Monday, 11 August 2014

No.11160, Monday 11 Aug 2014, Neyartha

Neyartha takes us on a royal tour of erstwhile Salute States of 2
with a sub-theme of chemistry (the double dose of Arsenic reminded me of Arsenic and Old Lace)

7 Reversing technique linked to vehicle essential for an erstwhile princely state (10) TRAVANCORE (ART< VAN CORE)
9 Noose with the bridge player missing after student steps back further (4) ALSO (LASSO-with movement of L and deletion of S)
10 Rains let out the offal (8) ENTRAILS (RAINS LET)*
          In India, when rains overload our drains, stuff other than offal comes out of the manholes
11 White correcting fluid found in spot marked for king's ale (6) TIPPEX (TIPPER-R+X) Brand name, not too well known in India. Also, enu seems to be 4-2

12 Removed rib wasting away in an anthill (5) MOUND (MOribUND)
13 Improve the remote Ali designed (9) MELIORATE (REMOTE ALI)*
14 Miffed banker employing one from an erstwhile princely state (7) BIKANER (BANKER+1)*
17 Hold influence (7) POSSESS (2)
20 Small box for cooking vessel draws attention (9) SPOTLIGHT (POT in SLIGHT, with box as container indicator)
Cartoon by Rishi
22 Bad time for a batsman? (5) SLUMP (CD)
Cartoon by Rishi
25 Support son moving out of an erstwhile princely state (6) INDORE (INDORsE)
26 Reprimand the bridge opponents going behind the church with wine (8) CHASTISE (CH ASTI S,E)
27 Part of the tomato plant is on the roof (4) ATOP (T)
28 Erstwhile state's saints take in the atmosphere with a playful thar (10) SAURASHTRA (AURA in SS+THAR*)

1 Newton's gone up with the elementary particle quickly (6) PRONTO (PROTON with N going up)
2 Elected with support from the south Asian country (5) INDIA (IN AID<)
3 Animal farm alarm? (7) ROOSTER (CD)
4 Auditor's restored bush to reportedly identify an elementary particle (8) NEUTRINO (~NEW TREE ~KNOW)
5 Trouble imprisoning one with plutonium in the state capital (6) JAIPUR (1 PU in JAR)
6 Carcinogenic fireproofing with arsenic and beryllium upsets drunkards (8) ASBESTOS (AS BE SOTS<)
8 Silver and arsenic concealed in gallery (7) VERANDA (T)
15 Contaminant in river to be removed by new leader with licence (8) IMPUNITY (IMPURITY-R+N)
16 Greek letter penned by cook sleepy with a nervous disorder (8) EPILEPSY (PI in SLEEPY*)
18 Leo discarded photocells rendered unfit by a bit of discolouration (7) SPLOTCH (PHOTOCELLS-LEO)*
19 Annoyed interjection at getting prize out for the examination (5-2) CHECK-UP (HECK in CUP)
 Cartoon by Rishi
21 Parades with the military units (6) TROOPS (2)
23 First person to embrace rosy revolutionary in an Indian city (6) MYSORE (ME to embrace ROSY*)
          Now don't ask me who Rosy is ...
24 Radical listener's stall with East Indian timber (5) BASAL (~BAY SAL)

I have just upset a bottle of Tipp-ex over my cartoon and hence delivering a blank today



  1. 10A - I was about to have breakfast. My appetite was ruined by the comment.

  2. CV, Looks like Madipakkam Muniyandi strikes again in toon for 22a. He seems to have had a shave over the weekend

  3. 23D To know who Rosie is, listen to this song from the movie Khilona (1970) filmed on Jagdeep and Shabnam.

  4. Kishore
    Re your query against 23. Why would I ask that question? I know which noun takes an initial capital and which does not. If the word does not take an initial capital letter, I know that it is an adjective that means 'bright, hopeful, optimistic'. Indeed, my attitude to life is rosy. Never down in the dumps. Always on Cloud Nine (BTW, are there not clouds higher than at this level?). On the other hand, if the word starts with a capital letter, I know that it is a proper noun and that it is a feminine name. In my life of many summers, I have not come across any Rosy except in fiction and later in a film. Have you come across a Rosy? Have you embraced her, even if you were not exactly the first person to do so? Please make a clean breast of the affair.

    1. I didn't know Rosy but I did know a Pearly when I was 3 or 4 !!

    2. I knew a Pearl, not Pearly. BTW, I was ref. to the anno, where all letters of Rosy are in caps.

    3. We had a house help called Rosy in Nairobi, who served us loyally for many years and who had seen my kids born , growing up and moving out to Canada !

    4. Kishore may go Rosy in the face by answering CV's query. It cannot be painting a very rosy picture for him at home !!

  5. :( Neyartha back to his style unlike yesterday

  6. 2D: The def is just "Asian country".

    In 20A, can't see how "box for" works as a container indicator.
    And the cryptic reading for 16D seems a bit off (with "cook" as a verbal anagrind).

    1. I think 20A is fine if it's read as "Small i.e. SLIGHT is the box for cooking vessel, which is POT."

  7. Mohsin, updated 2d. Disagree with cooking being verbal anagrind. Cooking vessel is POT as indicated. I don't find any problem with the container indicator.

    AVM, yes it is a reversal. Changed. But upset is also an anind, hence SOTS* was not wrong. As you will agree there are some indicators which give two indications, and reversal is a special case and a subset of anagrams.

    1. 16 Greek letter penned by cook sleepy with a nervous disorder (8) EPILEPSY (PI in SLEEPY*)

      Is presence of 'by' making 'cook' not work as a verbal anagrind?

    2. My mistake. I was mixing up between 2d and 16d. Too many cooks ...

    3. ? Question remains unanswered.

    4. Nothing to do with "by". Just that this particular construction doesn't seem to work.
      Imperative anagrinds can be tricky. I personally replace them with a more suggestive one, like 'rearrange', to see if the cryptic grammar works.
      Clearly, [X inside rearrange Y] doesn't read that well (it would have to be [X inside rearranged/cooked Y] ).
      But [rearrange Y around X] seems fine.

    5. Even if the anagrind worked, just not sure what the clue means? Cook & Gr letter.

  8. 23 D also reversal ;-) K upsets make it an in indirect anagram which is not kosher