Saturday, 31 October 2015

No 11539, Saturday 31 Oct 2015, Gridman


1 Thanks to judge, a Prince gets to see an Indian landmark (3,6) TAJ MAHAL {TA}{J} Anno for Mahal ? {TA}{J M}{A}{HAL} See comments

6 As squash is limited, get a kind of beer (4) QUAS {sQUASh}
9 Sailor's brown plaid cloth (6) TARTAN {TAR}{TAN}

10 In effect, faced uncomfortably tense Opposition leader (2,5) DE FACTO {FACED*}{T}{Opp..n}
13 Luv, bemoan assuming such a position that's fixed (9) UNMOVABLE {LUV+BEMOAN}*
14 Ill-humour caused by the fellow drowned in drink (5) RHEUM {R{HE}UM} Rheum is ill-humour? See comments
15 Test model dismissing incomplete plea (4) EXAM {EXAMple}
16 Say differently Monsieur's measuring system is unbalanced (10) ASYMMETRIC {SAY*}{M}{METRIC}
19 Heartlessness and senselessness about you and me in India (10) INHUMANITY {IN{HUM}ANITY}
21 Gold thread brought from Hazaribagh (4) ZARI (T)
24 Yank out man by chance (5) PLUCK {P}{LUCK} P from? See Comments
25 In sneaky manner, look at character in architectural decoration (9) GUILLOCHE {GUIL{LO}{CH}E}
26 Most scramble through a short road to reach celebrity status (7) STARDOM {MOST*} around {A}{RD}
27 Examine again // critic’s assignment (6) REVIEW (DD)
28 The woman with date is in the shack (4) SHED {SHE}{D}
29 Head of anaesthetists drifts through hospital for waste containers (8) ASHTRAYS {A}{S{H}TRAYS}


2 Medical condition? I mean to stand up in Alcoholics Anonymous (7) ANAEMIA {A{{NAEM}{I}<=}A}
3 Purpose is to have it back in progress (6) MOTIVE {MO{IT<=}VE}
4 Worker and graduate get wrong washroom item (9) HANDBASIN {HAND}{BA}{SIN}
5 What sticks out is party leader abandoning promise (5) LEDGE {pLEDGE}
7 Relative Aristotle's first two letters are ill-defined (7) UNCLEAR {UNCLE}{ARis..e}
8 Exotic, matchless No. 1 mechanisms for gambling (4,8) SLOT MACHINES {MATCHLESS+NO+I}*

11 Find out if bishop-in-charge has time (6) FERRET {FE{RR}E}{T}
12 Great! I'm taking SIT's overlays (12) SUPERIMPOSES {SUPER}{I'M}{POSE}{S}
17 Head of family undergoes endless misfortune in a month (9) MATRIARCH {MA{TRIAl}RCH}
18 Exhausted donkey is caught between son and daughter (6) SMOKED {S}{MOKE}{D}
20 Drawing of man holding a classy, uppity girl (7) HAULAGE {H{A}{U}{LAG<=}E}
22 My chela's devised a gold-making practice (7) ALCHEMY {MY+CHELA}*
23 Smart — always after a century and half (6) CLEVER {CL}{EVER}
25 Ray's good Indian mother (5) GAMMA {G}{AMMA}

Reference list

Thanks=Ta, Judge=JM (Judicial Magistrate), Prince=Hal, Sailor=Tar, Brown=Tan,Tense=T, Fellow=He, Monsieur=M, You and me in India=Hum, Man=P (Pawn), Look=Lo, Character=Ch, The woman=She, Date=D, Hospital=H

Alcoholics Anonymous=AA, Worker=Hand, Graduate=BA, 1=I, Bishop=RR, Charge=Fee, Time=T, Sit=Pose,Son=S, Daughter=D, Man=He, Classy=U (Upper class), Girl=Gal, Century and half=CL, Good=G, Indian mother=Amma

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. 1 Thanks to judge, a Prince gets to see an Indian landmark (3,6) TAJ MAHAL {TA}{J} Anno for Mahal ?

    Not sure of M
    a prince: A HAL

    1. Judge=Judicial magistrate= JM?

    2. One of those clues where I just entered and moved on. Now seeing the disc on the anno. But interestingly, it should be (3,5) not (3,6) - printer's devil?

  2. I pat myself. Completed before 8.30 Thank you so much Gridman. May you live long and keep on setting.

  3. 26 Most scramble through a short road to reach celebrity status (7) STARDOM {MOST*} around {A}{RD}

    Does this clue work both ways. 1: as annotated and 2 as: A RD around MOST*?

    1. I had the same doubt regarding this too

      29 Head of anaesthetists drifts through hospital for waste containers (8) ASHTRAYS {A}{S{H}TRAYS}

  4. As per Chambers Ill humour is an obsolete meaning of Rheum

    1. None of the online ones had it. But thanks to Rheum, I discovered
      Hard copy of Chambers online. And you can search within it!

    2. Thanks Ramesh for the blog & the link...though I have my Chambers, nowadays looking up dict is mostly on line

    3. Never knew about the online dic of Chambers hard copy. Though I have the hard copy, always a pain to pick it up and browse.

    4. I had trouble with my computer since last evening. The 'on/off' switch on my wireless mouse had changed without my knowledge. I discovered it later and switched it on.
      Is Chambers online the 13th or earlier edition or of the attenuated version of the real BRB. Can anyone confirm? I suspect it is abridged after removing all thos Scot words, etc.

  5. How times change! I used to have a hard copy of OED by my side when I started doing CW's.
    Though I missed Rheum, Guilloche and the bishop in charge ( I was totally done in by this) I am happy to have done the rest. Thank you Gridman and Ramesh for being colourful as usual. If it is Saturday look for colours.

  6. Could finish easily. Thanks to no CDs :)

    1. CD player goes for repairs now and then. But I'm also not complaining ;-)

  7. It is our turn now at Kanchipuram to receive the paper very late by 8.30. Any way enjoyed the samosas even though belatedly. Thanks Gridman!

  8. Hi all,
    We in 1Across have come up with a community grid commemorating the completion of 200 games. The clues are set by our members. Please try it & do give a feedback :)
    Here is the link :

  9. I am new to crossword, could anybody tell me how these works?

    1. Start with
      On you will find resources to start tacking these crosswords

  10. Hi,
    A newbie here. One quick question - in the color/font scheme section, what does C/C indicator mean? I am trying to get better at this whole cw thingie, so I am taking all the help I can from this blog which by the way is excellent!


    1. Container/Content indicator. It means one piece of the fodder is placed inside another.

  11. And fodder means a part of the final answer?

    1. Ananthakrishnan,

      Fodder means the words/letters which are to be anagrammed.

      In future please ask your doubts on the current days blog as no one will see the older posts if comments come in after the day is over as the main page of the blog shows only the latest two posts. In any case nobody looks at older posts unless they are searching for something. I get to know being owner of the blog as comments on blogposts older than two days need to be cleared by me