Saturday, 30 August 2014

No.11177, Saturday 30 Aug 14, xChequer

Devious as ever from xChequer with involved wordplays and well disguised definitions. Couple of new words that I hadn't seen before (CRURAL, INDABA), but the subsidiary indications were clear enough to get them.

7 Pertaining to the leg involving clubs in the countryside (6) CRURAL [Clubs + in the countryside=RURAL]
8 Tore off page in reference work bordering on insolence (8) GALLOPED [insolence=GALL + Page inside reference work=OED]
9 Still back in office during leave due to transfer (8) QUIETUDE [officE inside leave=QUIT + DUE*]
10 Pain starting to disappear with a massage from this angel (6) CHERUB [pain=aCHE + massage=RUB]
11 Guarded enclosure with bars at yard (5) CAGEY [enclosure with bars=CAGE + Yard]
12 Writer with a poor name returning from conference (6) INDABA [writer=I + A + poor=BAD + Name<-]
14 Enjoying a luxurious existence, being fancy, earning and spending millions (6,4,1,4) LIVING LIKE A KING [being=LIVING + fancy=LIKE + earning=mAKING]
17 Fool police officer, new to post (6) ASSIGN [fool=ASS + police officer=IG + New]
18 ‘Express' may be 'Ordinary' when limited by some shortcoming (5) VOICE [Ordinary inside shortcoming=VICE]
22 Smooth paint having a sheen (6) PATINA [PAINT* + A]
23 Gave a prize in recognition of plant without drawback (8) REWARDED [plant=REED outside DRAW<-]
24 Stupid person in love had been wandering around (8) BONEHEAD [love=O HAD BEEN]*
25 Hurries to show hands between tricks (6) RUSHES [Hands inside tricks=RUSES]

1 Market going up without cause, essentially a nervous reaction that's very disturbing (9) TRAUMATIC [market=MART<- outside caUse + A + nervous reaction=TIC]
2 Simple task, fine for bachelor to preserve food (6) FREEZE [simple task=BREEZE with Fine for Bachelor]
3 Roughly, a barbarian with influence (5) CLOUT [roughly=C + barbarian=LOUT]
4 Backlog at work, engineer creating an obstruction (8) BLOCKAGE [BACKLOG* + Engineer]
5 Ask someone to return with a quick reply? (8) COMEBACK [COME BACK]
6 Rising star foiled by former partner's connection (5) NEXUS [star=SUN<- outside former partner=EX]
8 With a natural ability for gardening or cultivating, engender grief? (5-8) GREEN-FINGERED [ENGENDER GRIEF]*
13 Tired technique getting Spain embarrassed (9) KNACKERED [technique=KNACK + Spain=E + embarrassed=RED]
15 Presumed independent lawyer will probe quarry at depth (8) IMAGINED [Independent + lawyer=AG inside quarry=MINE + Depth]
16 Gradually develops good plantations (8) GESTATES [Good + plantations=ESTATES]
19 Bolt about to lead with a forward surge (6) ONRUSH [about=ON + bolt=RUSH]
20 Congestion will rise otherwise, it's serious (5) MAJOR [congestion=JAM<- + otherwise=OR]
21 Brand succeeded based on promise (5) SWORD [Succeeded + promise=WORD]


  1. Phew! This round by xChequer has been a real toughie for me. Agreed 100% with Bhavan's comments

  2. Special at 10;30 tomorrow by Saral

  3. Answer to 16d to be changed to GESTATES, as correctly given in the anno

  4. raju umamaheswar10:14 pm GMT+5:30
    CV"s comments on size: I have never done much of an analysis I agree that it is very tortuous to peek at the small letters and numerals. The newspapers should decide to have a standard size, readable by all, without resorting to a magnifier . Since our minds are set to think and find answers to the clues, our job could be made easier by user-friendly fonts. By far, I have found the Times of London to be the best and user-friendly. though its lengthwise format is a bit cumbersome.

    In these days of DTP, why can't the newspapers .use the technology available ? Crosswords have always been given step-motherly treatment.After all , the advertisers pay money and hence '' accommodated '' by even screamers and IN YOUR FACE ! This is my answer to Shuchi's comments.

    Incidentally, Aamir Khan's promo for his pic by that semi-nude pic of his begs ( and sucks?)against the gaudy and vulgar ad for the men's briefs? Where is the moral policing here?

  5. Where are all the commenters? Suffering from Kozhukkatai hangover? Long weekends tend to take people away from their routines incl. CW's. Paperboy missing though we have Chennai edition- had to go hunting for my copy (Raju may not agree with my purchase!)
    Hopefully we will have better participation for tomorrow's Saral session!

    1. Maybe, that's the reason ? Here in CBE, I got The Hindu and The New Indian Express. TOI & DEccan Herald are off today. I've started buying the paper under a COD !

  6. It is strange that holiday of your paper is not uniform throughout the country,going by the presence of editorials and other regular features now seen on your Internet edition.Not fair on your part to deny your non- internet readers these regular features.I can understand updating of news on the internet edition in case of a holiday,but not otherwise.