Wednesday, 21 October 2015

No 11531, Wednesday 21 Oct 2015, xChequer

7   Fillet of bass being eaten by kid removed so soon (6) RIBBON {RI{B}B}{soON}
8   Vixen, being independent, ran hard — foxes on either side (8) HARRIDAN {RAN+HARD}* around {I}
9   Essay on a race taking so long (8) SAYONARA [T]
10 Staunch supporter of religious work resisting change (6) VOTARY {V{OT}ARY}
11 Plans backfiring over small hiccup maybe (5) SPASM {SPA{S}M<=}
12 Dust settled on one beneath jack in workshop (6) STUDIO {DUST*}{10} (K, Q, J, 10, ...)
14 Amend this, for all fixed returns suffer financially (4,2,4,5) FALL ON HARD TIMES*
17 Silver lining over surface (6) UPSIDE {UP}{SIDE}
18 Loud cry to be united in attempt (5) SHOUT {SHO{U}T}
22 Model facing jury stripped in showboat (6) POSEUR {POSE}{jURy}
23 Gift of lace fringe (8) OFFERING {OF}{FRINGE*}
24 A sweet without filling in medication, say, close to lozenge (8) PASTILLE {P{A}{SweeT}ILL}{l...gE} &lit
25 Regret switching banks for pitiful yield (6) RELENT RE{-p+l}LENT

1   Get lost in 'Paradise Lost' — absorbing page! (9) DISAPPEAR {P} in {PARADISE}*
2   Can't stand sailor on base? Shore, not base (6) ABHORS {AB}{SHORe*}
3   Mouth requirement for massage? (5) KNEAD (~need)
4   Only if it's given (8) PROVIDED [DD]
5   Our visit touched past masters (8) VIRTUOSI*
6   Standard line behind counter (5) PARRY {PAR}{RY}
8   Listen to me: without pass, hard to reach where you live with family (6,3,4) HEARTH AND HOME {HEAR}{T{H AND} {H}O}{ME}
13 Gross ore up, dug on, can't extract any lead (9) REPUGNANT {oRE}{uP}{dUG}{oN}{cANT}
15 Both sides winning gold, each team's left half-crowned with honour (8) LAUREATE {L}{AU}{R}{EA}{TEam}
16 Seen over top of lips, is snort forced through these? (8) NOSTRILS {IS+SNORT}* over {Lips} &lit
19 Career harmed, life turning inside out (6) HURTLE {HURT}{LifE}
20 Enemy's brief flash attack (5) FORAY {FOe}{RAY}
21 Burning with absolute passion (5) AFIRE [DD] (Addendum - {A}{FIRE} - See comments)



  1. Difficult one, but very good. Think 21 d is A(absolute) + FIRE?

    1. From Chambers (hard copy) A= absolute (temperature)

    2. Also found in psia (pressure units) psi absolute

    3. Had bought about 10 years back. I think for Rs 800 or 1000

    4. 13th edition A little less than Rs 2000.
      If you buy a certain crossword software the digital copy is built into it.
      A digital copy of the dict will be muchly less. Search and seek.

  2. As good as ever from xChequer

    Clue from today's Times crossword : Change round books one dedicated (6)

  3. Very nice puzzle. Took long time as usual. Thanks to holiday :)
    One doubt - banks for is same as banks of ?

    1. Also the instruction is to switch PL not P for L?

  4. Very tough one. Took a long time to finish. Thoroughly enjoyable. Still finding it difficult to catch the style of xChequer.

  5. Brilliant one. Thanks for the holiday though

  6. Stunning puzzle...absolutely scintillating word play