Saturday, 31 March 2018

No 12279, Saturday 31 Mar 2018, Arden

Answer and anno of 16D left for a first time commenter till 10 AM.


6. Stupid fellow, getting caught in the bar (5) DUNCE {DUN{C}E}
7. Crash as one becomes old in the west (8) OCCIDENT {(-a+O)CCIDENT}
10. Payment for space, back up on time (7) MOORAGE {ROOM<=}{AGE}
11. Vile, putrid, takes seconds to create mayhem (7) DISRUPT {PUTRID*} around {S}
12. For call girl, sex is money (7) RINGGIT {RING}{G}{IT}

13. Applause — eggs on to get it back (7) OVATION {OVA}{IT<}{ON}
14. Had met a nobleman before in the final (11) ENCOUNTERED {EN{COUNT}{ERE}D}
19. Habit of fool chopping hay (7) CASSOCK {C{ASS}OCK}
21. Stop a book halfway and publishno bar (7) ABOLISH {A}{BOok}{pubLISH}
23. Dregs that remain around university (7) RESIDUE {RESID{U}E}
25. Railroad only to check delay (7) DRAGOON {{DRAG}[O}{ON}}
26. Use merit to become a don post retirement (8) EMERITUS {USE+MERIT*}
27. Lodging or dislodging tips from photo cell (5) HOTEL {pHOTo}{cELl}


1. Girl's a cat, did you say? (8) ANNOUNCE {ANN}{OUNCE}
2. Writer's fear of losing way in city (6) PENANG {PEN}{ANGst}
3. Solve problem, Mack's perhaps pining (10) LOVESTRUCK {SOLVE*}{TRUCK}
4. Part of medicals, getting high on drug (4) ACID (T<=)
5. Growth rings will invalidate one (6) ANNULI {ANNUL}{I}
6. Horribly rude with me? On the contrary (6) DEMURE {RUDE+ME*} Semi-&lit
8. Sped away bearing gloom (7) DESPAIR {SPED*}{AIR}
9. Feel bad it's time for lunch (5) ATONE {AT}{ONE}
13. I shouldn't refuse to drink a rum (10) OUTLANDISH {I+SHOULDNT*} around {A}
15. First check how the German makes soup (7) CHOWDER {Check}{HOW}{DER}
16. Girl without sail, out in the capital (8) D?I?O?T? DJIBOUTI {D{JIB}{OUT}I} See comments
17. Not even once horse gets shade (5) OCHRE {OnCe HoRsE}
18. Phone placed on laptop keeps bugs away (6) PHENOL {PHONE*}{Lap}
20. Oil producer creates a mess close to shore (6) SESAME {A+MESS*}{shorE}
22. Choice for pain is a herb (6) ORACHE {OR}{ACHE}
24. Opponents a short distance apart, they’re amphibians (4) EFTS {E{FT}S}

Reference List
Caught=C, One=A, Old=O, Seconds=S, Girl=G, University=U, Only=O
Writer=Pen, Way=St, One=I, The German=Der, Choice=Or, Opponents=ES, Short distance=Ft

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  1. Replies
    1. Sail=jib and out onside Di(girl)

    2. Typo read inside in place of outside

    3. Onside or outside. Too many slips (you and paddy included) indicate a test.

    4. Ready for that Prasad:-)

  2. That is where I am also stuck,Ramesh. I opened the blog eagerly to look for the anno for Djibouti and now I have to wait.
    Just got it.

  3. Fairly straightforward one from Harden, except for the small kins that is only to be expected.
    Thank you for the nice blog Ramesh. Nice picture of eft.
    Quite a treasure of Ringits!

    1. Thanks Paddy. Are you nicknaming Arden as Harden?

    2. Ramesh,
      Yes,Arden used to be Harden, but not in this round.

    3. A cockney might pronounce Harden as Arden, but the opposite?

    4. Perhaps an Irish(Paddy) Special

    5. Remember, I am not an Irish Paddy but an Indian one!

  4. Typo- read kinks in stead of kins.

  5. 22d semi&lit? As in Remedy FOR pain is a herb!

  6. 16dn Djibouti
    Jib (sail)+out in di (girl)

  7. 24d would the clue be OK if it just read "Opponents a short distance apart are amphibians"

    1. You were trying to maintain smoothness in the clue. I think many would have problem with 'are'. 'Is' is acceptable but not in this case.

  8. I don't see any problem with 24D, esp. with a comma after 'apart'.Maybe you prefer a hyphen. Def. are clearly in 2 parts. How to separate them is the question. No need for a verb in wp.

  9. Prof. Choo, the young Professor EMERITUS at the Institute of OCCIDENTAL Studies often behaved like a DUNCE dressed OUTLANDISH in a CASSOCK.
    However there was loud OVATION when he announced that the convocation will be held in PENANG. A star HOTEL was booked and students were even given some RINGGITS for out-of-pocket expenses.
    In Malaysia the Professor ENCOUNTERED a DEMURE woman and soon was seen behaving like a LOVESTRUCK teenager.
    He married her and before going on his honeymoon was last seen at the Dolce and Gabbana store in the mall ordering five pairs of suits!!