Saturday, 3 March 2018

No 12255, Saturday 03 Mar 2018, Lightning

Answer and anno 16A for  left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.
Added the theme & links to songs - See comments


1. Plants wild shrub without watering hole (8) RHUBARBS {SHRUB*} around {BAR}
5. Compulsion from university to wear formal clothes (6) DURESS {D{U}RESS}
9. Instrument of devious, new international cartel (8) CLARINET {N+I+CARTEL}*
10. Upset animal moving ahead to attack (6) ASSAIL {ASS}{AIL}
12. Journey around Grand Canyon’s rim perhaps (5) RIDGE {RID{G}E}
13. Worried rookie to train hard for sporting event (9) TRIATHLON {L+TO+TRAIN+H}*
14. Indict // one under custody (6) CHARGE (DD)
16. Obscure and short movie on church ending all the way on top (7) E?L?P?E ECLIPSE {(+E){CLIP}SE(-e)} See comments

19. Regret from leaders of Rajasthan enforcing a code (7) REMORSE {Rajasthan}{Enforcing}{MORSE}
21. Mathematicians left replacing dead trees (6) ALDERS {A(-d+L)DERS}

23. Does hard worker run away with chief surgeon? (9) ANTELOPES {ANT}{ELOPE}{Surgeon}
25. Cash from first working day, easily emptied (5) MONEY {MON}{EasilY}

26. Cut short comedy with line that is very different (3,3) FAR CRY {FAR Ce}{RY}
27. Working attempt to arrest governor trying to escape (2,3,3) ON THE RUN {ON}{T{HE} RUN} Attempt = TRUN ?

28. Deadly to allow criminal smuggling heroin (6) LETHAL {LET}{H}{AL}
29. Approve a chapter on faith (8)  ACCREDIT {A}{C}{CREDIT}


1. Log trimmed merely with string (6) RECORD {meREly}{CORD}
2. Segment of bonus and theme song (2,3,4) US AND THEM (T)

3. Assistant shelters saint out of consideration (5) ASIDE {A{S}IDE}
4. Pause from soldier tucking into dip (7) BREATHE {B{RE}ATHE}

6. Engineering student left worried and restless (9) UNSETTLED {E+STUDENT+L}*
7. Weak backing restrains one medium of communication (5) EMAIL {LAME<=} around {I}
8. Piece from thin strip of wood holds temperature with resistance (8) SPLINTER {SPLIN{T}E}{R}
11. Part I’m expecting somewhat for a moment (4) TIME (T)

15. River and mountain range, part of countryside (5,4) RURAL AREA {R}{URAL} {AREA}
17. Paired in role with boring person, reins ecstasy (9)  PARTNERED {PART}{NER{E}D}
18. Terrible fraud led movement (8) DREADFUL {FRAUD+LED*}
20. Display power in part (4) EXPO Anno not clear {EXPOnent} See comments
21. Element of deformed sine curve on the outside (7) ARSENIC {AR{SINE*}C}
22. Bird sounds like seal (6) CYGNET {~ SIGNET}
24. Sharp rings old item used in fortune-telling (5) TAROT {TAR{O}T}
25. In retrospect, odd admitting expression of surprise getting old coin (5) MOHUR {M{OH}UR<=}

Reference List
University=U, New=N, International=I, Grand=G, Rookie=L(Learner), Hard=H, Left=L, Dead=D, Line=Ry, Working=On, Governor=HE, Criminal=Al, Heroin=H
Saint=S, Soldier=RE, Engineering=E, One=I, Temperature=T, Resistance=R, River=R, Ecstasy=E, Old=O

Colour/Font Scheme

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  1. 20D: Anno could be EXPO(-nent), power = exponent, in part => take only first half, def = display

    1. +1 "in part"->to some degree (extent)

    2. Not convincing.
      P in EXO (part of some words like exothermic
      Just fooling around. Only the setter can tell.

    3. Exponent as in maths ... 2 to the power of 2

    4. I think Ramki's explanation is fine. Indicated the same in the solution

    5. Don't like it if that is the explanation

  2. 27a actually
    governor - His Excellency - HE

  3. Replies
    1. 16A-Obscure-Def.
      Short film - clip
      Church- See,ending (E) all the way on top becomes 'ESE'.

    2. Sorry Col. Missed seeing that it is intended for rookie commenters.

    3. See = Church
      Saw = Proverb
      Seen = Any guesses? I have no idea :(

  4. 27. Working attempt to arrest governor trying to escape (2,3,3) ON THE RUN {ON}{T{HE} RUN} Attempt = TRUN ?
    The setter may have misread it as TURN (attempt, as in "it's your turn now"

  5. Loved 23A- 'Does' reading differently in surface reading and cryptic.

    1. A BIG thanks to all of you. I was feeling rather guilty that I had done it before the stipulated hour. Just could not resist on seeing Col.'s note.

  6. 2D- Song to be indicated as def.- Pink Floyd.
    For those who are interested-

  7. And that's the theme too, I guess? Songs from Dark Side of the Moon.

  8. Re-posting my comment as the good Doctor's comment seems to have got deleted

    It was my turn to blog today & for once, I actually managed to blog. The fault of not spotting the theme should be laid at my door

    1. Sorry, yes my comment listing all the songs got deleted inadvertently on cell. Possible effect of listening to 'Brain Damage' from Dark Side of the Moon while typing :)

      What a brilliant album!

  9. Could never have fathomed the theme as haven't listened to Pink Floyd at all!


  10. Apologies for the incorrect clue (27A). Did not catch it in the review.

    Reg: 20D, I had the anno pointed out by Ramki @ 8:35. I thought “in part” was a fair indicator for “half”. Will avoid this in future.

    Thanks all for the feedback and latching onto the theme. I can’t go a day of coding without listening to “The Dark Side of the Moon” :)

    1. Welcome VP after a long time. Enjoyed the CW today in spite of the above. Half of exponent (though I did not get it) looks okay to me.
      Thank you for the clarifications.

    2. This was a high class puzzle despite 27A and despite me not having an inkling of the theme.

    3. +1 for the puzzle. Thanks VP for my favourite theme

  11. 23 across is the clue of my day. Does as antelopes is a favourite amongst the setters. This clue build up is unique which I have never seen before!

    Rhubarb is another word with multiple meanings. Pronounced In Hindi, it means a show of attitude -- Rob jamana ! On stage, kit means the indistinct noise of murmurs and conversations. It also means nonsense and heated dispute. A favourite word often usedin English Crosswords by compilers . I love this usage !

  12. Pink Floyd's collection here is superb. One of my favourites. We don't need no education
    We don't need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teachers leave them kids alone…

  13. The father took his son ASIDE and said " If we don't exhibit a MOHUR in our collection at the EXPO, then what is the difference between US AND THEM?"
    The son (who was till then playing the CLARINET) looked at his father with REMORSE.
    "Take enough and more MONEY and search in the RURAL AREAS. Don't waste TIME. Be ON THE RUN! Our collection should ECLIPSE all others and create a RECORD.
    Get as many as you can!!"
    The son thought " Old man thinks money can buy anything. But who is to tell him that it may not be able to procure a mohur".

    1. Between us, this is a nice sounding story with a moral.