Thursday, 29 March 2018

No 12277, Thursday 29 Mar 2018, Arden

Answer and anno for 14A left for a first-time commenter till 10AM.

1   Fish eating girls are rough (6) CRAGGY {CRA{G}{G}Y}
4   Against expecting — not hard to get some of the bribe back (8) OPPOSING {hOP{SOP<=}ING}
10 Fellows not only committing robbery, also showing deceit (9) MENDACITY {MEN}{DACoITY}
11 See Peter retreating into tent (5) TEPEE [T<=]
12 Path paved with gold, before it was plain (7) AUSTERE {AU}{ST}{ERE}
13 Under pain, went ahead — went at great speed (7) HURTLED {HURT}{LED}
14 Yes, it's halfway house in Russia (5) D?C?A (Addendum - DACHA  {DA}{CHAlet} - See comments) House on Double duty
15 Sanctimonious fellow, one in a sphere shaped enclosure (8) PHARISEE {1} in {A+SPHERE}*
18 Inability to write to a foreign character in Indian city (8) AGRAPHIA {AGR{A}{PHI}A}
20 Holidaymaker takes maiden out on a romp (5) CAPER CAmPER
23 Opening perforce, not starting revolution (7) PRISING uPRISING
25 The fish isn't alive, said to have succumbed (7) YIELDED (~eel dead)
26 Cleared a bit, let the student go (5) EASED lEASED
27 Honest one, perhaps? Precisely! (2,3,4) ON THE NOSE*
28 Ruin as finally Kennedy was brought in dead (3,5) LAY WASTE {LA{k...dY}{WAS}TE}
29 Wagers take place on board (6) STAKES {S{TAKE}S}

1   Orders for a fighter (8) COMMANDO {COMMAND}{O}
2   Cinemas shot on being forgetful (7) AMNESIC*
3   University team set to enter fun feast in the country (9) GUATEMALA {G{U}{TEAM*}ALA}
5   After the movie Stanlay's resolve shrinks (14) PSYCHOANALYSTS {PSYCHO}{STANLAYS*}
6   Fish eater's different — different at the centre (5) OTTER OT(-h+t)TER
7   Simple trick to receive uniform signal (7) IMPULSE {U} in {SIMPLE}*
8   Girl's thin but voracious (6) GREEDY {G}{REEDY}
9   After award, got the push — maybe cash in one's chips (4-2,3,5) GIVE-UP THE GHOST {GIVE}{GOT+THE+PUSH}*
16 By changing hands, growth is severe (9) INCLEMENT INC(-r+l)LEMENT
17 Sardines cooked, being dry (8) ARIDNESS*
19 Talk after you win contest (7) GAINSAY {GAIN}{SAY}
21 Stuff to cut in a field (7) PADDOCK {PAD}{DOCK}
22 It's an invocation (6) APPEAL [DD]
24 Starts investigating — new development in African country (5) INDIA Acrostic



  1. 4a is usage of "some" valid.

  2. 14A) YES = ACHA in Hindi; HALFWAY = half of RD i.e D;
    Solution is DACHA - a villa in Russia

    1. Metoo waiting for answer. Whoever answers has to be first timer but a seasoned solver.

  3. Da is yes and halfway house cha let

  4. I think only the answer needs to be given by a first-time commenter. And a first-time commenter is one who has never commented here before.
    When once the answer is given, with or without anno, Col. or anyone can pitch in to give or correct the anno.
    So earl- not a first-time commenter - could give the anno.
    Col can confirm if my reading - and understanding - is right.

    1. No. Answer and anno has to be given. Otherwise people will just look up the answer in the interactive version and post it here

    2. Col, may be its time to look at different format.Sunday model, 3 per newbee till 8.30am? On all days. We can leave the novice def to individuals.

    3. For Fridays at least we can have 3 per newbie commenter till 4:00 PM.

  5. Found this one challenging..not able to parse a few..but after reading the blog everything was clear. Thanks for a very instructive blog and a lovely puzzle.

  6. 26A. The parsing is not clear to me. Is it like this: Let = leased. L is deleted for student.

  7. The STAKES are high!
    OPPOSING parties are GREEDY!
    They APPEAL to the people to cast votes in their favour promising to be AUSTERE.
    But then those who YIELDED later rue.
    Political climate is INCLEMENT!
    Wake up call for INDIA!!

    1. Short and meaningful:a clarion call for all voters!

    2. I am not a first timer . I do the THC everyday and most times by evening I solve it ( except Exchequer) . When I see him as the setter I tell myself not to lose heart !

      Sundays , with time on my hands , I try and crack it in an hour or more
      I follow the blog ad and when time permits .
      This is to answer Chaturwasi Sir.
      I deeply enjoy the blog.