Tuesday, 20 October 2015

No 11530, Tuesday 20 Oct 2015, Anon

1   Found dim son somehow competent to stand trial (2,5,4) OF SOUND MIND*
9   Returning editor's cable causes havoc (7) DEBACLE {DE<=}{CABLE*} Causes as AInd?
10 Appearance of a tax on Sun god's return (6) AVATAR {A}{VAT}{AR<=}
11 Charged boy, on two encounters (5) LADEN {LAD}{ENc...s}
12 Imprisons imam who loses a bizarre ruse (7) IMMURES {IMaM}{RUSE*}
15 Initially take question on mission (4) TASK {Take}{ASK}
16 To American, the French are in disorder (6) TOUSLE {TO}{US}{LE}
17 Gradually the night bird flies away. That's cunning (3) SLY SLowlY
19 Remarks about enclosure surrounding ends of ravine (10) REFERENCES {RE}{FE{Ra..nE}NCES}
21 Large container containing sugar initially (4) VAST {VA{Su..r}T}
24 Basset to appear at the surface (4,3) CROP OUT [E]
25 Enough soup endlessly coming out of medical container (5) AMPLE AMPouLE
27 Team, entering on chaotic date, rode slowly (6) TAXIED {XI} in {DATE}*
28 City where penne is trimmed, dipped in tea (7) CHENNAI {pENNe} in {CHAI}
29 Doorman to guard the steak (11) PORTERHOUSE {PORTER}{HOUSE}

2   Prolific heartless eccentric protected by endowment (6) FECUND {F{Ec...iC}UND}
3   Poem first read on European river (4) ODER {ODE}{Read}
4   Mishaps close to young women (4,6) NEAR MISSES {NEAR} {MISSES}
5   Steady, assured, overwhelmed by drink (8) MEASURED {MEA{SURE}D}
6   Cleans up dirty canteens first off (7) NEATENS cANTEENS*
7   Praising, almost completely, grown-up: a conservative (9) ADULATORY {ADULt}{A}{TORY}
8   Boy, initially surrounded by assistants, puts up with it (6) ABIDES {A{Boy}IDES}
13 Sinking ruined gong renovated (5,5) GOING UNDER*
14 Regularly spying on essay about union (9) SYNTHESIS {SpYiNg}{THESIS}
18 Artist, deletes apps, edges away to become monk (8) TRAPPIST {aPPs} in {ARTIST}* Deletes as Anind?
20 A good way to taunt one leading medley (7) FARRAGO {FAR}{RAG}{One}
22 Attach part of cheap pendulum (6) APPEND [T]
23 Loosen ends of lad's tripods (6) EASELS {EASE}{LadS}
26 Heads of Entertainment Company highly opinionated about reproduction (4) ECHO Acrostic




  1. 19 Remarks about enclosure surrounding ends of ravine (10) REFERENCES {RE}{FE{Ra..nE}NCES}
    Should have been enclosures

  2. Excellent CW. Enjoyed solving it and happy to have completed (minus the steak) before time. Two vats of different kinds in 10A and21 A. Ramesh gave me a clue to solve 10A.

  3. 18 Artist, deletes apps, edges away to become monk (8) TRAPPIST {aPPs} in {ARTIST}* Deletes as Anind?

    Maybe Anon means 'deletes' to be 'without'? Could this clue and 27A have been worded differently?

    1. That's interesting, Raghunath: deletes=without, without=outside. Good catch!

    2. But that's stretching it. It only works with 'without' and not it's synonyms.

    3. I agree that it's not really a workable clue - I was congratulating you on picking up the explanation that no one else seems to have caught!

    4. For "to become" to be the anind, the clue would have to be something like "artist *picks up* apps", not "deletes" them!

  4. An enjoyable, easy-going workout today - thank you, Anon! Many well-constructed clues here - I especially liked 1 and 17.

    Learning for the day: a new meaning of "basset."

    Thank you for the blog, Col. I did wonder at the same aninds that you highlighted.