Friday, 23 March 2018

No 12272, Friday 23 Mar 2018, Gridman

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. There is no limit on how many answers you want to give. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM after which anyone is free to comment. 

Thank you everyone, here's the regular blog.

1   Award to model employee of embassy (8) DIPLOMAT {DIPLOMA}{T}
5   Bird that is inexperienced (6) ROOKIE {ROOK}{IE}
9   Jack, with false alibi on road, is a habitual prisoner (8) JAILBIRD {J}{ALIBI*}{RD}
10 Onset marred by principally riotous pelter (6) STONER {ONSET*}{Ri...s}
12 Play group's fling (4) CAST [DD]
13 Write old record first obtained from one studying science of prison management (10) PENOLOGIST {PEN}{O}{LOG}{1ST}
15 Fine, more competent story-teller (6) FABLER {F}{ABLER}
17 Ship officer's extra payment Poles switched (5) BOSUN BO(-n+s)SU(-s+n)N
20 Dishonest person's castles — two of them (5) CROOK {C}{ROOK}
21 Young Scotsman has capital doubled — he is one who manages clubs (6) CADDIE (-l+c)CADDIE (L to C - 50 to 100)
24 Film shooting workers arrived: with artist and reluctant mate (6,4) CAMERA TEAM {CAME}{RA} {MATE*}
27 Tiny bit recalled from chat oilman put out (4) IOTA [T<=]
29 Key animal's get-away (6) ESCAPE {ESC}{APE}
30 Southern holidaymaker is one who takes off (8) STRIPPER {S}{TRIPPER}
31 Illness of great many in Asian peninsula (6) MALADY {MALA{D}Y}
32 Worried banker admits short man — a railway worker (8) BRAKEMAN {BRAKE{MAn}N*}

1   Discourage half-dead, disheartened juvenile at court (6) DEJECT {DEad}{Ju...lE}{CT}
2   Is inquisitive about principally tantric temple official (6) PRIEST {PRIES}{Ta...c}
3   Spheres of old royal billing section (4) ORBS {O}{R}{B}{S}
4   A couple of leading stars drop out of sequence in lofty home (5) AERIE {A}{sERIEs}
6   Excel in away party (5) OUTDO {OUT}{DO}
7   Relative's violent strike, without right, is most perverted (8) KINKIEST {KIN}{STrIKE*}
8   Resonant hit by a cricket batsman might ___ ___ for a cricket batsman (4,4) EARN TONS* {FITB]
11 Passionate eminence free (6) TORRID {TOR}{RID}
14 Daughter's boat unlit (4) DARK {D}{ARK}
16 Put in place upstart army officer at end of fence (6) LOCATE {COL<=}{AT}{f..cE}
17 Spilling point? (4) BRIM [CD]
18 Say I yell for a treat (3,5) ICE CREAM (~ i scream)
19 Zany wrap around head of society is measureless (8) COSMICAL {CO{So...y}MICAL}
22 Twice take care of the final details of cheerleader's prop (3-3) POM-POM {MOP<=}-{MOP<=}  (mop up)
23 Tram shudders and takes on the dowager (6) MATRON {TRAM*}{ON}
25 Ruler paid out fast (5) RAPID {R}{PAID*}
26 Contributor omits female performer (5) ACTOR fACTOR
28 Go under kitchen fixture (4) SINK [DD]

The audience was a mixed lot.
One could see a diplomat, a crook, a brakeman and a jailbird!
The camera team was ready. They dreamt of earning in tons!!
The stripper appeared - orbs covered with pom poms.
Guess what she did when the music came to a crescendo?



  1. 1. {DIPLOMA} = award ; {T} = model =DIPLOMAT (embassy employee)
    9. J= Jack {alibi}* RD= road = JAILBIRD (habitual prisoner}
    10. STONER {onset}*+R

  2. 12 ac = CAST [DD]
    15 ac FABLER F= fine ABLER = more competent
    17 ac = BOSUN (Ship Officer) BONUS with N and S switched
    24 ac CAME = arrived RA = artist {MATE}* = CAMERA TEAM
    27 ac IOTA chAT OIlman
    29 ac ESC = Key APE = animal ESCAPE (get away)
    30 ac STRIPPER ; S= Southern TRIPPER = holidaymaker STRIPPER (one who takes off)
    31 ac MALADY MALA[D]Y MALAY = Asian Peninsula D= 500 = many??
    32 ac BRAKEMAN [BANKER]* with MA i.e. short man inside

  3. 1 dn DEJECT DE = half dead JE and CT from disheartened juvenile and court
    2 dn PRIEST ; PRIES = inquisitive T [principally tantric]
    3 dn ORBS; Old Royal Billing Section (acrostic)
    7 dn KINKIEST; KIN = relative [STRIKE - R]*
    14 dn DARK; D= daughter ARK = boat
    17 dn BRIM [CD]
    18 dn ICE CREAM = I scream
    19 dn COSMICAL = CO{S}MICAL ; COMICAL = Zany about S = head of society
    16 dn LOCATE = COL (colonel) reversed + AT + E (end of fence)
    23 dn MATRON; TRAM* + ON
    25 dn RAPID; {R} Ruler [PAID]*
    26 dn ACTOR; FACTOR - F

  4. 5 ac ROOKIE [DD]
    13 ac PENOLOGIST; PEN= write O LOG = Old record IST= first

  5. 11 dn = TORRID (passionate) TOR (peak) = eminence RID = free

  6. I am a ROOKIE in crosswords. Please tell me what it is then. I got ORBS from the first letters of Old Royal Billing Section

    1. All are standard abbreviation. For the clue to be an Acrostic, there would be an Acrostic indicator like firstly, Initislly, etc.

