Wednesday, 7 October 2015

No 11519, Wednesday 07 Oct 2015, Buzzer

1   Reckon rough seas will sink steamship (6) ASSESS {SEAS}* around {SS}
5   You bet Aussie's seen frequently as hard to understand (6) OBTUSE {yOu BeT aUsSiE}
10 Parisian one liked going round northern plain (9) UNADORNED {UN}{ADOR{N}ED}
11 Felt it is unfinished business (5) MATTE MATTEr
12 A dog breed in golden coats (5) DINGO [T]
13 Attach about 50 times coverage to thwart vision (9) BLINDFOLD {B{L}IND}{FOLD}
14 Making money (tons) through excavation (7) MINTING {MIN{T}ING}
16 Told new novel is a disappointment (3-4) LET-DOWN*
18 Brandishing gun, obtains valuable information (7) NUGGETS {GUN}*{GETS}
20 Level of play team US displayed endlessly (7) PLATEAU {PLAy}{TEAm}{Us}
21 Art houses played original composer (9) AUTHORESS*
23 We made a lap covered in perspiration (5) SWEAT {SAT} around {WE}
25 Left for Yale initially with desire to study (5) LEARN (-y+l)LEARN
26 Put up with most dreadful hurt (9) STOMACHED {MOST*}{ACHED}
27 Had one removed in direct opposition (4-2) HEAD-ON*
28 People holding an alternative opinion (6) THEORY {THE{OR}Y}

2   European country resort, currently popular (5) SPAIN {SPA}{IN}
3   Skating on ice, some cut corners (9) ECONOMISE*
4   Attack samples of buns and bagels (7) SANDBAG [T]
5   Do grill questionable elderly woman (3,4) OLD GIRL*
6   Scared of gloomy infotech in recession (5) TIMID {TI}{MID} <=
7   Drunk to express heart out in an aside (5,4) SOTTO VOCE {SOT}{TO} {VOiCE}
8   In essence, money's the last word? Agree (13) FUNDAMENTALLY {FUND}{AMEN}{TALLY}
9   Shouldn't dicey criminal be captive? (4,2,7) HELD IN CUSTODY*
15 Right name for bad situation (9) NIGHTMARE*
17 To put it plainly, one skipping school's tardy (9) TRANSLATE {TRAiNS}{LATE}
19 One in the family puts the foot down (7) STEPSON {STEPS}{ON}
20 Complete military training to collapse (4,3) PASS OUT [DD]
22 Had this clue at first rejected by editor (5) OWNED {dOWN}{ED}
24 Article stocked by emergency room (5) ETHER {E{THE}R} &lit



  1. Very nice one. Typical Buzzer crossword.

  2. Excellent CW. Quite enjoyable. Thank you Buzzer. :-)))

  3. Superb one...a tad easier, I thought

    1. Yes...that's why I could complete it! :)

    2. Easier- may be- but still interesting and enjoyable. Gave me enough time for my morning walk.

  4. Is it buzzer or breezer? Superb and enjoyed it thoroughly, though I kept to my diet (missed my samosas) For some odd reason I put in 'oddest' for obtuse. Such a log train of alternate letters!

  5. Lovely crossword, thanks Buzzer!

  6. Thanks buzzer. Easy one today ...