Saturday, 24 October 2015

No 11533, Saturday 24 Oct 2015, The Phantom


1   Fellow's out with master swimming with the tide (10) DOWNSTREAM {DO{W}N}{MASTER}*
6   Losing time gave up, got zero in test (4) QUIZ {QUI{-t+Z}}
10 Son went out and survived (7) EXISTED {EXI{S}TED}
11 German river overflowing border that's more dirty (7) GRIMIER {G}{RIM}{IE}{R}
12 Bass starting in the manner of (sounds like) a musical instrument (9) BALALAIKA{B}{AL A}{~LIKE A}
13 Order for example's not very fair (3-2) SAY-SO {Addendum - {SAY}-{SO-so} - See comments)
14 Worries result with head of country taking back seat (5) PAINS {(-s)PAIN(+S}
15 One stood in house election essentially for laity - the masses (3,6)  HOI POLLOI Anno Pending
{HO}{I} {POLL}{fOr}{laIty} See Comments
17 Partner fled with bowel movement (9) BEDFELLOW {FLED+BOWEL}*
21 Have no medicine to stem poison? (5) VENOM (T)
22 Pity rough edge's obscured lines from scale (5) RULER {RU{L}E}{Rough}
24 America's prominent houses right for group of stars? (4,5) URSA MAJOR {U{R}SA} {MAJOR}
26 Displaying power an abstainer stopped fight (7) WATTAGE {W{A}{TT}AGE}
27 Cover for man caught in raging storm (7) SMOTHER {HE} in {STORM}*
28 Help, nothing's fair! (2,2) SO SO {SO S}{O}
29 Inventor's mobile phone's sent (10) STEPHENSON {PHONE'S SENT}*


1   Society girl going round with English nerd (5) DWEEB {D{W}{E}EB}
2   Impetuous kind of romance (9) WHIRLWIND (CD)
3   Pays the French after scheduled time (7) SETTLES {SET}{T}{LES}
4   Woman about to hug priest is somewhat embarrassed (7)  REDDISH {RE{DD}{IS}H<=}
5   One tracking fellow in Ghana exchanging foreign currency (7) AFGHANI {A{F}GHAN*}{I}
7   Union losing leader, mutiny fizzles out (5) UNITY {mUTINY}*
8   Alloy of Zinc or Barium needing ingot of this metal (9) ZIRCONIUM {ZINC OR barIUM}*
9   Administrators step in following officer's failure (6) FIASCO {F}{IAS}{CO}
14 Passengers first wriggle into bus visiting various bars (3-6) PUB CRAWLS {}{UB {CRAWL}S*} Anag Ind?
16 Old pirate's spent money for woollen underwear? (4,5) LONG JOHNS {LONG JOHN silver'S}
18 Sense of hearing to magnify with secretion from auditory canal! (6) EARWAX {EAR}{WAX}
19 Most gaudy dress often possessed by bumpkin (7) LOUDEST {LOU{DrEsS}T}
20 Wishes husband's out at university to become sophisticated (5,2) WISES UP {WIShES} {UP} P from? See Comments
21 See an animal and beat it! (7) VAMOOSE {VA}{MOOSE} (Correction - {V}{A}{MOOSE} - See comments)
23 Many holding popular flower (5) LOTUS {LOT{U}S}
25 Repeat broadcast on race (5) RERUN {RE}{RUN}

Reference list

Fellow=Don, With=W, Time=T, Zero=Z, Son=S,German=G, River=R,That's=Ie, One=I, House=Ho, Lines=L, America=USA, Right=R, Abstainer=TT, Man=He, Help=SOS, Nothing=O

Society girl=Deb, With=W, English=E, The French=Les, Time=T, Priest=DD, One-I, Administrators=IAS,Following=F, Officer=CO, Husband=H, University=Up, See=Va, Popular=U, On= Re

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. 15A - {HO}{1} {POLL}{(-f)O(-r)}{(-la)I(-ty)}

    1. I got most of it but did not see that 'essentially' applied to two words. Thanks for the anno, col.

  2. 20 Won't 'to become sophisticated' give WISE UP rather than 'WISES UP"?
    When a lad or girl is 'up' he or she is said to be 'at university'. See 'up' in dict.

    1. That should have been "becomes" without 'to' preceding..

  3. 14 Does "visiting various bars ", verbal phrase, lead to PUBCRAWLS, a noun.
    Is there an ind in the clue that the reqd ans is in plural?

    1. I changed the clue from "travelling (anagrind) from bar to bar" to the one in the puzzle today and missed the anagrind.

    2. Pub-crawl is used as a verb too ("We went pub-crawling"), so the answer fits the definition.

      I had a question about answer-definition mismatch on a different clue: to get WISES UP in 20d, the definition would have to be "becomes sophisticated" rather than "to become sophisticated".

    3. I just realised after posting that while the answer is a verb, it doesn't match the definition exactly - "visiting various bars" would need to be PUBCRAWLING to be an exact fit.

    4. From Chambers: pub crawl noun, colloq an occasion of visiting, and drinking in, a number of pubs in succession

    5. If used as noun, the difficulty is with the conversion to plural form; if used as verb, the difficulty is with inconsistency of conjugation.

    6. That's the difficulty I faced to convert to plural. Even if you visit any number of times it would still be Pub Crawl

    7. Maybe: Passengers first wriggle into packed bus, visits various bars (3-6) PUB CRAWLS

    8. "Passengers...visits..." doesn't work. Perhaps attaching the "visits" to the bus might work (e.g., "...bus as it visits various bars")?

  4. Waht a relief to have a CW in the morning! And a nice enjoyable one from Phantom at that.
    Liked the strange bedfellow (laughed at the wordplay) and the 'mobile' phone.
    Missed out on 'Vamoos' (in spite of Nadal and his supporters) and 'crawl' of pubcrawlers.
    What is the logic behind 'up' for university?

  5. Note that CV has already has answered my question.

  6. In 13A I think SO is from SO-SO(28A) ie 'not very fair'

  7. Thank you for the puzzle, Phantom - I enjoyed solving it. My CsOD were 25D (great clue!) and 16d.

    A couple of questions:
    - 22a: I have normally seen line abbreviated as "l" and lines abbreviated as "ll". Is there a reference for lines becoming just "l"?
    - 26a: One wages a fight, but is wage by itself a synonym for fight?

    Thank you for the blog, Ramesh.

    1. You're right re Lines.

      From Chambers: wage verb (waged, waging) to engage in or fight (a war or battle)

    2. Thank you for the Chambers reference. My question is that "wage" assumes that meaning when it is suffixed with "a war/battle/fight"; I am not sure that wage by itself serves the purpose.

  8. Phew...! Finally could complete the puzzle! Had to rely quite a lot on 'net' to get a few answers like HOI POLLOI, BALALAIKA & ZIRCONIUM. Overall an enjoyable solve. Thank you, Phantom. :-)))

  9. Lovely puzzle...took ages to complete but loved the clues..

  10. Am still not able to get how Va = See. My search for that yielded no result. Could someone help me please?

    1. The anno should be {V}{A}{MOOSE} See = Vide = V, An = A, Animal = MOOSE

    2. The Holy See:seat of the pope; Vatican State; VA

    3. Col's right. From Chambers: V = 5 vide (Latin), see