Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2862), Sunday 11 Oct 2015

1   Songbird in distance behind rubbish (9) CHAFFINCH {CHAFF}{INCH}
6   Club for spicy stuff (4) MACE [DD]
8   Hopefully choose one film I name, last of trilogy (14) OPTIMISTICALLY {OPT}{1}{MIST}{I}{CALL}{t...gY}
10 Easy to control party and country, not hard (6) DOCILE {DO}ChILE}
11 First couple of riders trapped in gorge with a magnetic quality (8) CHARISMA {CHA{RIders}SM}{A}
13 Inspector joining fight, far from young, being ridiculed (10) DISPARAGED {DI}{SPAR}{AGED}
15 Object to look after (4) MIND [DD]
17 Work with a large gemstone (4) OPAL {OP}{A}{L}
18 Low tree man cultivated for fruit (10) WATERMELON*
20 Framework in keel's warped by weight (8) SKELETON {KEELS*}{TON}
21 Substitute's story accepted by match official (6) RELIEF {RE{LIE}F}
24 Unreal disaster involved in tale of adventure (8,6) TREASURE ISLAND*
25 Rock, southern style (4) SWAY {S}{WAY}
26 Resign and endure melancholy (5,4) STAND DOWN {STAND} {DOWN}&lit See comments

1   Stirring chorus we'd do with energy in band (7,5) CROWDED HOUSE {CHORUS+WE'D+DO}*{E}
2   Volunteers climbing with muscular movement in roof space (5) ATTIC {AT<=}{TIC}
3   Routine following distribution of airmail (8) FAMILIAR {F}{AIRMAIL*}
4   Reportedly understands instinct (4) NOSE (~knows)
5   Elevated man protecting number on retreat northward (10) HEIGHTENED {H{EIGHT}E}{NED<=}
6   Inadequate part of wartime agreement (6) MEAGRE [T]
7   Heavenly tea is prepared in small room (9) CELESTIAL {CEL{IS+TEA}*L}
9   Information about endless fervent love supplied in paradise (6,2,4) GARDEN OF EDEN {G{ARDENt} {O}{F ED}EN}
12 Have a go at clues arranged in lists (10) CATALOGUES*
14 Frightening figure emerging from vehicle in moment before commotion (9) SCARECROW {S{CAR}EC}{ROW}
16 Revised memoirs, omitting nothing, editor absorbed (8) IMMERSED {MEMoIRS}*{ED}
19 Support airman with yen to make bequest (6) LEGACY {LEG}{AC}{Y}
22 Elements of wild fashion that are even seen in area near Washington (5) IDAHO {wIlD}{fAsHiOn}
23 Cheese in buffet available (4) FETA [T]



  1. Bingo! Easier one this week too! Quite enjoyable. :-)))

    Awaiting IXL 2015 result of Round 2.

    1. It is up. Congrats to Mohsin for topping this round.

  2. Replies
    1. It is not. It is a charade or combination clue.
      Resign is def. WP is endure (STAND) melancholy (DOWN).

  3. IXL Round 2 result shows that the first hundred solutions submitted were all correct entries. My all correct late submission on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m., after coming back from Nellore where I had no inter-net connection, had resulted in getting a big zero in this round :(

  4. I got 44 for all correct entry on Sunday AN. Happy.
    Quarrel vocally when detective starts to introduce accused (8)- Vendetta. I put it in last with the help of crossings and not fully convinced. Can someone please parse it?

    1. Quarrel = Definition = VENDETTA
      Vocally when = VEN(~when)
      detective = DET
      starts to = T
      introduce accused = A


    2. For me too this was one of the last solutions to get in that crossword. Yes, 'quarrel' is in the list of syns. for 'vendetta'. But certainly that is not one that leaps to our mind while solving in any timed event. For, to most of us most of the times 'vendetta' is not just quarrel but rather a desire to take revenge on someone who has done something wrong to us. If 'revenge' had been the def, the answer would have come effortlessly. That is why I admire individuals who finish in under 10 or 15 mins.,as they must have an extra zing.
      Vendetta - a Marie Corelli title that was a popular novel in its time.

    3. The original meaning of vendetta entails a family feud revenge.

      Even today, Marie Corelli's novels are very popular though in her time, I believe her books were proscribed in the UK for her anti-Establishment stance. Her novels are all timeless as even today the human frailties remain the same !!

    4. Vendetta by Marie corelli is a real classic. I have read it at least twice (excluding what I read in parts off and on) Agree with CV on expecting revenge. I still thought it was wrong when I filled in.

  5. Thank you Col. for the prompt reply. I was lucky there. I was nowhere near it.

  6. Congrats to Mohsin and all the other winners.

  7. Congratulations to all... lots of familiar people :) ramesh ramki mohsin arvind narayan...sowmya... lovely :)

  8. Submitted today's entry with 50% chance of success.

  9. What does that mean - that you have 50 pc chance of coming within ten?

  10. ...Or that you think only half of your answers are expected to be correct?

    1. 50% chance of getting all right because of one badly worded clue.

    2. Or maybe, on second thoughts it is................well, maybe.

    3. I think one of the clues is misleading.

    4. I agree - it suffers from the same problem that came up in one of Arden's clues a few days ago.

    5. So in all fairness shouldn't the seemingly wrong answer be accepted?

    6. I agree completely - when the clue leads to a toss up between whether to go with the wordplay or to go with the definition, both options should be given equal treatment. After all, it is the infirmity in the clue that is creating the problem.

  11. Submitted successfully today's entry---- interesting to learn a few rare words , never used before !!