATIS (CLIMATE* S)
22 Senior accepts rate for orthodontic gadget (6) SPACER (SR. accepts PACE)
23 Take courses at home (3,2) EAT IN (CD, with take courses = consumed courses of a meal)
26 You in the past heeded (4) THEE (T) if we take "you in the past" as defn, then past will be both part of defn. and telescope fodder
28 Ride old horse (3) NAG (2)



  1. 'In the past' need not be taken in the definition as You = Thee is accepted

    1. That is why I have marked only 'you' (and not Me !) as the defn. I was just explaining that 'you in the past' was not the defn

  2. I was done in by 23D as I eat only a 'one course' meal at home !

    1. Sadya is round the corner, methinks ...

  3. I've not been able to fathom the reason for the out of turn appearance. It has to be connected in some way with today though.

    1. Like the proverbial sage of yore of Thackeray's poem, I did all sorts of (known) calisthenics but was unable to figure it out. I found some recognisable strings in the columns like ONE and OAT (4th col), ORE (6th), OUR (10th) Sea (14th) but missed the woods for the trees

    2. I even looked diagonally (like the Nina in this month's Guardian Genius), but got nowhere

    3. GG this month has an author and four of his creations/characters in the grid, all appearing diagonally

  4. Tried to google Olympics figurehead (thinking it to be the name of some Greek Goddess) and you know what, it leads me me to THCC with Torchbearer boldly there!
    I knew Martini as a cocktail, but not as a rifle. Well, one keeps learning.
    Put in Wanderer for 4A and got stuck in the NE.

  5. The moment I saw an out of turn Gridman, I knew something must be afoot. But did not expect the experts to be baffled too!

  6. 3 Slight goo has no end (4) SLIM (SLIMy) Goo is no doubt slimy, but slimy=gooey; not goo, goo would be slimy stuff, imo. For further clarity, please GOOgle

    goo = slime

    1. Thanks, Bhavan. That explains it.

  7. Reading diagonally from the P at the start of 15d and moving down to the right, I detect the word PROTECT. Cannot be a coincidence....

    1. Sorry, I had to go out. Continuing that thought, starting from the F at the end of 6 down and moving diagonally upwards to the left, is the word FREEDOM. Read together PROTECT FREEDOM. Will have to check now if anything more is there.

    2. Thanks. After posting 920, I had to go for PPBS and was mulling that there must be something further than 'protect'. When I came back, the penny dropped. But I am still not sure if anything more is lurking beneath the surface...

    3. We'll have to wait till 12 to see if there is anything further as Gridman is way till then

    4. 'way, you mean, as in 5d.

  8. It is also noted that the Nina begins on today's August date numbered square in the grid

  9. A very happy Independence day to all my fellow countrymen.
    What an inspiring and passionate speech from our PM from the ramparts of the Red Fort.
    Proud to be an Indian.

  10. Just returned after attending a meeting.
    The Nina that I managed in today's special is
    - nothing more.
    Thanks, Kishore, for unravelling it.

  11. Ref: Deepak 8:56ff.

    I have courses but not any intercourse.

    1. So you do not believe in Congress

  12. Col.,
    CW is appearing in TH's Misc.section.

    1. It comes much later and not at 6;15 when the online paper comes on line first

  13. Registrations for IXL 2014 are to open today. Formal launch will be on 14 Sep after which the ten online rounds will start

  14. 18 D - Ope is literary form of open .