Friday, 2 October 2015

No 11515, Friday 02 Oct 2015, Gridman

Gadi and Alu/Aloo are there in Chambers, I wonder if they are permitted in Scrabble. 

1   Within possibility, one is replaced by potato of great worth (8) VALUABLE {V{-i+alu}ALUABLE} Never realised that 'Alu/Aloo' is there in Chambers
5   Cruel brother, upstart, not completing story (6) BRUTAL {BR}{Up}{TALe}
9   Madrid native revamps Iran pads (8) SPANIARD*
10 Fig variety in Atlanta suburb (6) SMYRNA [DD] Thanks to Google
12 Man leaves country supporter in civil disorder (4) RIOT patRIOT
13 NYC kerbs up to some renovation by computer nerds (10) CYBERPUNKS*
15 True believers don't have them (6) DOUBTS [CD]
17 Groom about to enter a West Indies plantation (5) PREEN {P{RE}EN}
20 In decline, poor desi’s pocketed lakhier at first (5) SLIDE {S{La...r}IDE*}
21 State desi's changed to the optimistic view (6) UPSIDE {UP}{DESI}*
24 Put Lords' wives ashore: they have tenants to look after (10) LANDLADIES {LAND}{LADIES}
27 Retreat from snooker? (4) NOOK [T]
29 Teachers' noises of disapproval about primarily offensive remarks (6) TUTORS {TUT{Of...e}{Re...s}S}
30 Tired individual is comprehensive (3-2-3) ALL-IN-ONE {ALL-IN}-{ONE}
31 Staggered drunkenly and leered rudely (6) REELED*
32 Snap! Soaks back cooking vessels (8) STEWPANS {STEW}{PANS}<=

1   Travellers lose one-time face masks (6) VISORS VISitORS
2   Field fellow to entice (4,2) LEAD ON {LEA}{D ON}
3   A footloose royal is of the same sort (4) AKIN {A}{KINg}
4   Look, railway's transporting red truck (5) LORRY {LO}{R}{RY}
6   Gather man is in to plot again (5) REMAP {RE{M}AP}
7   Formed crowd to see girl is sitting in gaddi, starting declamation (8) THRONGED {THRON{G}E}{De...n}
8   Networking includes one in sailing trip (8) LIAISING {LIAIS{1}NG*}
11 Reportedly picks up perfumes (6) SENSES [CD] (Addendum - CENSES (~senses) - See comments)
14 Only advance mentioned (4) LONE (~loan)
16 Leaps in spring and start of summer (6) BOUNDS {BOUND}{Su...r}
17 Stationery stock in apartments (4) PADS [DD]
18 Liars too treated by one who quarantines (8) ISOLATOR*
19 Produce short sketch by vetting comic scene at last (8) VIGNETTE {VETTING}*{s..nE}
22 Ring for girl possessing nothing new (6) CORONA {COR{O}{N}A}
23 They go high in the air or down the slope (6) SKIERS [DD]
25 Gross display from muscular gendarme (5) LARGE [T]
26 Election Commission almost tardy in applause (5) ECLAT {EC}{LATe}
28 See six accepting Middlesex blow finally (4) VIEW {VI}{sEx}{bloW}



  1. Lol... funny xword today with alu and gaddis... seriously on 21a ladies defined as lord wives is too archaic thothe put ashore for land is a nice way of putting it. Yes smyrna req google and so also censes. But put skiers as skeets unthinkingly... thinking of skeet shooting perhaps. Thanka gridman funny xword indeed

  2. Put 'Stewpots' and could not get corona- a known term.
    Alu took me by surprise (I was thinking of possibilities & probabilities!) but could google throne for gaddi.
    Enjoyable as usual.

  3. One more "STEWPOT" here! Naturally couldn't get CORONA and others like DOUBTS & CENSES. But for these three it was an enjoyable solve. Errr make it four please with 'stewpot' too!

  4. ALU and ALOO aren't valid in scrabble. GADI is.

  5. In the crossword the spelling GADDI is used. That as well as the spelling variant GADI are valid in Scrabble.

  6. No one has asked if DESI and LAKHIER are Scrabble words.

  7. Missed VIGNETTE and CENSES. Has anyone on the blog read Nero Blanc's Crossword Mysteries?.

  8. Would have preferred wordplay for 10A(SMYRNA)
    Come to think of it, that should not have been difficult. Offhand, now, I can write:
    Station master's yarn about town in Tennessee (6)
    Well, if I did not, after writing a substitution clue, a charade, an anagram, perhaps I thought 'let me use a different clue type and wrote this.
    I agree this clue is not readily solveable, it might even require some googling.
    Sorry. Maybe if this were the first of clues that I wrote, I may not have used this clue type.
    As I always say a lot of work needs to be done after having written all clues. I do - but in any crossword some more work might still be possible.
    Just now I found that in tomorrow's CWD I had used the same word for the same single letter in two clues. I changed one of them.

  9. Downloaded the puzzle at around 8..& then no Network the whole solved the puzzle without net.....except smyrna could get all...could get both 1a & 7d without net help..ditto with censes...a nice puzzle to solve on a holiday...

  10. Dear Vasant. You have written that you have downloaded the puzzle. What is the web source and the software utility to use to solve?.

    1. Hi Sowndararajan!source is The given in side bar..the clues are posted by ..on weekdays by Bhavan & on sundays by the solve it in excel..i make the grid in excel..I have Gridman's 8 different type of grids..other setters also almost use the same type of grids

    2. Did I ever thank Bhavan & Col for the yeoman service they do for the crossword solvers?Believe me its a great help for people like in remote location with no access to print edition...I thank them with my heart..

  11. ALU, ALOO, GADI and GADDI are all good in Collins Scrabble Words 2015 dictionary which is the official dictionary for International Scrabble play.