Thursday, 15 March 2018

No 12265, Thursday 15 Mar 2018, The Phantom

Answer and annotation for 25A left for a first-time commenter till 10AM

1   Shamefaced about hiding naked in part of cupboard (6) DRAWER {D{RAW}ER<=}
5   Surrender as per law, making brief appearance in court (8) DEDICATE {D{EDICt}ATE}
9   Leave quickly when it's hot in shed (4,3) DASH OFF {AS}{H} in {DOFF}
10 Call girl's gone after giving the once-over (4-2) LOOK-IN LOOKINg
11 Decree modified to get Peter out (6) RECEDE*
12 … then cross over to adjacent location (4-4) NEXT-DOOR {NEXT}{ROOD<=}
13 Put back junk in corner beside curb (9) REINSTATE {REIN}{S{TAT}E}
15 Needle's thin but blunt (5) ARROW nARROW
17 Junction covered in cesspool's odour (5) STINK {S{T}INK}
19 One behind the counter sells a rig perhaps (9) SALESGIRL*
22 Reason for a counter attack seen in rift (8) ARGUMENT {A}{R{MUG<=}ENT}
23 A smiley's generally used in these letters? (6) EMAILS {A+SMILEy}*
25 Futile tumbling catch involving slip (6) ?A?R?N (Addendum - BARREN - {N{ERR}AB}<= - See comments)
26 Substance covering pole is rust (7) CORRODE {COR{ROD}E}
27 Course finally completed individual gets words of praise (4-4) WELL-DONE {WELL}{c...eD}{ONE}
28 Way out of ship for example is in front (6) EGRESS {EG}{RE}{SS}

2   Overcoming gravity lift reaches top of roof (5) RIDGE {RID{G}E}
3   Indians shown as unfriendly in this kind of movie (7) WESTERN [CD] (Correction - {WE}{STERN} &lit - See comments)
4   Sleeping car's berth raised by Eastern railway official (8) ROOMETTE {MOOR<=}{E}{TTE}
5   The newspaper report’s supporting firm (8,7) DEFINITE ARTICLE {ARTICLE} under {DEFINITE}
6   Cheat selling diamonds for an unspecified value gets rich (6) DELUXE DELU(-d+x)XE
7   Soup for poor cowherd (7) CHOWDER*
8   Run over these places during inspection? That’s standard (9) TRICOLOUR {T{R}{LOCI<=}OUR}
14 Old and weary getting ready for squash? (9) EXTIRPATE {EX}{TIR{PAT}E}
16 Right at the corner, she often stops to catch train (8) REHEARSE {R}{E}{HEAR}{ShE}
18 Nervous about joint getting detached (7) NEUTRAL {NEU{T}RAL}
20 Beauty tips for girl meeting lover (7) GLAMOUR {GirL}{AMOUR} My COD
21 Unclean towels kept in outhouse? On the contrary (4-2) LEAN-TO [T]
24 Small boat capsized with vegetables (5) LEEKS {S}{KEEL}<=



  1. 3d indians: we unfriendly:stern. my understanding.

    1. Which makes it an &lit as well

    2. Didn't think of this anno but you could be right!

    3. +1. Never thought that way.

    4. Offhand, I thought Indians referred to Red Indians.

    5. Prasad VDS: Correct in Surface Reading & as another Prasad(Sree_Sree) has put above WE in cryptic reading

  2. GLAMOUR, DELUXE, DEDICATE, CORRODE were favourites.
    Could not anno TRICOLOUR till I saw the blog - thanks Col!

  3. 23A) deletion indicator for "y" is not clear
    28A) eg for example; ss for ship; ow do we get "re"

  4. 16D- Loved the use of train. 'Catch train' takes our mind to a different train.

  5. Enjoyed the surface reading of most clues. Thank you Walker.

  6. Replies
    1. +1;
      Guess the anagram indicator is "used"; a learning for me

  7. Smiley is/was not limited to email only.

  8. 25A- BARREN= Futile
    Catch= NAB including slip=ERR
    All reversed (tumbling)

  9. My 9.56 was for Prasad. Thank you.

  10. In 27A I got DONE alright but how is it that COURSE=WELL? Can somebody explain to me.

    1. There is a hyperlink embedded over the word 'course' in the main post above. Click on that link and it will take you to the explanation of how Course=Well

    2. Thank you, Deepak Gopinath!

  11. 16D- Loved the use of train. 'Catch train' takes our mind to a different train.

    Paddy: This is why we have to train our mind !

    So many cleverly crafted clues that one can't name them individually. Well compiled, Phantom. Why are you called Walker by Paddy? Because you pad the cryptic walk with such SLEEK clues ? 27 Across !

    1. Raju you must have read the comics of Phantom by Lee Falk. He was also called Mr. Walker

  12. Beautifully crafted puzzle which I completed during lunch break. Lovely surface & imaginative wp. Thanks to the Ghost who walks & Col. for an equally instructive blog

  13. 5D: Beautifully clued.
    The same was clued in a different way in earlier Hindu puzzle & also in London Times- both these clued appeared without a change of word-the London Times clue appeared a month later. The clue was:
    It is not a sure thing (8,7)

  14. Copy pastng here a message from Sowmya on 1 Acroos of Facebook

    This was in Twitter today. The person referred to is our member Bhargavi Suryanarayanan (She was part of the CW competitions at IIT(M) who is in a critical condition after a recent accident. Appreciate if those of you in Chennai can pass the word around
    Dear All
    Need AB+ blood in Apollo Hospital.
    Patient name: Bhargavi S
    age: 23
    She suffered from Burns in Theni Fire
    Person who willing to donate contact. 4 units/day for next few days.
    Vishwanathan - 9884232684.
    Bhargavi’s Mom - 9962103060
    Vikram Venkat - 98842 99433
    Our prayers for her quick recovery

    I will repeat this message tomorrow as well

    1. I have shared this message in my whatsapp group of cousins most of whom are in Chennai

    2. Latest post in 1Across informs that she has received adequate blood and she is recovering

  15. It is not or it IS a sure thing?
    Suprbly done by Phantom.

    1. It is not
      Since a is an indefinite article