Saturday, 16 August 2014

No.11165, Saturday 16 Aug 2014, Arden

Very nice clues here, especially GNAWING, HALCYON, CASHIER, STAGNATION, TYCOON and RUNE. Thank you Arden.

6 Let middlemen go for an hour — finally show restraint (5) LEASH [LEASE with H for E]
7 Makes patterns in part of the church (8) TRANSEPT [PATTERNS]*
10 It's green outside but a section is corroding (7) GNAWING [GreeN + A + WING]
11 A note before some lines cross (7) ADVERSE [A + D + VERSE]
12 A royal dynasty protected the Queen from disease... (7) CHOLERA [CHOLA outside ER]
13 ...and her retinue kept her on land (7) TERRAIN [TRAIN outside ER]
14 An endless debate, I'll say about a national holiday (8,3) BASTILLE DAY [DEBATe ILL SAY]*
19 Only chap to get agitated, not quiet and peaceful (7) HALCYON [ONLY CHAp]*
21 Not rejecting a friend going by the sound (7) TONALLY [NOT<= + ALLY]
23 He keeps money in his care, perhaps (7) CASHIER [HIS CARE]*
                           Cartoon by Bhargav

25 A German knight returns with some food (7) RISOTTO [OTTO + SIR]<=
26 Reading a paper in one time armoury (8) ORDNANCE [R + DNA inside ONCE]
27 He was hunted down as he left port (5) LADEN [L + ADEN]

1 Dandy and a rake's place underground (8) CATACOMB [CAT + A + COMB]
2 Royalty in Polish Grotto, say (6) SHRINE [R inside SHINE]
3 Hanging evenly in place, showing no movement (10) STAGNATION [hAnGiNg inside STATION]
4 An island // language (4) JAVA [DD]
5 Southern quarter of an old city (6) SPARTA [S + PART + A]
6 Will lift from a tiny cage later (6) LEGACY [T<=]
8 Replace a boy with another finally as many get cut (7) SEVERED [ SEVERAL with ED for AL]
9 Some names new to the sub-letter (5) MESNE [T]
13 Frank discussion about say, a country (4,6) TALK TURKEY [TALK + TURKEY]
15 Staying away from dark (7) STYGIAN [STAYING]*
16 You must be heartless to allow fish during Christmas (8) YULETIDE [YoU + LET + IDE]
17 Just the thing to grip and throw (5) CHUCK [DD]
18 Extremely trustworthy business started by a big businessman (6) TYCOON [TrustworthY + CO + ON]
20 Soldier follows desire for brilliance (6) LUSTRE [LUST + RE]
22 Feel comfortable with new alloy steel (6) NESTLE [N + STEEL*]
24 A single English letter (4) RUNE [RUN + E]


  1. Paddy - Is it you whom TH quotes in its Landmark quiz story in CH edn?

  2. Are all cartoonists busy elsewhere?

    1. Just saw B's mail and uploaded the toon. All other tooners are out playing the national sport - hookey, even our MPs play it.

  3. Found the going on the tougher side today

  4. 27D 'He was hunted down' is the definition, not just 'he'.

    1. That was 27A.
      So also for 23A - He keeps money.
      In fact, the clue reads as an &lit also.

    2. 27 He was hunted down as he left port (5) LADEN [L + ADEN]

      'As he' or atleast 'he' is superfluous. It leads to HE L ADEN

  5. I too found the going tough.

  6. CV at 8.38-
    Yes sir. That was me. Someone from TH talked at the break before the National finals, the last item. I never expected it to be published, esp. so soon.It was one by name Manikandan.

    1. Nice. I used to go to the competition regularly when I was in Gopalapuram. Won an audience prize once!!

    2. got one yesterday- a CD of Hindi songs.

  7. Yes, it was tough going esp. the western half. I am still (even after going through the blog) not clear about a few.
    2D- 'Cat' from dandy? I could not find it anywhere. I was struggling with fop.
    4D- I put in Bali. I don't think it is wrong. Clue could have had some extra indication (say computer)
    26A- I could never connect DNA with paper. Thank you Bhavan.

  8. I understood that 'Laden' to be burdened or loaded. The meaning of 'being hunted' was new to me.

  9. Regarding runes shown above, the most well known one amongst most of us is the one for S, doubled, of course ... for Schutz Staffel

    1. I remembered that to be like a couple of lightning symbols.

    2. Look at the S rune. It is the same lightning symbol you remember. But it stood for SS, not lightning

  10. Exactly that's what I've written. I didn't know then it was the S rune.

  11. Thank you both about SS. That was a revelation.