Tuesday, 13 October 2015

No 11524, Tuesday 13 Oct 2015, Arden

1   Patriot, say escorted girl to French island (6,7) GUIDED MISSILE {GUIDED} {M ISS}{ILE}
10 May be masculine, but not lean it is noted (5) MUSIC MaSCUlIne*
11 Extremely smalla timeless novel (9) MEASLIEST*
12 Doesn't make sense without a certified mastery of language (9) IDIOMATIC {IDIO{MA}TIC}
13 Starts systematically taking out infiltrators — calm and unmoved (5) STOIC Acrostic
14 Strange thing to keep note on brace (7) TIGHTEN {TE} in {THING}*
16 Funnily, Simpson's acquired a title (7) BARONET {BAR{ONE}T} Why 'Funnily'?
18 Start chasing it before deal's made in a safe place (7) CITADEL {Ch...g}{IT}{DEAL*}
20 Decreasing maybe later in the day (7) EVENING [DD]
22 Capital has been invested in American city (5) LHASA {L{HAS}A}
24 May be non-restrictive, since withdrawn and shy (9) INTROVERT {NOn-REsTRicTIVe}*
26 Ain't nerve used to do this? (9) INNERVATE* Semi&lit
27 Charm of people post middle age (5) GRACE {aGe}{RACE}
28 For Saint Harry to be put in a box — you would want to do it later (13) PROCRASTINATE {PRO}{CRA{SAINT*}TE}

2   Rising trend of using emergency power arm (7) UPSWING {UPS}{WING}
3   Frozen up before the game was won — completely destroyed (9) DECIMATED {DECI<=}{MATED}
4   Resign from the French university (5) DEMIT {DE}{MIT}
5   Rage hiding basic struggle by novice — it's fiery (9)  IRASCIBLE {IR{BASIC*}{L}E}
6   Same up and down flights (5) SOLOS <=>
7   After song will have rest (3,4) LIE DOWN {LIE D}{OWN}
8   Waters affect IMF clout with India (8,5) AMNIOTIC FLUID {IMF+CLOUT+INDIA}*
9   Stay united and get hit by rockets, unfortunately (5,8) STICK TOGETHER {GET+HIT+ROCKETS}*
15 Promoting a pill in a single package for a woman yet to have a child (9) NULLIPARA {NU{LLIP}{A}R}{A}<=
17 No point playing 'Rose garden' on this instrument (4,5) REED ORGAN {ROsE+GARDEN}*
19 A treadmill, say for the coach (7) TRAINER [DD]
21 One that repeats nitrate compound (7) ITERANT*
23 E.M. Forster's novel 'With a heart of gold' (5) AURIC {mAURICe}
25 'Bit dry outside' is a short message (5) TWEET {T{WEE}T}



  1. Thanks for an enjoyable ride, Arden! Some great clues in there, especially 1a, 8d, 2d, and 12a. With AMNIOTIC FLUID and NULLIPARA, I thought we had an OB-GYN theme; with INNERVATE added, I though we had a medical theme overall, but neither lead seemed to proceed further.

    Thanks for the blog, DG.

    A few questions about some of the clues from an amateur setter's point of view (these are not complaints):
    - 28a: Would "Saint Harry" translate into 'saint' being harried?
    - 16a: Same question as DG - does 'funny' serve a purpose?
    - 10a: As far as I know, MUSIC (while having notes) is notated, not noted. Is the latter word used too?
    - 17d: "No point" could refer to any one of N, E, or S being left out of the fodder, reducing it to trial-and-error to figure out which of the three has to be omitted. Is this kosher in setting? (Luckily, there's no W in the fodder! :) )
    - 23d: Does "with a heart" suffice to indicate we are talking of the middle part of the word?

    1. Just to add that the answer in 17d is made easy because of the clue overall - my question relates only to whether it is okay to give a deletion indicator that can apply to more than one component of the wordplay.

  2. 17d: From what I have read, I don't think it is necessary to indicate the precise 'point'. The solver may be expected to work a little before getting the fodder.Also, if there are two or more of the same letter to be discarded from fodder, leave it to Psolver to decide..

  3. An enjoyable workout, a little tough though but not beyond reach.
    Happy to have done 1A,8D,5D & 16A.Missed nullipara & innervate and of course the samosa, but happy.

  4. From an online dict:
    note, v., to set down in or furnish with musical notes.
    Check Infloplease in onelook

  5. Is 'funnily' in 16A meant to direct us to Simpsons serial rather than any Simpson? Otherwise we don't get to the first name Bart.

    1. Yes, as CV notes below. Another famous Simpson you might recall is the one for who King George abdicated

    2. Sorry, Edward, not George

    3. Thank you Kishore & CV. History of English monarchs is quite complicated though I have read about some (out of interest and not during my education (when I cautiously avoided the subject as much as possible)

  6. There are Simpsons and Simpsons (including a firm by that name in Chennai from the Raj days)...By including 'funnily' the clue-writer probably brings to our mind the comics character. In Tamil Nadu the acquisition of titles by politicians and poets is almost always funny for me. Trust I won't be hauled up.

  7. In the clue as written I think 'with a heart' is fair enough to point to the answer.

  8. 28a: To answer your question, 'Harry saint' could suggest anagramming saint. but it has to be 'Saint harried' for the same operation.

  9. Phew ... ugh... at last, I have samosas. First time from ARDEN, I think. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for your responses, CV - they are very helpful.

  11. Thanks Arden... comparatively simpler today :) only had to confirm nullipara...for some reason i thought it was nellipara and had something to do with nellie the elephant :) some nice words ... really liked 12a. 28a wordplay is enjoyable. 8d is a cracker of a clue lovely surface. Didnt know about Maurice of EMForster .. but the wordplay and crossings lead to it decisively enough. Couple of interesting subtraction clues today... 10a 24a too... i am yet to really understand composite anagrams versus subtraction type clues which involve anagrams... are they the same?

  12. Arden should consider setting despite the gremlins so that we are not deprived of gems like 27a. That clue alone is worth the admission into this puzzle.

    1. Looks like every one is singing 'Amazing Grace' today

    2. Is there a danger that Arden might stop setting?!? That would be a sad day - I hope that is not what your post is suggesting! :(

    3. Abhay:see yesterday's post & Arden's response to one of the clues

    4. Thank you, Vasant. I hadn't visited the blog yesterday and had missed this exchange. Am now feeling terrible about raising all these questions: terrible timing! :(

      Arden, if you are reading this, please do not stop - your puzzles are a source of great joy!

  13. What a lovely puzzle! It was delightful to solve & savour & treasure...The long ones especially Patriot say (1 A) ; the others equally enjoyable....thanks Arden..hope u continue regaling us with such gems

  14. Lovely cw thanks to inclusive clues.1a- clues were like 1a landing me successfully on target.15 could trace after much difficulty.28 wonderful anagram . In fine we enjoyed an interesting & invigorating x'ie.Thank you Arden.

  15. Congratulation to Aakash for winning The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition.
    A super clue by him :)


  16. Superb clue. Took a while for me to get its full import.
    Well done Aakash. Keep it up.