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No 12260, Friday 09 Mar 2018, Neyartha

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. There is no limit on how many answers you want to give. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

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1   Star-less band at sea with some grinding tools (12) SANDBLASTERS*
8   The first minor entering Chitra's cherry and nectarine orchard gets a toy set (7) MECCANO Acrostic Loved playing with this as a kid.

20030514 160101-Meccano set-rt1.jpg
By Lady alys - Own workCC BY-SA 3.0Link

9   No way out of this vicious one! (6) CIRCLE [CD]
11 Directions to follow after a trip to some off-street parking areas (9) DRIVEWAYS {DRIVE}{WAYS}
12 Crook's ball — one that's difficult to hit? (5) CURVE [DD]
14 Essence distilled around Rhode Island found in the theater backdrops (9) SCENERIES {SCENE{RI}ES*}
16 Nordic god edges away from a halogen (4) ODIN iODINe
18 Gemstone's power taken out by Victor for a closed 12 Ac. (4) OVAL O(-p+v)VAL
19 Convinced revolutionary to get run out after stealing a single? That's illogical! (9) ERRONEOUS {SURE<=} over {R{ONE}O}
21 Rope reportedly in a straight line inside a 9 Ac. (5) CHORD (~cord)
22 Talk at length to reserve the tower with the husband (4,5) HOLD FORTH {HOLD}{FORT}{H}
23 Part of an opera (Diu scene) that can be used to define a 9 Ac. (6) RADIUS [T]
25 Covering's carbon removed by a student to reveal a closed 12 Ac. (7) ELLIPSE E(-c+l)LLIPSE
26 Nut Dutch star cracked in a knife fight (3-3-6) CUT-AND-THRUST*

2   Pea oligarch cultivated in a group of islands (11) ARCHIPELAGO*
3   Upset charwoman to stop opener's removal for something that can define a 9 Ac. (8) DIAMETER {MAID<=}{dETER}
4   Study about an Indian goddess by an Oriental's body double (4-5) LOOK-ALIKE {LOO{KALI}K}{E}
5   Charlie and Sierra traded cylindrical containers for bags (5) SACKS (-c+s)SA(-s+c)CKS
6   Make improvements to the repaired machinery after cutting yam (6) ENRICH maCHINERy*
7   Money from Peru for a Roman god (3) SOL [DD]
8   Gold producer? (5,5) MIDAS TOUCH [CD]
10 Sneaker setting rhinestones after commencement (6,4) TENNIS SHOE rHINESTONES*
13 Charts behind the wireless communication system with X-ray images (11) RADIOGRAPHS {RADIO}{GRAPHS}
15 The sharpest saint goes around some hot crooked valleys in the moon (9) SHRILLEST {S{H}{RILLES}T}
17 One speaking through the nose sprints north to catch hold of a female folklore character in retreat (8) SNUFFLER {RUNS<=} over {F}{ELF<=}
20 Letters from a bad dictator to the drug user (6) ADDICT [T]
22 Green tea and refreshments sent up after the Yankee's entry (5) HYSON {Y} in {NOSH<=}
24 A part of a 9 Ac. on the speaker's chest (3) ARC (~ark)



  1. 1A) {STARLESSBAND}* = SANDBLASTERS - grinding tools
    8A) acrostic = MECCANO – toy set
    9A) DD = CIRCLE
    11A) {(DRIVE)(WAYS)} = DRIVEWAYS – off street parking areas
    12A) DD = CURVE
    14A) {ESSENCE(RI)}* = SCENERIES – theatre backdrops
    16A) {(-I)ODIN(-E)} = ODIN – Nordic God
    18A) {O(-P)(+V)AL} = OVAL – closed circle
    19A){ER[(R)ONE(O)]US<-} = ERRONEOUS – illogical
    22A) {(HOLD)(FORT)H} = HOLDFORTH – talk at length
    23A) embedded construction = RADIUS – defines circle
    25A) {E(-C)(L)LIPSE) = ELLIPSE – closed cirlce
    26A) {NUTDUTCHSTAR}* = CUT AND THRUST – knife fight

    2D) {PEROLIGARCH}* = ARCHIPELAGO - group of islands
    3D) {(MAID)<-[(-D)ETER} = DIAMETER – something that defines CIRCLE
    4D) {[LOO(KALI)K]E} = LOOKALIKE – double
    5D) exchange c and s in CASKS = SACKS – bags
    6D) {(-M)(-A)CHINER(-Y)}* = ENRICH – make improvements
    7D) DD = SOL
    8D) gold producer = MIDAS TOUCH
    10D) {(-R)(HINESTONES)}* = TENNIS SHOE – sneaker
    13D) {(RADIO)(GRAPHS)} = RADIOGRAPHS – X-ray images
    15D){S[H(RILLE}S<-]T} =SHRILLEST – sharpest ; rille = moon valleys
    17D){SNU[(F)(FLE<-)]R<-} = SNUFFLER – one who speaks through the nose; folklore = elf
    20D) embedded construction = ADDICT – drug user
    22D) {H(Y)SON<-} = HYSON – green tea; snack = nosh
    24D) ARC = ARC – part of circle

    Analytical geometry terms today – CIRCLE, DIAMETER, RADIUS, CHORD, ARC, OVAL, ELLIPSE and CURVE

    1. Have a relook at the anno of 14A.
      Next week onwards I think you should not consider yourself as a silent follower and let others who are silent have a go.