  7. 21A CADDIE (Laddie - L + C)
    Laddie - young Scotsman.
    Capital doubled L to C ( 50 to 100)

  8. 6 DN- OUTDO= Excel
    OUT= away DO= party

  9. 22 dn - POM-POM but don't know anno

    1. How is this classified when the clue is to the clue?

    2. Clue is to the clue? What do you mean?

    3. SINCE its past 4: the clue leads to (MOP-UP)*2. then we get POM-POM

  10. 4 dn - AERIE = eagle's nest..lofty home
    Again, don't know announced

    1. sequence = series; after dropping leading stars it becomes ERIE
      {A[(-S)ERIE(-S)]} = AERIE

    2. Got it! Delete both(couple of leading stars) S's from SERIES (sequence) after A...

  11. 20A CROOK- c and rook are two castles- dishonest person

    B N Acharya

  12. dear Vasant,
    Can you tell me the auhtor and title of the Tamil story you referred to in yesterdays's blog?

    1. I think he meant the THE CUCKOO THAT FLEW AWAY- an English translation of a Tamil novel by Vaiyavan, done by our very own Chaturvasi aka Gridman aka Rishikesh. A very interesting and unputdownable novelette. I always believed that translations of stories from one language to another took away the punch and essence of the original ( especially as regards poems and lyrics ) but in this case, it has belied my view - nay, this transcription has excelled ! If one read the Englih version, one cannot miss the crypticese of our Gridman who has sprinkled a lot of such unusal words. I wanted to write to him personally congratulating him but this blog has given an opportunity to do so, as others who have not read can seek and read . Congrats, CV !

    2. As very well put by Raju a beautiful story and beautifully traslated as well.

    3. Your appreciation has already been conveyed by me to CV in person. No appreciation can be too high for this effort. I wholeheartedly agree with you that it is very difficult to portray true to the original. But he has done an exceedingly good job since I have read both versions. Hats off to CV!

  13. Rookies no more !! Many appear to be pros. Why not rename them as first-timers in the THCC? At what stage do they get off to bring up the rear ?.

    Am happy to see many new participants. We must get their location addresses and email IDs for future SLOG_BLOG meetings !

    1. Agreed. Col. will take care and do the needful to make them regulars.

  14. Author is 'Vaiyavan'. Title of the English translated by Rishikesh is 'The Cuckoo that flew away'. I do not remember the original Tamil title.

  15. If you want the English version, I can send it to you.

    1. I'd like it - Paddy could you please mail me? Thanks in advance.

    2. It is in book form, not pdf. So, I will have to post/ courier it to you. Pl. send me your address and I shall be glad to send you.

    3. My mail ID is


    5. 'Leave it to Psmith'-Wodehouse would say. We depend on Prasad! Timely.

  16. 1a: dipolomat – diploma(award)+t(model)
    2a: rookie – rook(bird)+ie
    9a: jailbird – j(a̷i̷l̷)+(alibi*)+ r(o̷a̷)d
    10a: stoner – (onset*)+r(i̷o̷u̷t̷u̷s̷)
    12a: cast(dd)
    13a: penologist – pen(write)+o(l̷d̷)+logist(one …
    15a: fabler – f(i̷n̷e̷)+abler(mo…..nt)
    17a: bosun – bo(-n+s)u(-s+n), bonus (with poles n&s switched)
    20a: crook – c(a̷s̷t̷l̷e̷)+rook(castle in chess)
    24a: camera team – came(arrived)+{ar(tist)<=}+(mate*)
    27a: iota (T<=)
    29a: escape – esc(key)+ape(animal)
    30a: stripper – s(o̷u̷t̷h̷e̷r̷n̷)+tripper(hol……er)
    31a: malady – mala(d)y
    32a: brakeman: {banker + ma(n)}*

    1d: deject – de+j(u̷v̷e̷n̷i̷l̷)e+ct
    3d: orbs(acronym)
    6d: outdo – out(away) + do (party)
    8d: - earn tons – (resonant)*
    14d: dark – d + ark(boat)
    16d: locate – (col<=)+at+(f̷e̷n̷c̷)e
    17d: brim(cd)
    18d: ice cream – ice(~eye – I)+scream(yell)
    19d: cosmical – {co(s)mical}, zany – comical
    23d: matron – {tr(on)am*}
    25d: rapid – (r+paid*)
    26d: actor – (factor – f)
    28d: sink (dd)

  17. Please check your anno for 13A.
    3D is not an Acrostic

  18. Anyone to identify the theme in today's CW

  19. Diplomat

    1. Great Sir. Completely missed the theme.

  20. Stoner and I was reminded of
    Stonewalls do not a prison make
    Nor Iron bars a cage...

    Stonewall set by a Stoner

  21. Re stonewalls. Please Google for Mending walls poem by Robert Frost.

  22. What a great puzzle!14 themed words!Gridman's 10 letter grid was a treat. Thanks Gridman.

  23. Maybe you could add ROOKIE. A professional player of less than a year's standing.