Friday, 30 March 2018

No 12278, Friday 30 Mar 2018, Arden

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Please note a change. Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers till 1 PM thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Between 1 PM and 4 PM more answers may be posted in case any are remaining to be answered.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM after which anyone is free to comment. 

Thanks everyone for the response. Here is the regular blog

1   He may tell the referee (7-6) WHISTLE-BLOWER [C&DD]
10 Reading about allowing bill to pass — it's all gas (5) RADON {R}{AD}{ON}
11 Can I act it out as a strategist? (9) TACTICIAN*
12 It's hard thing to mutate a man's gene (9) MANGANESE*
13 Difficult time without right joint (5) MITRE {MIT{R}E*}
Mitre joint square.png
Public Domain, Link
14 Reference books have no sign of enunciation (7) DICTION DICTIONaries
16 Perhaps the bug has swallowed a drop of poison, check (7) INSPECT {INS{Po...n}ECT}
18 Openness, resolve and courage, are timeless (7) CANDOUR {AND+COURage}*
20 Sea creature had hair all over (7) MANATEE {MAN{ATE}E}
FL fig04.jpg
By U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey - Photo from U.S. Geological Fact Sheet 010-99; FS-010-99, Public Domain, Link
22 About to mediate — yes, no fighting (5) TRUCE {TRU{C}E}
24 Bitter shock, almost breaks down (9) ANGOSTURA {ANGO{STUn}RA}
Angostura aromatic bitters dD.jpg
By Didier Descouens - Own workCC BY-SA 3.0Link
26 Material to be kept in pub party is set up (5,4) OLIVE DRAB {LIVE} in {BAR|{DO}<=
27 Stand to lose your head, Kolinsky! (5) EASEL wEASEL
28 This timecards are different for festive season (13) CHRISTMASTIDE*

2   Man's nice at heart, without dress, devoted to pleasure (7) HEDONIC {HE}{DON|}{nICe}
3   Crazy Romans in a principality (3,6) SAN MARINO*
4   Turner's husband brought in dead (5) LATHE {LAT{H}E}
5   Germ in creambut I use (9) BACTERIUM*
6   Drug rise becomes imperious (5) OPIUM IMPeriOUs* [CA]
7   I slept off after the last missive (7) EPISTLE {thE}{I+SLEPT}*
8   Drugs given before surgery — intent is to send Charlie for initial test (13) PREMEDICATION PREMEDI(-t+c)CATION
9   Halt debenture, refuse in a clandestine manner (5-3-5) UNDER-THE-TABLE*
15 Deserter from country living in sewers (6,3) NORWAY RAT {NORWAY} {RAT}
Rattus norvegicus -Fairlands Valley Park, Stevenage, England-8.jpg
17 Growing old, making sense of change (9) SENESCENT {SENSE*}{CENT}
19 Sustain sharpness, flip the top (7) NOURISH (-s+n)NOURISH
21 Bound to use dusters (7) TRUSSED*
23 Some time left to bring up the gum (5) ELEMI [T<=]
25 Leading girl of the band at a sporting venue (5) GABBA {Girl}{ABBA}


  1. 11a tactician anagram of can I act it
    14a diction reference books dictionaries minus aries(sun sign)
    27a easel kolinsky is a weasel, losing the first letter

    3d San Marino anagram of Romans in
    7d epistle e ( last letter of tbe) + I slept

  2. Attempted a few.
    1 across: He may tell// the referee (7-6)
    Whistle-Blower DD. Very nice clue!
    8 Down: Drugs given before surgery — intent is to send Charlie for initial test (13)
    Intent is Premeditation remove t(initial Test) and put C(Charlie) for it
    14 across:Reference books have no sign of enunciation (7)
    Reference books are Dictionaries. Remove aries(no sign)

  3. My two more:
    18 across: Openness, resolve and courage, are timeless (7)
    Anagram(resolve) and courage, remove age(timeless)
    26 across:Material to be kept in pub party is set up (5,4)
    Olive drab . Did not know this word; had to look it up.
    Live is IS. Put it inside reversal of(set up) Bar which is inn and party which is Do. Tough Clue.

