Thursday, 29 October 2015

No 11537, Thursday 29 Oct 2915, Spinner

For some reason I enjoyed the CW today.

1   Issue arising due to culture (4,4,4) TEST TUBE BABY [CD]
10 Red-blooded man almost caught with mistress (5) MACHO {MAn}{C}{HO}
11 Damsel running around Spinner, an extremely flirtatious guy (9) LADIESMAN {LAD{I}ESM*}{AN} Is that true Spinner?
12 Model girl wearing sweetheart's bathing garments (6) THONGS {T}{HON{G}S} Couldn't resist posting this image. No Tut-Tuts please!!
13 Illustration of batting posture (8) INSTANCE {IN}{STANCE}
15 Trimmed dog's tail and head evenly (9) CURTAILED {CUR}{TAIL}{hEaD}
16 Man from Aberdeen starts to systematically change Old Trafford (4) SCOT Acrostic
20 Pay attention to letters from the editor (4) HEED [T]
21 Heartbreak's sad very difficult to overcome it (9) ADVERSITY {IT} in {SAD+VERY}*
24 Ovation for a soft interlude involving some lullabies (8) APPLAUSE {A}{P}{P{Lu...s}AUSE}
26 Apprehends head of terrorists absconding in hideouts (6) CACHES CAtCHES
28 LIC had followed agent's copy (9) REPLICATE {REP}{LIC}{ATE}
29 Spanish gentleman admitting setter's good performance (5) DOING {DO{I}N}{G}
30 Instruction to kiss in sequence of social status (7,5)  PECKING ORDER {PECKING} {ORDER}

2   Pen regularly seen clues or maybe... (9) ENCLOSURE {sEeN}{CLUES+OR}*
3   ... ideas yet to hit papers, ultimately (8) THOUGHTS {THOUGH}{hiT}{p...rS}
4   Basically, essentially, penultimately and ultimately unsightly! (4) UGLY {UnsiGhtLY} &lit
5   Threatened to destroy by throwing grenade (10) ENDANGERED {END}{GRENADE*}
6   Stops cooking, starves endlessly (6) AVERTS STARVEs*
7   Smash enemy country (5) YEMEN*
8   Theatres finally schedule upcoming releases (5) EMITS {EMIT}{S}<=
9   Calls for playing tennis with Djokovic at the start (7) INDENTS {TENNIS+Dj...c}*
14 South Indian, with no understanding initially, composed North Indian music (10) HINDUSTANI {SoUTH+INDIAN}* Seems to be a mix-up in the deletion fodder. O to be deleted whereas U has been indicated
17 Ignite, draw, discharge (5, 4) CATCH FIRE {CATCH} {FIRE}
18 Article on art form beginning to evolve from stagecraft (7) THEATRE {THE}{ART*}{Ev...e}
19 Man from Andaman: “Earth's surrounded by liquid, Sire!” (8) ISLANDER {{SIRE}* around {LAND}
22 Guy, for starters, is a crazy, mad guy (6) MANIAC {MAN}{Is}{A}{Crazy}
23 Running in American time (5) USAGE {US}{AGE}
25 Make an appearance to call back operation on pressure increase (3, 2) POP UP {PO<=}{P} {UP}
27 Live on hollow, retreating mass of ice (4) BERG {BE}{Re...nG}


  1. Yeyyyy.... could finish within 45 minuts by 8.15....samosas are very tasty.... Thanks Spinner.

  2. I had lots of reason to enjoy this offering from Spinner...especially 4 D..the long ones...the references to sport.....14D too

  3. Sincere apologies for the goof-up in 14D. Just found an initial draft of the clue which has 'originality' instead of 'understanding'. I don't know in what context I changed it.

  4. Thongs and G-strings are passé. Now it's the barely-there C-strings.

  5. Most enjoyable one. Deserves 24Ac. 29 Ac was the last one in. Took Spanish gentleman to be 'senor' but the crossing letters proved otherwise!
    My COD was 15Ac wherein 'the dog's tail and head were evenly trimmed' !! Thank you Spinner for the entertainer. :-)))

  6. Techie question
    I was happy with Word 2003 which was certainly an improvement on 2000. But 2007 is a different beast. Many things like simple 'change case' I used to do easily earier. Now it's a big chore, first of all finding where the hell the button is.
    OK, now SOS in Word 2007.
    When I launch Word I want all the buttons under Home to be visible straightaway and permanently.
    What do I do?

    1. If you want it the way it is in Word 2003 I do not know how. I found it easier to get used to 2007 instead.

      In fact, I had 2013 and found it even more complicated, with too may options that I will never use, that I reverted to 2007.

    2. CV Sir, you need to right-click on the menu bar (in some empty corner on the far right) and in the drop down menu, choose Customize Ribbon... There you can see the available options and if theres anything "unselected" under the Home you can select them all and they will be visible all the time. Hope this helps.

  7. I agree entirely with Col.'s byline. I liked it too. What a 'cultural' start! Took a while to unscramble it. Is it such nice surfaces that makes one like it so much? yesterday's discussion on odds & evens & regulars- it is 'even' & 'regular' that have been used so nicely today.
    Thank you Spinner.

  8. For some reason I enjoyed the CW today. - Col's byline.
    For same reason I too enjoyed the CW today.

    1. Why don't people give reason concerning an issue?
      They can say they were titillated by exotic underwear.
      They can say they were happy about finding a surrogate mother.
      That they had a gala time among a bevy of women.
      That they flexed their muscles at the gym.
      That they were tight-fisted and did not spend a paisa amidst all these enticing ads for online sales.
      That they had their dog's tail docked.
      That they found hidden caches of well-gotten money.
      That they banished all evil thoughts.
      Tat they found all the uses of adversity that would put a Shakespeare to shame.
      Etc., etc.

    2. Any board may be supportless on 13th October 2015 (2,3,3)

    3. CV @ 11:13
      All of the above and more if any ...

  9. No Bar Day? (any board)* But....? 13.10.2015?

    1. Just google 13th October 2015 - you will get the right answer.

    2. I got it and found that 13th October 2015 falls on 13th October 2015 :-)

    3. Paddy you need to anagram the Bar!!

    4. Paddy, Colonel is very supportive.!

    5. Yes, now I got the support without any tut tut!

  10. CV has already given so many interesting reasons and the smart phone has already doubled it!

  11. Trust CV to lisp a song out of a thong !! I knew he 'd come out with it ! IT is his pre-occupation?

    What's the etym for this word? Who invented the thong? a thongster like CV? For no tut-tut- as come backs, I refrain from naming the (South Indian) Indian equivalent of a thong worn by men under their thothis sorry, dhotis !!

  12. Enjoyed the clues Spinner! Good one!

  13. Thanks for all the comments. Loved CV sir's take on the surfaces.