Friday, 16 March 2018

No 12266, Friday 16 Mar 2018, KrisKross

Answer and anno for 22D left for a first-time commenter till 10AM.

1   Matchless woman performs like a top name, for the most part (8) SPINSTER {SPINS}{TERm}
5   Letters from war-torn country? (6) RWANDA  {W A and R}* My COD
9   Epitaph: "One born on 1st of April, by the riverside" (8) RIPARIAN {RIP}{ARIAN}
10 Kipling's character playing with old dress (6) KIMONO {KIM}{ON}{O}


By No machine-readable author provided. Lukacs~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims). - No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY 2.5, Link
12 Brewed extremely light tea or coffee (5) LATTE {LighT+TEA}*
13 Vessel carrying harmful weapons (9) ARTILLERY {ART{ILL}ERY}
14 Payment, billed regularly, is inadequate (6) FEEBLE {FEE}{BiLlEd}
16 Gate pass must be won at all costs (2,2,3) DO OR DIE {DOOR}{DIE}
19 Time to return to country seat (7) OTTOMAN {T}{TO}<={OMAN}

Ottoman in a living room.jpg

21 In forest, unlawful to go around a tree (6) WALNUT [T<=]
23 Shower with glory, perhaps reaching this elusive target (4,5) HOLY GRAIL* {GLORY}* in {HAIL}
25 Possibly Bahrain, not an Indian state (5) BIHAR BAHRaIn*
26 Some plans were fit (6) ANSWER [T]
27 Time to give confidence to son, leaving to get a fortune (8) TREASURE {T}{REASsURE}
28 Tough and mischievous, say (6) KNOTTY (~naughty)
29 What about politician's unwarranted importance? (8) EMPHASIS {E{MP}H}{AS IS}
1   Desperately starting to swim, hero eventually reaches bank (6) SORELY {Swim}{herO}{RELY}
2   Setter's one breaking copyright, becoming frustrated (9) IMPATIENT {I'M}{PAT{1}ENT}
3   Splurge before visiting Singapore on vacation (5) SPREE {PRE} in {Si...rE}
4   Name spoilt…had to send out (7) EMANATE {NAME*}{ATE}
 Eddy's fur gloves, fashionable, covering both hands (9) WHIRLPOOL {W{HIP}{R)(L}OOL}
7   You need it to breathe, taking in oxygen — and it could choke you (5) NOOSE {NO{O}SE}
8   Terribly costly to go around Spain, following a group of fans (8) ACOLYTES {A}{COLYT{E}S*}
11 Ornament gathering dust (4) STUD*
15 Polite expression, yet bugs me somehow (2,2,5) BE MY GUEST*
17 Crazy after cash and sweets (9) DOUGHNUTS {DOUGH}{NUTS}


By Evan-Amos - Own work, Public Domain, Link
18 First carrier to launch a "bring-your-spouse-free" scheme? (5,3) NOAHS ARK [CD]
20 By starting to network, gets attention (4) NEAR {Ne...k}{EAR}
21 Glower at wife’s formal make-up (7) WOLFRAM {W}{FORMAL*}


By Ulfbastel - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
22 My American partners eat red vegetables (6) ?R?E?S (Addendum - GREENS {G{R}EE}{NS} - See comments)
24 Catch girl with ring (5) LASSO {LASS}{O}
25 Live long, mostly in the seashore (5) BEACH {BE}{ACHe}



  1. Just repeating yesterday's message. However as per latest information, sufficient blood donors were available and I am told that she is improving.

    This was in Twitter. The person referred to is our member Bhargavi Suryanarayanan (She was part of the CW competitions at IIT(M) with Shaswat) who is in a critical condition after a recent accident. Appreciate if those of you in Chennai can pass the word around
    Dear All
    Need AB+ blood in Apollo Hospital.
    Patient name: Bhargavi S
    age: 23
    She suffered from Burns in Theni Fire
    Person who willing to donate contact. 4 units/day for next few days.
    Vishwanathan - 9884232684.
    Bhargavi’s Mom - 9962103060
    Vikram Venkat - 98842 99433
    Our prayers for her quick recovery

    1. Vasant had replied last night that she is improving and better and that the blood donation problem was overcome. Wishing her a speedy return to normalcy.

  2. Thanks Ramki. I thoroughly enjoyed solving it. Many great clues. Spinster, Riparian, Rwanda, Noah's Ark are of top order.

  3. I totally forgot that today was Novices day.

    1. I too was wondering when I looked here at 7 AM!

    2. Give them an alt. day- maybe tomorrow/ Monday? I too did not realise it until I saw your comment.
      There are lots of good solutions.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed solving. Lots of nice clues, though I could not parse a few.
    Wife's make up was different!(21D)
    Spinster was nicely spun.
    Riparian- we hear it during the height of Cauvery row.
    Eh! What! Me's cartoon cleared my doubt. Thank you.

  5. Did not connect Wolfram to Tungsten (until I saw it here) though I knew the symbol W (for Tungsten) comes from it.

  6. 22 My American partners eat red vegetables (6) ?R?E?S ()


    My! = Gee, Red =R, (Bridge)(Partners = NS)

    Definition : Vegetables.

  7. My! My!
    Waiting for 10'O clock?!

  8. Fntastic clues , Krisskross ! Noah's Ark , harks back to Biblical days. Were the second animals taken spouses ? Very knotty , naughty crossie. Didn't have to go in search of Holy Grail. In an obscure way, is the Bible a theme today?

    Col: THCC on a humanitarion appeal is laudable. We feel sad about such mishaps and pray that the girl survives and God gives her a long and fruitful life. Adventures of young blood ned to be safe with all precautions.

    1. Thanks Raju! No there was no Biblical (or any other) theme intended - just a coincidence.

  9. Ignore unintended typos crept in above.

  10. Lovely Puzzle. Again done during lunch break. Loved the beautiful, crisp cluing. Rwanda, Holy Grail, Noah's Ark were favorites. Thanks KrisKross.

  11. Me! back after a long time. Thanks Col!

  12. Very few visitors and comments today??

    1. Travelling. So couldn't attempt. Clues are as usual well written.

  13. People may be waiting for 4 pm, being a Friday! (not knowing about the unexpected)
    Thank you Ramki for the wonderful puzzle- thoroughly enjoyable.

  14. Hi folks. Bhargavi has an operation today, and requires AB+ platelets tomorrow. Platelet donors should be able to spend about half a day at Apollo Vanagaram tomorrow (morning, I believe).
    Please get in touch with the people below if you can help.
    Ranjani: +919840302158
    Rakesh: +919962615051
    Ankitha: +918939737073
    Vikram: +919884299433

  15. The General was in RWANDA sitting on his OTTOMAN and sipping a LATTE.
    He was at the same time thinking about a suitable ANSWER to a KNOTTY problem.
    Gunmen were after the TREASURE lying in the WALNUT cupboard by his side.
    He had been told that the EMPHASIS should be in thwarting the enemy without resorting to ARTILLERY discharge.
    But if the enemy were to be in a shooting SPREE putting the defenders in a DO OR DIE situation?
    What will the General do?
    We know what a soldier will do....

  16. Lovely grid Ramki! Thoroughly enjoyed... many fav clues - whirlpool Rwanda Noahs ark wolfram, and more

  17. Great Clues for extrovert in 1 Across, Fb. Congrats to Ramki, LV & Crypt Ella.(Game hosted by Satyen Nabar)