Tuesday, 6 October 2015

No 11518, Tuesday 06 Oct 2015, Neyartha

Mr Bean's day today.

7   Identify contraption involving the Spanish without doubt (10) DEFINITELY {EL} in{IDENTIFY}*
9   Learner abandoned flute with the fuel (4) PEAT PlEAT
10 Blast around the long-standing delta is a result of placer mining (4,4) GOLD DUST {G{OLD} {D}UST}
11 In the chat, Reddy exhibited disgust (6) HATRED [T]
12 Colour of the jam and egg replaced by an adult (5) BLACK BL(-o+a)ACK
13 What a batsman needs to get right for a boundary assignment (9) PLACEMENT [DD]
14 Ravi almost went back to the speaker's urban district with the college team (7) VARSITY {iVAR<=}{SITY}(~ city)
17 Senior citizens yell uncontrollably on catching the counter colour (7) ELDERLY {EL{DER<=}LY*}
20 Speak uneasily after showing lack of knowledge in a bird and some beans (9) CHICKPEAS {CHICk}{SPEAK*} (Addendum - {CHICken}{SPEAK*} - See comments) I enjoy eating these straight from the pod 
22 Unruly mob following the hot British leader with a dangerous weapon (1-4) H-BOMB {H}-{Br...h}{MOB*}
25 Find and settle (6) LOCATE [DD]
26 Rob goes back with a note including a share of a type of bean (8) BORLOTTI {BOR}{LOT}{TI}
27 Leaders of the farmers and vintners avoid a type of bean (4) FAVA Acrostic
28 Henry's out of the passage at the clinic after losing margins with a type of bean (10) CANNELLINI {ChANNEL}{cLINIc}

1   Reaction to the Election Commission getting entrapped in the churn (6) RECOIL {R{EC}OIL}
2   It need not be literally done to become alert (3,2) SIT UP [CD]
3   Projector part getting a revolutionary illuminated ring with some beans (7) LENTILS {LEN{TIL<=}S}
4   Pretended to get awfully itchy as the French sickness spread around (8) MYTHICAL {M{ITCHY*}AL}
5   Must strangely cover up the plutonium with phlegm (6) SPUTUM {S{PU}TUM*}
6   Protective of the one kicked out of the disorderly parliament after commencement (8) MATERNAL pARLiAMENT*
8   Installs the main duct system partially (7) INDUCTS [T]
15 New form of trachoma resulting from a type of lens system (8) ACHROMAT*
16 One might not give it for something not cared about (8) TUPPENCE [CD]
18 Mix up by short male friend getting a coating of calcium hydroxide from the south (7) EMBROIL {BRO} in {EMIL<=}
19 Malt Ben brewed is having a gentle glow (7) LAMBENT*
21 Right to go up in an automobile with a tank for neckwear (6) CRAVAT {C(+r)RA(-r)}{VAT}
23 Yankee getting rid of the German leader in silencing the rebellion (6) MUTINY MUTIN(-g+y)Y
24 Projecting window design in the circular letter sounds authentic (5) ORIEL {O}{RIEL}(~ real)



  1. Had 20a as CHIC(Ken). Not sure if K can be used for knowledge in a standalone fashion though GK is used for General Knowledge

  2. I don't think ehere is any problem there. I thought it is deleting ken (knowledge, as in Keats's "When a new planet swims into his ken) from CHICKEN (bird).

    1. CVji , are you saying K for knowledge ( as the Col. has taken) is ok or Ken ( as I have taken) is OK or both?

  3. IXL is in Limca book of records. See http://www.limcabookofrecords.in/recordDetail.aspx?rid=633

    1. No punner can rest easy without mentioning that whiskey ! ;-). Whisker, I mean ;-) nice to see that and the person attached (in more ways than one) to it!

  4. Wondering about the whisker and its attachment until I visited the website! Disappointed to see no whiskey around.

  5. Found the puzzle tough...esp SW corner..the beans..borlotti..fava..cannellini...all new..

  6. Tuff one from neyartha :) borlotti was totally new word... but funnily lentils was the last to fall :) kept thinking revolutionary would be red or che and kept looking for exotic bean names :) google helped fair bit today...

  7. Just because Kishore has not mentioned this, here I am!

    Today's date is special. 5102015 <- Now read it backwards.

  8. A number palindrome! Like you say why has not our friend K mentioned this? Probably he thought it is not in Arithmetic Progression- 5,10, 15, 20....

    1. Btw, Paddy, I am presently working on Number Theory ...

    2. Working? You mean studying or getting into new grounds? Whichever way sounds very interesting.

  9. Tough one some new words. Couldn't get borlotti!

    Didn't understand the use of "ring" in the wordplay for 3D? It is LIT (illuminated) << (revolutionary) in LENS (projector part), isn't it?

  10. I first put 3D as Lentilo as pet wp..but coulldnt find def of it..i see Ramki's comment a first in this blog, except sunday special..

    1. I usually get time to attempt THC only in the evening after work, and when I visit the blog all the clues have already been analyzed threadbare :)