Sunday, 10 August 2014

Special, Sunday 10 Aug 2014, Bhavan

Thanks to Bhavan for the Special special.
As this is only a 11 x 11 answers restricted to TWO PER COMMENTER (with annotations) till 6 PM.

See you @ 6

Any guesses on what the title is about, before you start?

*All the across clues have only subsidiary indication and carry no definitions. Down clues are normal cryptic clues.

1   Go over Bible (9)
7   Sam for one obtained university degree (7)
8   First but oddly lost (2)
10 Lives in recession times (3)
11 Those consuming heartlessly (6)
14 Hello and such dispensed initially (6)
16 Revolting example of a tuber (3)
20 Repeated offerings from nitwits (2)
21 Act like a parrot say? (7)
22 Even without initial signs of fever, I'm sore (8)

2   Directions to show off muscles... (5)
3   ...provide motivation for a stud (4)
4   Beams, accompanying around daughter and son (6)
5   Go up taking a lift (5)
6   Unlimited wealth is a pleasure (3)
9   Pose like king (3)
12 Exploit sheep reportedly (3)
13 Plain tea set smashed (6)
15 Free tune I composed (5)
17 Prince of Persia perhaps (5)
18 Booting up computers is a trick (4)
19 Disturbance in audio seen often (3)

Across Lite version can be accessed at the following link SEE YOU @ 6



  1. 15 Free tune I composed (5) UNTIE*

  2. 12d Exploit sheep reportedly (3) USE (~ewes)

    I have not yet completed this CWD in the few minutes that I have looked at it. But the significance of the title dawned on me as soon as I read DG's question in the preamble. (And that, no doubt, helped me with a couple of answers.)

    This puz may be of interest to an international audience.Will someone like SR (this time it's Sowmya
    Ramkumar!) give a link to this puzzle in FB?

  3. 13D Anag of cha+set CHASTE
    Def Plain

    1. Sorry did not notice that you had posted an answer

    2. But Ajeesh's hazard for 13d was wrong anyway. Well, I too had that answer (ESTATE) first before I rejected it. At one time I was wondering if Bhavan had two answers for every clue - out of which we had to choose the correct one! Ha, ha, ha.

    3. Plain also means flatland :-(

  4. 10 Lives in recession times (3) ARE (ERA<-)

  5. ram: I am afraid you've to revise 10a.
    I have since completed the puzzle except for 6d.

  6. 6D FUN (-D)

    Compensating for 13 D

  7. I think it's advisable for solvers to try and complete or nearly complete this tiny puzzle and then put in their answers here. This way they may be able to avoid mistakes.

  8. ram
    I must tell you that I too considered ARE as a possible answer for 10a but rejected it because lives = IS, not 'are'.

    1. What a way to say that 'you are wrong'. Happy that I too started to think like a BIG GUN. Thank you Sir

  9. 19 Disturbance in audio seen often (3) A (u) D (i) O

  10. Why no symmetry in the grid?

  11. I'm not surprised that none of the Across clues have been tackled

  12. Replies
    1. I don't think it is right .. As CV said the whole puzzle has to be solved.

      Colonel, but guessing was difficult :(

    2. I didn't connect the title . :( I should have

  13. For more news that prompted this 'see you' on the western front ...

  14. Compensating for 4D that was wrong
    22A EVERMORE (-F)ever(-I)m(-s)ore

  15. I guess if one Across clue answer is posted here, rest will fall in place. Particularly 7A

  16. I got 14 ac and could guess! Very nice.

  17. Two acrosses from my side
    1 CROSS WORD, Go over = CRPSS Bible = WORD (9)

    7 UNCL(U)E D Sam for one=UNCLE obtained=got=included U=university, D=degree (7)

    1. Correction of typo. not CRPSS, CROSS

  18. Replies
    1. Check spelling. Moreover, how is it a CD?

  19. Since none are chipping in here are two from my side

    10A - {SI<=}{X}
    16A - MAY <=

  20. Agree whole heartedly with Bhavan's message!

  21. Ingenious but tough! Enjoyed it -thanks

  22. Col at 12:11 PM: Apologies. SUCCEED(~SUCK SEED)

  23. 20A: Repeated offerings from nitwits (2) IT nITwITs
    4D: Beams, accompanying around daughter and son (6) WI(D)TH S

  24. Top puzzle paying tribute to an excellent blog!

  25. 2D: RECTI ; (-di) RECTI (-ons); Defn : muscles

  26. Liked the title and related clues. Great work, Bhavan!


  27. 3D: SPUR [DD]
    2D: RECTI [T]

    +1 to Raghunath's 12:29

  28. 2 left for the final commenter. Where are the other regulars today?

    11A and 17D

    Will upload the solution grid after these answers come in.

  29. 11A - I have the answer. Not sure of anno. ;-((

    17D - This one I am sure of.

  30. 11A - CHEERS - Anno. CHE(W)ERS - heart 'w' removed.
    17D - AMEER - Persian/Arabic word for prince. CD I guess. By the way, it has variations like EMIR and AMIR.

    Cheers, Bhavan, Shuchi, Col and all blog members.

    1. +1 And Emeer also , since I first filled in Let instead of May ...

    2. Yes, it fits in. But when a wish is expressed, 'may' is the right word. :-)

  31. Awesome puzzle. Thanks Bhavan
    Congrats Shuchi

  32. Thanks a lot Bhavan and everyone @ THCC. I am very touched to see this special puzzle and your heartwarming wishes.

    I started solving with the Down clues towards the bottom of the grid and guessed at the first two Across entries from the word lengths and theme. It was delightful putting the whole thing together.

    My last two in were the same as that of THCC solvers. AMEER as cd was hard to crack, and I wondered if CHECKERS could, at a stretch, mean "those consuming" (checking letters of the grid "consume" our solving energies, after all!).

    I haven't had this much fun solving a crossword in a long long time :-) :-)

    PS: Writing this comment while on a beautiful road trip between Durgapur and Kolkata, with intermittent net connectivity. I hope it gets posted!

  33. Your PS brings back to my memory my trip once from Durgapur to Calcutta when my father took me all the way there to see the P C Sorcar magic show !!

  34. At the outset,left me so UNCLUED with this CROSSWORD. So petite, pithy and dainty ! Thanks Bhavan, for conjuring up such a nice device to.wish Shuchi and all the wishes contained in the Across clues to her.. May her blog grow evermore and be evergreen !

    I write this after having failed in almost 45 minutes to get the blank grid from the link ! Dunno why !! Read through the solutions , going up and down with the clues.

    Kishore and Shuchi have produced a HIndi crossie that will cheer many and maybe, a copy should go to our Education Minister ? It has of course opened up one more for my collectibles ! I have kept my wife busy chewing her lips with that ! One way to zip up the lip?

  35. Thanks everyone, especially Colonel for graciously agreeing to run this puzzle today even though I sprung it on him at the last possible minute. I was afraid it would have been irrelevant in a week's time.

    I see the problems clearly now - asymmetry of the grid, really unfair unches with the 3-letter words, very hard definitions in Chewers, Beams, Ameer all sacrificed on the altar of the nina :)

    Hindsight is ... 20/20