Thursday, 22 October 2015

No 11532, Thursday 22 Oct 2015, xChequer

7   Massacre as English guards crumple (6) CREASE [T]
8   Jeering masses extremely silent? That's encouraging (8) BOOSTERS {BOO{SilenT}ERS} (Correction - BOOSTING - {BOO{SilenT}ING} - See comments)
9   Spotted son getting kissed, left midway (8) SPECKLED {S}{PECK{L}ED} L is not midway though
10 When wife is new, squirm and fuss (6) NIGGLE (-w+n)NIGGLE
11 Sound in heart and body (5) OOMPH [CD] ?
12 It outlines revolutionary master plan (6) SCHEMA {SA} around CHE}{M}
14 Else I may spread tales in the middle? Unlikely, this guarantees it (2,4,3,6) MY LIPS ARE SEALED {ELSE+I+MAY+SPREAD+taLes}*
17 Furnishes base jokes (6) EQUIPS {E}{QUIPS}
18 Cold with others in summit (5) CREST {C}{REST}
22 Festive season of July (6) JOYFUL*
23 Skip through each line from messenger (8) EMISSARY {E{MISS}A}{RY}
24 Tailless felines can tax mongrel, most often biting (4,4) MANX CATS {CAN+TAX+MoSt}*
25 Licking cover (6) HIDING [DD]

1   Keen on prime minister accepting posh code name (9) CRYPTONYM {CRY}{P{TONY}M}
2   Reckless to include military assistant in plot (6) MADCAP {ADC} in {MAP}
3   Lives off films (5) VEILS*
4   Tips of arrows perhaps (8) POINTERS [DD]
5   Alternatively tag it as nailing marks? (8) STIGMATA {TAG+IT+AS}* around {Marks}  &lit
6   View when leaving caught in casual glance (5) ANGLE GLANcE*
8   Smell of sweat — addicts at heart perspire freely reading steamy novels (6,7) BODICE RIPPERS {BO}{adDICts}{E RIPPERS}*
13 Mint to tear cheap paper (9) NEWSPRINT {NEW}{SPRINT}
15 Obsession of one on irregular diet, essentially keen to eat jam (4,4) IDEE FIXE {1}{DiEt}{kE {FIX}En}
16 Brimless headgear creating pronounced row at Balmoral perhaps (8) SKULLCAP (~ scull cap)
19 Stay on edge (6) RESIDE {RE}{SIDE}
20 Gemstone crown on a Zulu (5) TOPAZ {TOP}{AZ}
21 Power of speaking little (5) MIGHT (~mite)

GRID (Same as yesterday)


  1. Was checking the online edition and I found the CW for today published. I am posting it here without the solutions. Each commenter may post three solutions each with annotations upto 6PM.
    I will update the main post with the annotated solutions at 6 PM

  2. 7A: {BOO{ST}ERS}
    15D: {I}{DiEt}{kE{FIX}En} IDEE FIXE
    20D: TOP A Z

  3. 17 A EQUIPS ( base-E , Jokes-QUIPS, DEF: furnishes)
    18 A CREST (cold-C, others-REST, DEF:summit)

  4. No Grid?
    3 Lives off films (5) VEILS*
    19 Stay on edge (6) {RE} {SIDE}
    21 Power of speaking little (5) MIGHT ~MITE

  5. On second thoughts I will add the annotated solutions at 10 PM only. Till then each commenter can give three solutions with annotations

  6. What with a holiday tomorrow,it is a long break for sword and sudoku solvers .To grin and bear it.

  7. It appears that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at The Hindu. The epaper nor any of the print editions are carrying the CW whereas someone has uploaded it in the normal online edition.

  8. 1D Keen on prime minister accepting posh code name (9) CRYPTONYM {CRY}{P{TONY}M}
    2D Reckless to include military assistant in plot (6) MADCAP {M{ADC}AP}
    4D Tips of arrows perhaps (8) POINTERS (DD)

  9. First time I solved Xchequer puzzle almost gridless


  10. A doubt in 6 D solution . In grid 6D is _ R_L _ , if the answer for 8A is BOOSTERS . But the solution for it is ANGLE .How ?

    1. 6A is not BOOSTERS it's {BOO{ST}ING}. My mistake in not correcting it as I had initially put in BOOSTERS while solving and ANGLE was my last one in.

    2. Masses is the containment indicator

    3. Thanks a lot sir. Was scratching my head :D