Friday, 9 October 2015

No 11521, Friday 09 Oct 2015, Arden

1   Sea reached half the height in olden times (6) BALTIC {B{ALTItude}C}
4   A lawmaker takes time in court showing disrespect (8) CONTEMPT {C{ON{T}E}{MP}T}
9   Amateur initially learnt from Al Qaeda chief (6) LAYMAN {L}{AYMAN}
10 Money stolen leads to game's downfall (8) BUCKSHOT {BUCKS}{HOT}
12 Restricted force as looking serious (8) GRAVITAS {GRAVITy}{AS}
13 Very small and silent while getting in (6) MINUTE {M{IN}UTE}
15 Sex was the main issue in Wodehouse's work (6,6) MATING SEASON {MATING} {SEA}{SON}
18 Two options for Halloween... (5,2,5) TRICK OR TREAT [GK]
21 ...otherwise please pass (6) ELAPSE*
22 Drink before you leave with confidence (8) SUPEREGO {SUP}{ERE}{GO}
24 Attack tripo? (4,4) TEAR INTO {T{RIP}O} But what does TRIPO mean?
25 Some devotees have nothing — nothing on top (6) SHAVEN [T]
26 Began calling — calling and covering, reportedly (8) CRINGING {Ca...g}{RINGING}
27 Go with green revolution, years later (6)  ENERGY {GREEN}*{Y}

1   After first base everyone's willing to watch it (4,4) BALL GAME {Base}{ALL GAME} Semi&lit
2   Always drunk, leading those disheartened to ruin (3,5) LAY WASTE {LAY WAS}*{ThosE}
3   Fancy East Indian girls on top, for starters (7,8) ITALIAN DRESSING*
5   Here lies collective responsibility (4) ONUS &lit
6   Make hot tea in kitchenendure punishment (4,2,2,3,4) TAKE IT ON THE CHIN*
7   Handler's cry to replace mother with son (6) MAHOUT (-s+ma}MAHOUT Shouldn't that be 'replace son with mother'?
8   Having name like Doctor Doolittle and ignoring John (6) TITLED DoolITTLE*
11 Habit of putting animal in haystack (7) CASSOCK {C{ASS}OCK}
14 Able to work with a star (7) CANOPUS {CAN}{OPUS}
16 Cheat received representation (8) DECEIVER*
17 “One yet to hike rent”, admitted lawyer (8) ATTORNEY {A}{T{TORN}EY<=}
19 Initially placed in a group — those essentially sick and infected (6) SEPTIC {SE{Pl...d}T}{sICk}
20 Master of jurisprudence leads island nation (6) MALAWI {MA}{LAW}{I}
23 Shock with crazy build up (4) STUN <=


  1. 24a ' Attack Tripo' would have worked better. Trip o is the first name of a painter.
    15a Sex's the main etc. works better than Sex was the etc.


  3. 26 Began calling — calling and covering, reportedly (8) CRINGING {Ca...g}{RINGING}

    covering ~ cowering: cringing

    1. Began Calling=C
      Calling = Ringing
      and = Link word
      Covering Reportedly= Cowering = Defn

    2. That's what I had shown in the anno. I thought Sandhya had something different in mind

    3. I think she was to pointing to the missing ~cowering in the anno.

  4. Tough one today. Getting first names was difficult.
    Put in 'baseball' for !d before changing to 'Ball game' (after noting base was in the clue itself)
    Quite a few half done words today.

  5. Delightful....everything fell in place after 15 minutes of struggle...

  6. Long struggle day... but one of those days where when you get the clue you wonder why you didnt get it earlier as it was staring in your face ;) thanks for the Tripo trivia. Thanks Arden

  7. Where's everyone? Only six hits today?

    ARDEN has ardently compiled a tough work today !!

    The long anagrams are exquisitely jumbled --especially ITALIAN DRESSING !and TAKE IT ON THE CHIN ! Does Arden conjure up these wordplays in his mind or has his job been done easier by anagram solver ?

  8. Nice crossword - thanks Arden! As Vasant said, totally lost for the first few minutes, and then the long anagrams helped in solving the rest :)
    Still wondering about 26A - the actual def is not given in the clue, but instead we have 2 different wordplays - found it a bit unusual!

  9. Could not get TRIPO. A tough one but satisfying in the end. Starting from GM, this series has been good so far.

  10. 22A : Is confidence = Superego? Couldn't find any reference to justify it.