Wednesday, 28 October 2015

No 11536, Wednesday 28 Oct 2015, Aspartame

Only three fruits so cannot call this a themed CW.

1   Being crammed, Edward stuck head out and moved ahead (6) TUCKED {ED}<=>{sTUCK}
4   Fruit taken from kerchief with a hole at the centre (6) BANANA BANdANA
9   Vehicle traverses ramp (4) PRAM*
10 Batch production (10) GENERATION [DD]
11 Leaders of Hungary at war annex islands in Pacific state (6) HAWAII Acrostic
12 Symbol of masculinity involves developing itch for sport (8) YACHTING {ITCH}* in {YANG}
13 Accommodates family (9) HOUSEHOLD [CD]
15 Counts meeting places in Delhi that lack basic amenities (4) ADDS ADDaS
16 It can be found in and around Shillong (4) HILL [T] &lit
17 Brought down newspaper column describing media (9) OPPRESSED {OP-ED} around {PRESS}
21 Regulate sea groin construction (8) ORGANISE*
22 Domains remain the same irrespective of the leader’s presence (6) STATES (e)STATES
24 University nearly got caught with money hoarding (10) COLLECTING {COLLE{C}{TIN}Ge}
25 Reap fresh fruit (4) PEAR*
26 Engineer and saint stealing one dollar? Halt! (6) RESIST {RE}{S{1}{S}T}
27 Side view (6) ASPECT [DD]

1   Taken apart at a party — that’s a disaster! (7) TORNADO {TORN}{A}{DO}
2   It is seen twice in a sitcom, maybe (5) COMMA [T]
3   People from Europe restored glen based on his solution (7) ENGLISH {GLEN*}{HIS*}
5   A madman reportedly found a landmass (6) AFRICA {A}{FRIC(~ freak)}{A}
6   Conducting audit tests evoked reactions (9) ATTITUDES {AUDIT+TEST}* There's an extra S in the fodder. 'Conducting test audit...' would have been better
7   Consignments of first class horses (7) AMOUNTS {A}{MOUNTS}
8   Anyplace I code gets presented and used as a reference (13) ENCYCLOPAEDIA*
14 Word builders, so to speak (9) SYLLABLES [CD]
16 Time to get drunk at bar on port (7) HARBOUR {BAR}* in {HOUR}
18 Gives in and walks out (7) RESIGNS [DD]
19 Beautiful animal lost its heart to girl (7) ELEGANT ELE(-ph+g)GANT
20 About to surround one renegade leader at American entertainment company (6) CIRCUS {C{1}{Re...e}C}{US} CC and about?
23 It’s said to be a quack repellent (5) APPLE [CD] Doctors will be up in arms at this statement!!


  1. AFRICA {A}{FRIC(~ freak)}{A}: Sounds more like what you would hear in Hindi news rather than in English news.

  2. Nice one from Aspartame...just like 19Dn...first time that I've cracked his puzzle! Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you, Aspartame. :-)))

  3. 20A - About = C . surround meant as being on both sides. Maybe

  4. In 2d, comma is seen twice, as the letters c o m m a and as the symbol

  5. Replies
    1. I join you Paddy. So make it plural Kishore, as BROTHERS, though I am not big

    2. It is interesting. Google it.

    3. 1984 signifies the most tedious book I have ever read and would have not have finished even one chapter if it had not been a text book and we did not have one Mrs Kapadia teaching it.
      It incidentally was a bestseller.

    4. Thank God Suresh! I had no Big brother (or sister perhaps) watching over me. I have read more about the book than the actual book. I always touch a best seller with a little trepidation. Concept is interesting considering the fact that it was written before 1950.

    5. Suresh, I am sure Mrs Kapadia was more interesting to you ;-)

    6. We used to have students from the other sections attending her class, which used to be jam packed.

  6. Lovely one from Aspartame..all clue types nicely mixed...loved "adds"..comma as well with no apparent definition except its symbol which was nicely concealed

  7. In a recent UK crossword there was a regular theme with considerable number of theme entries. There were also some three instances of another category and the blogger called it a mini-theme.
    However, where there is no major theme but only two or three examples, it may not qualify for a theme as you have mentioned in the preamble.

  8. A good clue from yesterday's TOI-
    Good turn-out missing corrupting influence (5)

  9. Unable to get the answer. Could you please give it with anno?

  10. I too got it only after seeing today's solution.
    Good- Virtuous
    out missing- deletion of 'out'
    turn- Anind for out
    Corrupting influence- Def.- Virus- Virtuous- (out)*

  11. Nice one! Thank you Paddy. :)

    Think there is no anind here. 'out' when turned becomes 'tuo' and the same is deleted from VIR{-tuo}US.

    1. Further modification to the above anno could possibly be...{VIR{-tuo<--}US}

    2. 'Turn' can be an anagram ind as well as a reversal ind. In this case it seems to be a 'reversal ind'.

    3. You are right. I did not think of it that way. It took me a while to figure it out.

  12. 20A - About = C . surround meant as being on both sides. Maybe

    1. Wow 8:55 AM msg auto repeated at 8:05 PM