Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2863), Sunday 18 Oct 2015

1   E.g. gorilla's rage aggravated by recording (5,3) GREAT APE {RAGE}*{T APE}
5   Song from soldier perhaps connected with border (6) ANTHEM {ANT}{HEM}
9   Livelier book with weight, entertaining one? Right (8) BOUNCIER {B}{OUNC{1}E}{R}
10 Nothing coming about after call for capital (6) DUBLIN {DUB}{LIN<=}
11 Sleuth in a romp, while confused, retaining edge (6,7) PHILIP MARLOWE {A+ROMP+WHILE}* around {LIP}
14 Host in attendance with hesitant expression (9) PRESENTER {PRESENT}{ER}
15 Animal completely rejected by mother (5) LLAMA {LLA<=}{MA}
17 Posed wearing glossy fabric (5) SATIN {SAT}{IN}
19 Learns during proper practice (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL}
21 Ride wave and react so excitedly (6,7) ROLLER COASTER {ROLLER} {REACT+SO}*
24 Calm, fast accepting condition (6) PACIFY {PAC{IF}Y}
25 Name a bad revolutionary in great partnership (8) ALLIANCE {A{LLI}{N}<=CE}
26 Lie, say, concocted without difficulty (6) EASILY*
27 Small pincers from fancy set were gripping zipper's head (8) TWEEZERS {SET+WERE}* around {Zi...'s}*

1   Pass fish (4) GOBY {GO}{BY}
2   Joke with guys in alien gear (9) EQUIPMENT {E{QUIP}{MEN}T}
3   One following colourist's tips in story referring to touch (7) TACTILE {TA{Co...sT}{1}LE}
4   Ancient hero, spirit broken, beginning to cry (11) PREHISTORIC {HERO+SPIRIT}*{Cry}
6   Dull, supporting neither side (7) NEUTRAL [DD]
7   Greeting, in nutshell, old-fashioned (5) HELLO [T]
8   Central ground in low resort (5,5) MONTE CARLO {CENTRAL}* in {MOO}
12 Sweet maiden protected by officer on base (11) MARSHMALLOW {MARSH{M}AL}{LOW}
13 Punctuation mark being amended too, perhaps (10) APOSTROPHE*
16 Confidence in promise (9) ASSURANCE [DD]
18 Essential end of innocence, in fun led astray (7) NEEDFUL {i...cE} in {FUN+LED}*
20 Spanning time, run into different ideas (7) ASTRIDE {AS{T}{R}IDE*}
22 Devices for fastening hair (5) LOCKS [DD]
23 Muddle becomes simpler to some extent (4) MESS [T]



  1. Nice one. Got all but two...PHILIP MARLOWE & MONTE CARLO. Enjoyed though.

  2. So Blemish was right after all

    1. Suresh, the clue was flawed, so points have been given for both FLEMISH and BLEMISH. Chief arbiter at work!!

    2. That's why the chief arbiter was silent during the exchanges last Sunday re this clue?

  3. I filled in BLEMISH and got all correct this time too!

  4. Was it a blemish or no blemish? I mean, how is it parsed?

    1. MB the clue was flawed. The intention being BLEMISH however the word play was incorrect. It would have been correct if the clue was written as "Belgian mark replacing leading bulldog with trailing mastiff"to get FLEMISH. That's why both FLEMISH and BLEMISH have been marked as correct

  5. Purring like a Persian cat !! on two counts: One, having been featured in the Round 3, UNBLEMISHED and unflummoxed --- and then today's-- completed and successfully sent across and acknowledged . A few tricky words in the nw corner -tied myself in knots , having put in a couple of wrong answers and got thrown off gear !! Finally, got through and thanked the virtual erasing and emending facilities .

    Who's the GRIM ARBITER?

    Where's everyone? still struggling? Those who participated in the regular Sunday had finished the ICL earlier ?

    Congrats to all those successful in the third round and good luck for the fourth !

  6. Replies
    1. Now she won't tell it's because of Ramesh only they won it on IIT

  7. Logged in late and after completing half the grid (IXL 4th Round), while I was cross-checking definition part of a word, a message appeared "You have successfully submitted the puzzle", that too without my pressing the SUBMIT button! This happened in the last round also but fortunately that time the grid was completely filled in. Can somebody explain please as to what could be the reason?

    1. Mysterious are the ways and weaves of the web !!

      Unbeknown to you, you must have hit the submit button !

      In the first round , I too got into the same status .

      In our anxiety , we do tend to act reflexively.

    2. But when u press SUBMIT button some kind of caution message appears and after that you proceed. In my case no such message appeared!