Thursday, 8 October 2015

No 11520, Thursday 08 Oct 2015, Buzzer

9   Burying its head, very fat bird (7) OSTRICH {mOST}{RICH}
10 Where a dermatologist keeps a handy device (1-6) E-READER [T]
11 Pole workers (5) STAFF [DD]
12 Bananas aren't nice fruit? (9) NECTARINE*
13 Stretched or widened a quilt (9) EIDERDOWN*
14 Small bend in a long pole (5) STILT {S}{TILT}
15 Place in side up for debate (7) DISPUTE {PUT} in {SIDE}*
17 When cold tips scales (7) ASCENDS {AS}{C}{ENDS}
19 Examine priest's vestment (5) PROBE {P}{ROBE}
20 Drunk in turn had an accident (3-3-3) HIT-AND-RUN*
22 I see doctor, a master in theatrical performance (9) MELODRAMA {ME}{LO}{DR}{A}{MA}
24 Clear off from work during strike (3,2) HOP IT {H{OP} IT}
25 Address temptation to consume crackers etc. (7) LECTURE {LURE} around {ETC}*
26 Yearn for a golf circuit of the past (4-3) LONG-AGO {LONG}-{A}GO Though I'm an amateur golfer, anno for GO is not clear to me :-( {LONG}-{A}{G}{O} - Thanks to Ramesh

1   Travel document displaying special wish for a safe journey (8) GODSPEED {GO}{D{SP}EED}
2   Run into bear that is maroon? (6) STRAND {ST{R}AND}
3   Trouble with running forum/site without direction (10) MISFORTUNE {FORUM+SITE}* around {N}
4   Polish to import good French cut of meat (4,4) SHIN BONE {BON} in {SHINE}
5   Warning light means live account being broadcast (6) BEACON {BE}{AC}{ON}
6   Fine character to a Greek cheese (4) FETA {F}{ETA}
7   Reportedly issue supplement (8) ADDITION (~ edition)
8   Align a gate that is dented in the middle (6) ORIENT {OR}{IE}{deNTed}
14 Worn part of a watch (6,4) SECOND HAND [DD]
16 Chelsea wrongly placed outside football's second tier? (8) SHOELACE {CHELSEA}* around {fOo...l}
17 De facto work uniform accessory (8) ACTUALLY {ACT}{U}{ALLY}
18 Threat of punishment contains rioting (8) SANCTION*
19 Swelling mass gathered round a politician (6) PIMPLE {PI{MP}LE}
20 Catastrophe, a terrible engulfing fire (6) HEATER [T]
21 Call back or ring again (6) REPEAL {RE}{PEAL}
23 Smudge starts to disappear after using blotter (4) DAUB Acrostic



  1. I don't get 21D. I had it as Redial and struggling for anno. This one also is not clear to me

    1. One meaning of REPEAL: To summon back or recall, especially from exile.(TFD)

  2. Greetings to the folk that defend the country from this skies.

  3. Enjoyable crossword. Loved 1D and the def for 16D :)

    1. Don't you tie up your shoe laces?! (Or welcro has replaced it?)

    2. One that runs is a runner, one that butts is a butter, one that ties is a tier etc. Here the tier was followed by a '?' giving a hint that it may not be a straightforward definition

    3. Thanks...Paddy & Ramesh...

  4. Lovely puzzle from buzzer as usual; couldnt anotate ostrich; could appreciate the clue..really good one

  5. Just lovely. Loved 16 & 18D for excellent surfaces. Had trouble in SW corner.
    Samosas? So near , yet so far!
    I did 'Eiderdown' with the help of crossings without realising it is an anagram.
    9A- I did it as an &lit and saw the wordplay only in the blog.
    Thank you Buzzer for the most enjoyable start to the day.

  6. +1 for Ramesh's Greetings on Air Force Day and our own MB.
    Expected a comment from Kishore.

    1. Touching the skies with glory .... I was somewhere in the Western ....

  7. Oof... dont know why....but took longer today and got both repeal (redial) and hop it (had it) wrong. Really liked 16d shoelace surface .. i mean wow thinking of football surface which is kind of relevant and masking it as chelsea and football second.. and calling shoelace a tier. I mean this had me awestruck when i solved it. Brilliant buzzer... thanks

  8. Greetings to all Air Force personnel. Thanks Paddy. :)

  9. Beautiful puzzle! I go for SHOELACE as my COD. Not far behind is OSTRICH. Thanks Buzzer. :)