Monday, 4 August 2014

No.11154, Monday 04 Aug 2014 From the Files of Sankalak

Wonderful Sankalak takes us on a voyage to islands like the British, the Channel, Crete, Capri etc.  teaching us a word or two in the process@.

1 Use of force makes the signors age unfortunately (10) AGGRESSION (SIGNORS AGE)*
7 First of cats to grow old in animal enclosure (4) CAGE (C AGE)
9 The stand-in expected to arrive and conquer (6) SUBDUE (SUB DUE)
@10 Part of plane more extended, working (8) LONGERON (LONGER ON)
11 Women’s quarters return paintings with terrible rage (8) SERAGLIO (RAGE* in OILS<)
12 Longs to use English in stories (6) YEARNS (E in YARNS)
@13 Herb is a refined man, a Scot (7) GENTIAN (GENT IAN)
16 Field officer with predominating influence is not appropriate (7) FOREIGN (FO REIGN)
17 Exercise for little dogs endlessly caged inside (4-3) PUSH-UPS (SHUt in PUPS)
19 Delhi, for one, in a perturbed condition about enactment (7) STATUTE (U.T. in STATE)
22 A means of transport, note, to get forward in Italy (6) AVANTI (A VAN TI)
          Came across this for the first time in The Count of Monte Cristo !
23 Part of the skeleton giving firmness of character (8) BACKBONE (CD)
26 The SHO comes bubbling with gossip (8) SCHMOOSE (SHO COMES)* Attached link to Schmooze, since I could not find Schmoose online. Chambers, however, has schmoose.
27 British policeman’s kitchen gadget (6) PEELER (2)
          Surprisingly both parts of Robert Peel's name became slang for policemen, Robert leading to Bobby/ies
28 Baked dish with some original flavour taken back (4) FLAN (T<)
29 The qualities of accolades given after a time (10) ATTRIBUTES (A T TRIBUTES)

2 The measure of a track, for one (5) GAUGE (CD)
3 Sailor with new help gets up shining (7) RADIANT (N AID in TAR)<  = RA(DIA N)T<
4 Strong alloy at a bargain, say (5) STEEL (~STEAL)
5 Houses in which to find police officer almost unbound (6) IGLOOS (IG LOOSe)
          People who live in icehouses should not 7d inside
6 Can a crazy gnat annoy this creature? (5,4) NANNY GOAT (GNAT ANNOY)*
7 Consign to flames the master in a Mediterranean island (7) CREMATE (MA in CRETE)
8 A wish for well-earned rest for a virtuous, noble man, we hear (4,5) GOOD NIGHT (GOOD ~KNIGHT)
14 A match with a broken voice, reduced, ambiguous (9) EQUIVOCAL (EQUAL with VOICE*) (Addendum - EQUAL over VOICe* - Se comments)e
@15 Creatures that could turn a hippo mad (9) AMPHIDOMA  AMPHIPODA (A HIPPO MAD)* correction rec'd from Lakshmi Vaidyanathan by mail
18 Guessing game for one whose job is to kill (7) HANGMAN (2)

20 Pictorial representation by directors supported by a university (7) TABLEAU (TABLE=board=directors A U)
21 The aim in trashing job etc. (6) OBJECT (JOB ETC)*
24 A month in the Channel Islands or another island (5) CAPRI (APR in C.I.)
25 Relative born with built-in integrated circuit (5) NIECE (IC* in NEE) Built as Aind See comments



  1. Got all except GENTIAN. What a surface in every clue. Really enjoyed solving.EMOC Sankalak! (Come back)

  2. 25 Relative born with built-in integrated circuit (5) NIECE (IC* in NEE) Built as Aind

    I think 'built-in' meaning 'included' is a containment indicator since 'built' as anagram indicator is not next to the anagram fodder IC. But IC goes into NEE at regular intervals, not as a single block, so whether built-in conveys that adequately or not is a different question.

    1. Agree with your analysis, Bhavan

  3. Without comment: (from The Guardian)

    The Lac de Gafsa is about 25km from the Tunisian city of Gafsa and has been irresistable to swimmers in the heat.

  4. Really enjoyed solving this. Sankalak is the master of smooth surfaces.
    Good morning all.

  5. Elegant clues from Sankalak, as usual.

    Your cartoons today are spine-chilling, Kishore!

    1. Only one is mine. The other one is from Me !

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed solving this puzzle. :)

    BTW, a small correction is needed in 14D Anno pl. 14 A match with a broken voice, reduced, ambiguous (9) EQUIVOCAL (EQUAL with VOICE*)

    Think it should be (EQUAL with VOIC{-e}*)

  7. Checked the online edition this morning and could'nt find the grid. Are you all solving from the print edition or is there an other way out? Thanks in advance. None of the apps work in the absence of a proper CW in the online edition.

    1. This question is asked repeatedly by the same person or different persons.
      To address it -
      There is at present some problem in the clues and grid appearing in the web edition. (This has nothing to do with us readers.)
      Hence the apps don't import THC.
      All of us living in various cities in India buy the paper and solve THC in the print edition.
      If you live abroad, you may (if you wish) subscribe to the epaper from where you can get THC. (This has been mentioned before by the Col.)
      Note that the link to the grid given in the blog here is given diligently and patiently by the blogger and leads to the grid from some earlier web edition when the grid appeared. The clue text is by special arrangement.
      Anyone having grouse about non-appearance of THC in the web edition should write to the Editor/Readers' Editor of the paper.

    2. Thank you for your reply CV sir.
      As you may have guessed, I live outside India so don't have access to the paper.
      The only way to solve the CW in the ePaper is to take a print through a laptop/PC, things that I don't always have access to. Have read Col.'s comment on this.
      I solve the CW through the iPhone app, hence my repeated queries on the online edition CW/other sources. Apologies if folks have found this irksome.
      I'm aware that us readers can't do anything about the problems in the web edition, so have written to the web editor, alas, without any response.
      Once again, my apologies that my repeated questions have upset our esteemed bloggers, and hope that the Hindu resolves this issue.
      Cheers and happy solving !

    3. CS
      I shall give a possible solution tomorrow.
      Please visit this blog tomorrow.
      I don't like typing too much on my iPad.

  8. Splendid cw.clues are pinpointing &simply irreplaceable(eg.9a). It shows how the veteran had mastered the art &domain knowledge.11a first I tried arts as paintings&simply bowled over by oil paintings.Br.cop as peeler(27a)news to me.Very interesting & engaging sort of puzzle.