Thursday, 1 October 2015

No 11514, Thursday 01 Oct 2015, Gridman

1   One should decline to be in such morally corrupt state (8) DECADENT  [DD]
5   Graduate doctor rings for cane (6) BAMBOO {BA}{MB}{OO}
10 Darts around with mantra to attain celebrity status (7) STARDOM {DARTS}*{OM}
11 No doubt fool tore up Durex after snipping tip off (7) ASSURED {ASS}{DUREx}*
12 Take stock that is not yours (6) RUSTLE [CD]
13 Disreputable person, one being in the basement? (3-5) LOW-LIFER [CD]
15 Comfort stop not launched (4) EASE cEASE
16 One cannot be dull while on such work (6,4) ACTIVE DUTY [CD]
18 Zesty alarm about a slow trickle (4,6) LAZY STREAM*
20 Beat it with footwear, say (4) SHOO (~shoe)
23 Enjoyable moments in the attic? (4,4) HIGH TIME [CD]
24 Son, really enjoy! That's excellent! (4-2) SLAP-UP {S}{LAP UP}
26 Normal, till criticism returned (2,2,3) UP TO PAR {UP TO} {PAR<=}
27 One makes changes to the electrical accessory (7) ADAPTER [DD]
28 Pardon former wife's blasphemous cry with no heart in it (6) EXCUSE {EX}{CUrSE}
29 15/4 or 4/15 as you may put it (3-5) MID-APRIL [CD]

1   Oh, use may yet result from what Indian Parliament often is (10,5) DISORDERLY HOUSE {OH+USE}*
2   In case the boy and half-sister appear... (7) CHASSIS  {CHAS}{SIS}
3   Handout about Doordarshan? That's easy to do (6) DODDLE {DO{DD}LE}
4   Identify a father leaving Tarzan climbing up (4) NAME NAMEpa <=
6   Frees sailors and loves to go hither and thither (8) ABSOLVES  {ABS}{SOLVE}*
7   Girl said to have disappeared in virus outbreak (4,3) BIRD FLU {BIRD} {FLU}(~flew)
8   This military soldier could well be poor Carl (7,8) ORDERLY CORPORAL {POOR+CARL}*
9   Authoritative setter in charge overwhelmed by a great amount rising (9) CANONICAL {C{ANON}{IC}AL<=}
14 Stinging comment in the Arctic? (3,6) ICY REMARK [CD]
17 Atomic elements presented in bizarre depositions without din (8) ISOTOPES dEPOSITiOnS*
19 Gorky's ___ Mynci: Welsh rock band (7) ZYGOTIC [FITB] Thanks to Google
21 Trendy joint, all but strict (7) HIPSTER {HIP}{STERn}
22 Fabric of turned-out headwear in a low key (6) ALPACA {A}{L{PAC<=}A}
25 Wise men’s conjury is unfinished (4) MAGI MAGIc



  1. While parliament is disorderly, nice to see that the corporal is orderly!

    1. High time those on active duty shoo the lazy stream!

    2. High time those on active duty shoo the low-lifer in the lazy stream!

    3. That's quite an icy remark

    4. Who all remember Jerry Lewis in 'The Disorderly Orderly' ?

  2. Superb!The long ones & Mid-april! Delightful crossie...

  3. The papers today had a pic of a big cat having its head stuck in a vessel.

    This reminded me of a story by R K Narayan.

    Read it here (you will have to scroll down a bit to reach the story 'Cat within'):'cat%20within'%20r%20k%20narayan&f=false

    The link can be obtained by Google search results for 'Cat within' R K Narayan story.

  4. Scored only 90% yet enjoyable - CDs pulled my leg.

  5. Yes, I also could not get the CD's. Stuck in NW corner.Rustler as a cattle stealer would not come to mind easily. Loved mid april.

  6. Wonderful xword thanks:) couple of reverse anagrams in orderly corporal and disorderly house :) they are clever but thanks to the kind definitions solvable. Btw is low life itself mean a disreputable person? Low lifer is not the term used. Couldnt parse 1a and 15a... didnt know decadent was a dd...

    1. Thanks to Sri and everyone else for kind words..
      Sri, re low-life
      You're right!
      So am I. Sorry I can't give a better citation than the urban dict - which I don't use normally.
      But let me assure you it is a VALID word in Scrabble.

    2. You do not need urban dictionary, CV. It is there in OED online s well as a derivative of low life.

  7. Oh what an enjoyable crossword! Icy remarks et al, it was a doddle ..... Salaams to Gridman.
    Mornings bringing the faintest whisper of winter in Delhi - what a blissful prospect! :-))

  8. Excellent cw.smooth surfaces as of usual to GM's puzzle. Even lengthy phrases started falling into place.12a- enjoyed the punch.9d- different setter treated differently. Very nice.19d-hitherto unbeknown to me could be cracked thanks to crossing letters. All stated a nice puzzle. I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you GM'. Will I be able to achieve a hat-trick?

  9. Hello friends, Long time since I came on here to enjoy the banter. I have been in Chennai the past couple of days and leaving tonight but had to get the Hindu and solve our beloved THC. Enjoyed it as always with the double bonus that it was Gridman's time in the sun. Could not resist coming in here and saying Howdy! to my old friends here (if they still remember me), Col. Gopinath, Rishi sir, Kishore et al. - Veer

    1. Welcome back Veer. Was wondering where you had dissapeared to. You are still in Austin?

    2. Yes, still in Austin.. Was on a flying visit to Chennai but in Singapore now.. Kind of fell out of solving THC due to app issues and then Father Time..

  10. GM made 'mid April' enjoyable. Thanks GM Sir.The cheetah getting it's head caught in a vessel reminded a delightful Tamil comedy movie ' Aan paavam' , in which a boy's head is caught in a vessel.

    1. Today my wife gave me startling news. She told me that her own younger brother when he was a mere child had this startling experience of head getting stuck in a kitchen vessel. She was herself a child at the time of the incident and so she does not remember any details. My f-i-l and m-i-l are not in this world for me to ask.

    2. That is indeed funny... yes i remember the scene from aan paavam :) CV sir you should ask your bro in law... after all it is not everyday you get your head stuck ... he should remember it :)