Tuesday, 27 March 2018

No 12275, Tuesday 27 Mar 2018, Buzzer

Answer and anno for 5D left for a first-time commenter till 10AM.

6   Number thrown into jail, but strangely happy (8) JUBILANT {N} in {JAIL+BUT}*
9   Many a backward fool about town (1,3,2) A LOT OF {A}{FO{T}OL<=}
10 Jambalaya often made in a skilful way (4) ABLY jAmBaLaYa
11 Target not off, government strategy to be adequate for a while (2,1,4,3) GO A LONG WAY {GOAL}{ON}{G}{WAY}
12 A name imagine, abbreviated for a woman (6) ANDREA {A}{N}{DREAm}
14 Having initial lead in tennis match, about to attack (3,4) SET UPON {SET UP}{ON}
15 That man, a fellow receiving left and right heads off in a state (8,7) HIMACHAL PRADESH {HIM}{A}{CHA{L}P}{R}{HEADS*}
18 During panic wasting time wrongly (2,5) IN ERROR {IN tERROR}
20 Day that's ordinary and primarily unremarkable, to disappear (3,3) DIE OUT {D}{IE} {O}{Un...e}{To}
22 Image witch built for good sorcery (5,5) WHITE MAGIC*
23 Sitter, yet dropped in the end (4) SOFA SO FAr
24 Marvel at edifice fortified high (6) ELATED [T]
25 Persuade family through total hustling (4,4) TALK INTO {TAL{KIN}TO*}

1   Acquire yen and taste for zinfandel? (4) WINY {WIN}{Y}
2   Going around hospital, standard to take a chart (3,5) BAR GRAPH {H}{PAR}{GRAB}<=
3   Girl showing up very clumsy man (6) GALOOT {GAL}{TOO<=}
4   Dogged hope dashed in a mess (10) HODGEPODGE*
5   A bit of aroma in essential leafy vegetables (8) ?O?A?N?S (Addendum - ROMAINES [T] - See comments)

7   Port in South Africa outside of capital city (5) URBAN dURBAN
8   Nothing sinister? No problem (5,3,5) THATS ALL RIGHT [C&DD]
13 Running athletes are not hot property? (4,6) REAL ESTATE  {AThLETES+ARE}*
16 Personal assistant rejecting strong beer (5,3) IRISH ALE {SIRI<=}{HALE}
17 Deliver one cryptic clue for 'teasing' (8) RIDICULE {RID}{1}{CLUE*}
19 Sleepy state, tense having no good cure (6) REMEDY {REM}{EDgY}
21 Squad welcoming fellow out of shape (5) UNFIT {UN{F}IT}
23 Lose balance spilling half of beer over (4) SLIP PILSener<=



  1. 5d ROMAINES (T) A bit of a[roma in es]sential

    1. Good and fast. But I think you could have mentioned what is 'Romaines' since it is not common.

    2. Thanks Sir. Romaine is a variety of lettuce, a leafy vegetable.

  2. Thanks Col on 16DN. It's an eye-opener!

    1. +1. I thought only I was a novice, not knowing the latest.

    2. Siri siri
      Muvva the bell didn't ring for me!!

    3. Good one CGB! Never knew you follow Telugu too

    4. Though knew about Siri couldn't equate PA with it. Nice one Col.

  3. Expectations of a Buzzer CW more than fulfilled. Though a long T was mossing, I think Bar Graph (in reverse) was unique.
    Enjoyable as always.

    1. I missed out on 5D while talking about T.

  4. After having sung A LOT OF songs she still thought that she had A LONG WAY to go. Her mind was SET UPON reaching the pinnacle of success.
    Meanwhile she took a short break from her hectic schedule and went to HIMACHAL PRADESH. She felt ELATED on seeing the WHITE MAGIC. "What all I have been missing". She relaxed on the SOFA and waited for the music to DIE OUT before going to the restaurant.
    THATS ALL RIGHT she thought. Life is to be enjoyed. It is not all about fame and making money and amassing REAL ESTATE. Her career BAR GRAPH looked decent. "I have to settle down in life".
    As she ordered her IRISH ALE she sighted her old school mate.
    What is this J? Somebody saying you are abbreviated for a woman, a name imagine and all that?
    Ha ha. Dont view that IN ERROR. It is just cryptic.
    No doubt J was in a JUBILANT mood!!

  5. So quick today- which means solved the CW quite fast.
    Himachal- J - Am I missing something?

  6. 17D- Rid for 'Deliver' was new to me. On checking Free Dic., one of the meanings given is 'cede,yield,surrender'.

    1. Whenever I encounter seemingly opposite meaning I turn to middle English/French. Deliver, delibrer, de-libaerare(latin): set free

  7. There was a mail from our friend Richard reminding us (THCC members) about his invitation to his hometown Mangalore. Maybe the THCC grand 10th anniversary can be planned there?

    1. +2. Don't understand why Richard is not visiting the blog!

    2. +3
      Probably busy with his 'Press' ing commitments.

    3. I am all for a trip to MNG if someone can take the imitative. The interested can make their own arrangements for to and fro journeys from starting point while arrangements there and for travel in and around the city to be made by org in liaison with Richie.

    4. Col. to note and kick start the process.

    5. Long time to go for the 10th anniversary.

  8. Magical puzzle!At the end of the puzzle we are likely to say, "Yeh dil mange more"

  9. +1 Signature style of Buzzer seen in most of the clues.