    2. (ESSENCE)* is scenees; RI from Rhode Island in SCENEES; SCENE(RI)ES

    3. 24D) CD - A HDMI feature built in the sound box called ARC (Audio Return Channel)

  2. 1a: sandblasters {star+less+band}* = grinding tools
    8a: meccano (acronym) = a toy set
    9a: circle (CD) (This is referenced in 21a, 23a, 3d & 24d)
    11a: driveways {trip(=drive)}{directions=(ways)} = off-street parking areas
    12a: curve (CD) (This is referenced in 18a & 25a)
    14a: sceneries {ri} in {essence}* = theater backdrops
    16a: odin {(-i)odin(-e)} = a Nordic God
    18a: oval {o(-p)(+v)al} =
    19a: erroneous {one} in
    21a: chord {~cord(=rope)} = straight line in a circle (9a)
    22a: hold forth {hold (=reserve)}{fort(=tower)}{h (=husband)} = talk at length
    23a: radius {opeRA DIU Scene} (T) = used to define a circle (9a)
    25a: ellipse {e(-c)(+l)lipse(=covering)} = a closed curve (12a)
    26a: cut and thrust {nut+dutch+star}* = a knife fight
    2d: archipelago {pea+oligarch}* = a group of islands
    3d: diameter {maid<-(=charwoman)}{(-d)eter} = that can define a circle (9a)
    4d: look-alike {loo(kali)k}{e} = body double
    Study=look; Indian goddess=Kali
    5d: sacks {casks(=cylindrical containers) - interchanged c and s}
    6d: enrich {machinery(-yam)}* = make improvements
    7d: sol (DD) = money from Peru / Roman God
    8d: Mida's Touch (CD)
    10d: tennis shoe {(-r)hinestones}* = sneaker
    13d: radiographs {radio (=wireless communication system)}{graphs(=charts)}
    15d: shrillest {st} around {h}{rilles(= crooked valleys in the moon)} = sharpest
    20d: addict {bAD DICTator} (T) = drug user
    22d: hyson {y} in {nosh(=refreshments)<-} = green tea
    24d: arc (DD) = a part of a circle (9a) / on speaker's chest (Audio Return Channel)

    1. Venkatesan, next week onwards I think you too should not consider yourself as a silent follower and let others who are silent have a go.
      Your anno for 19A is incomplete and anno for 24D is incorrect

    2. 19a: erroneous {r(one)o} inside {sure<-}
      24d: arc {~arch (=chest)} = part of circle (9a)

    3. A homophone is correct but it's not (~arch)

  3. Venkatesan has been thrice promoted and Karthikeyan once earlier!

    1. Kartikeyanand Venkatesan to please note

    2. Noted and will remain silent next time onwards....

    3. You don't have to be silent. You can point out errors if any made by new commenters

  4. 14a Sceneries? Isn't scenery the plural of scenery?

    1. Yes, in the past decades we were told the word scenery does not have a plural.

    2. Right CV. Sceneries is now an accepted form for the plural

  5. 1a: sandblasters - (starlessband)*
    8a: meccano (acronym)
    9a: circle (dd)
    12a: curve(dd)
    14a: sceneries - (essence*+ri)
    16a: odin - (i)odin(e)
    18a: oval: o(-p+v)al
    21a: chord - rope(~cord)
    22a: holdforth - hold(reserve)+fort(tower)+h(usband)
    23a: radius(T)
    25a: ellipse - e(-c+l)lipse
    26a: cut and thrust - (nut dutch star)*

    2d: archipelago - (pea oligarch)*
    3d: diameter - (maid<=)+(deter-d)
    4d: lookalike - {loo(kali)k+e(oriental)}
    6d: enrich - (machinery-yam)*
    7d: sol(dd)
    8d: midas touch (lit)
    10d: tennis shoe - (rhinestones-r)*
    13d: radiographs - graphs(charts) behind radio(wir.....tions)
    15d: shrillest - s(ome)+h(ot)+rille(valley)+st(saint)
    20d: addict(T)
    22d: hyson - {nosh(refreshments)<=}+y(ankey)
    24d: arc - a(speAker's chest)+rc (part of ciRCle)

    1. Dr, Your annos for 14A, 8D, 15D and 24D are not correct. See previous comments and replies

  6. 1a: driveways - drive(trip)ways(directions)
    19a: erroneous - sure(convinced)<={er(r..)one(o..)us}
    24d: arc - {~ark(chest)}

  7. I'm Shakti, 16, and for quite some time I've been really enjoying solving the Hindu crossword. Today was very heartening as I don't usually fill the grid as much :)
    Posting some annotations I was sure of :
    11 a : driveways : drive(trip) + ways(directions)
    14 a : sceneries : (essence + ri)*
    16 a : Odin : (-i)odin(-e)
    23 a : radius : opeRA DIU Scene
    26 a : cut and thrust : (nut Dutch star)*
    6 d : enrich : machinery(-yam)*
    20 d : addict : bAD DICTator

    1. Well done Shakti,
      The anno for 14A is {ESSENCE}* over {RI}

  8. Nice puzzle. Neyartha dissects a circle with aplomb!