    1. I pointed out to Srinidhi that the anno of 26A is not entirely correct.

    2. Did you tell her that LIVE is coming from be and not IS?

    3. Yes that is what I told her

  4. 16ac inspect - p(drop of poison) in insect
    20ac manatee

    23dn Elemi reverse T
    9dn under the table (halt debenture) anagram
    21dn trussed (dusters) anagram

  5. 12a- MANGANESE = hard thing
    a man's gene anagram

    2828a- CHRISTMASTIDE= festive season
    this time cards anagram

  6. Today seems to be Ladies day :-)

  7. 4d = LATHE
    H(husband) in late(dead)
    19 d- NOURISH = Sustain
    Sourish= sharpness..- S+ N

  8. 17d- SENESCENT= growing old
    Sense anagram + cent (change)

  9. 20ac manatee - ate(had) in mane(hair)

  10. 25dn gabba G(girl)+ ABBA(music band)

  11. 5d (cream+but+I)* BACTERIUM

  12. 15d NORWAY (country) RAT (deserter) - found in sewers

  13. 9a under the table Clandestine manner .From Halt debenture

  14. 10A RADON Reading-R about allowing bill-AD to pass-ON — it's all gas (5)

    13A MITRE Difficult time without right joint (5) (time)* + r(ight)

    22 TRUCE About- (C ) to mediate — yes - (true,) no fighting (5) C in true.

  15. 6D OPIUM Drug rise becomes imperious (5) (imperious - rise )*

    1. It is a composite anagram (OPIUM+RISE)*=IMPERIOUS

  16. 27 easel (-w).from weasel a type of serbian weasel found in Pkolinsky

  17. Looks like people are struggling with the anno for 24A. It was the last one in for me as well.

  18. 24A Angostura; Angora-down(wool) containing stu (almost shock-stun)
    B N Acharya

  19. Replies
    1. Angostura is actually 'bitters' and not 'bitter'

    2. Angostura is BARK with a bitter taste.

    3. KKR it's not a bark. See this copy paste from the link I gave above

      The bitters were first produced in the town of Angostura (Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela) (hence the name), but do not contain angostura bark. The bottle is easily recognisable by its distinctive oversized label. 'Angostura' is Spanish for 'narrowing', the town of Angostura having been located at the first narrowing of the Orinoco River.

    4. Yes Col. I agree it comes from the proprietary name.
      But the dictionaries define ANGOSTURA as bitter aromatic bark from certain trees. I felt bitter/aromatic are just adjectives.
      Am I missing something?

    5. If it's there in the dictionaries then that is right then. I always thought it is only bitters as I regularly add a few drops of it with my Gin

    6. bitter (n,british) is "alcohol flavoured with bitter plant extracts, used as an additive in cocktails or as a medicinal substance to promote appetite or digestion". angostura here is a bitter, in my understanding.

    7. You have defined Bitter. Look up Angostura

    8. angostura bitters noun, trademark a blend of gentian and herbs, used as a flavouring in cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, and some fruit juices.
      ETYMOLOGY: 1870s: named after Angostura, now called Ciudad Bolivar, a town in Venezuela where it was first made.

      Angostura bitters is a bitter


  20. 14a: diction - {(dictionaries-aries(sign)}
    20a: manatee - {man(ate)e}
    27a: easel - (w)easel
    28a: christhmastide - (this time cards)*
    8d: premedication- pre+medi(-t+c)ation

  21. 26ac OLIVE DRAB
    Live (be) in
    Bar (pub) + do (party)reversed (set up)

  22. 7dn EPISTLE
    Last of the E+PISTLE (I slept)
    Missive is a letter

  23. Betty bought a bit of butter but the butter was bitter so she bought some more butter to make the bitter butter better!!!

    1. are the bitters better bitter or bitter better (with) bitters. bitters bitter better or better bitters bitter.

    2. I am totally bitter about this bitter feud..better make it better 😀😀

  24. one amendment to CGB-
    In stead ob 'some more butter',it is 'some better butter. Does it sound better?
    Prasad is making it bitter or bitier?!

    1. The original tongue twister which we used to recite as kids( the other one being She sells sea shells on the sea shore) is as given by CGB Sir.

    2. ... and the shells that she sells are not real sea shells