Thursday, 14 August 2014

No 11163, Thursday 14 Aug 2014,Arden

Anagrams galore from Arden today.

1   Temptation in middle age got Cynthia Reeves in trouble (5,4,4) SEVEN YEAR ITCH*

 Cartoon by Rishi
10 Drink the top off, that's weird (5) EERIE {bEER}{IE}
11 Bait used for grown male (9) ANGLEWORM*
12 A great mystic trained him over Sharia (9) MAHARISHI {M{AHARIS*}HI*}
                                           Cartoon by Bhargav
13 Celebrity catches international flight (5) STAIR {STA{I}R}
14 Figure there’s some commotion on a gondola (7) NONAGON [T]
16 Rebel's moving there, I see (7) HERETIC {THERE*}{I}{C}
18 Partners have agreed over not having a break (7) NONSTOP Anno pending (Addendum - {N{ON}S}{TOP} - See comments)
20 Bouncer's gone awry, causing outrage (7) DUDGEON {DUD}{GONE*}
22 She won over mother (5) WOMAN {WO{MA}N}
24 A sound box, say used on a resort (9) RESONATOR*
26 In Vatican, entered a building and worshipped (9) VENERATED {V}{ENTERED+A}*
27 Protective membranes make doctor run out of gas (5) AMNIA AMmoNIA
28 Show will reveal Tom Anderson's sex appeal (13) DEMONSTRATION {TOM+ANDERSON+IT}*

2   Oriental art over a layer of mud (7) EARTHEN {E}{ART}{HEN}
3   See the well lit plant (9) EYEBRIGHT {EYE}{BRIGHT}
4   Don't go to bed embracing English poet (5) YEATS {Y{E}ATS<=} 'To bed' is reversal indicator? See comments
5   Distressed? On the contrary, one was effusive about one (9) ANGUISHED {AN}{GU{1}SHED}
6   Times made up articles (5) ITEMS*
7   Unruffled worker prevents things from getting too hot (7) COOLANT {COOL}{ANT}
8   Enduring a boredone at the hair dressers’ (9, 4) PERMANENT WAVE {PERMANENT} {WAVE}

Cartoon by Rishi
9   A man taking boy hostage, possibly armed, becomes a national obsession (8, 5) AMERICAN DREAM {A}{M{ERIC}AN} {ARMED*}
15 Sniper hit caused an inflammation (9) NEPHRITIS*
17 Underground, many a worker is considered extra (9) REDUNDANT {UNDER*}{D}{ANT}
19 One made to cover the pit, he’s chosen (7) NOMINEE {NO{MINE}E*}
21 Waste it at one, perhaps (3, 4) EAT INTO*
23 Pusher's outward refusal to be part of a circle (5) NARCO {N{ARC}O}
25 Wood called on occasion for dinner (5) SEDER (~cedar)



  1. Partners /have agreed over not/ having a break (7) NO{NS}T OP

  2. Nice one from Arden. Filled in AGGRIEVED for 5Dn and as a result couldn't get 16Ac, otherwise enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks Arden.

  3. Initially it looked daunting. Gradually it evolved one after another. I am so happy to have completed an Arden CW but also in time!
    About 'Nonstop'-
    As Bhargav said NS for (Bridge) partners
    Over for Top
    And that leaves 'No'. Agreed? Should it be 'Not agreed' Typo?

  4. Replies
    1. Good one Ramesh. This time it comes up correctly in a Down clue.

  5. Found it easy today. Needed Google to get a couple of letters in placr

  6. 12 Across Cartoon: An explanation.

    The GI refers to Gita Iyer. She had posted the fully solved grid elsewhere as early as 6.40 a.m. in the morning today, even before I got my day's paper. It made me to think that she was the one who had set the crossword today. After getting the paper, my message sent to her is given below:-

    Well done! Actually, I was going to get the day's Hindu when I saw your post. As one of your ARDENt fans, I thought that at last your AMERICAN DREAM and a SEVEN YEAR ITCH of your's, of setting a crossword for The Hindu had become a reality. A DEMONSTRATION of your love for crosswords, cryptic. Maybe the only WOMAN setter . I rushed nonstop to the newspaper wallah's shop to peek into your pseudonym.I stared at the crossword. But, this is the only instance of an answer paper leaking. We have heard of only question papers leaking. But with MAHARISHI's blessings, I am sure you will soon set one probably taking only a little more than double the time you take to solve, to set that first crossword.Then it will become a PERMANENT WAVE. Don't give that EERIE look! You can do it. We can't remain ANGUISHED for too long!!

  7. After digesting Upma and some deep thought

    Partners = NS
    have = Containment indicator
    agreed = ON
    over = TOP
    not having a break = Definition = {N{ON}S}{TOP}

    1. Just a doubt: Over is 'on top' or 'atop' and think not exactly top.

    2. Wonderful! Congrats! If upma is the food of crossword solving, give me excess of it!

    3. Raghu,
      Same doubt here. Then I took on as a connector :).. Chicken Parotta, mutton samosa too I think :)

    4. Plain wheat bread with dhania (coriander)chutney in between.

  8. I think all of us have taken the wrong N. It takes upma to land on the correct NS pair!

  9. In a map, N(orth) is up, ma!

    1. But it's mainly found in the South?

    2. Kishore,
      Long time no hear. All well, I presume.

    3. My bad cough made a comeback. The only thing that helps me is some medicine prescribed by Arden

  10. 23 Pusher's outward refusal to be part of a circle (5) NARCO {N{ARC}O}
    Somehow this does not read well and is misleading.

  11. Col.
    Looks like a spam. Pl. delete.

  12. An entertaining & engrossing type of puzzle.Liked 5&25d.8 d- 9d enjoyed well laid-out clues.A wholesomewordplay giving us lasting impression.Thank you Arden.

  13. Today at 6:40 or so when I checked the Miscellaneous section of The Hindu, the CW had been uploaded. I hope they have managed to sort out the bug. Will check again tomorrow